crazy love of thahaan (part-79)

this part is starting from the next day morning thapki comes to room.she sees bihaan doing something there.she goes near to him. he hides his mobile from her.
thapki looks at him.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan what are you doing???show me your mobile
bihaan:what???what mobile??nothing is there in my mobile.
thapki:th… th… then why did you hide mobile from me?
bihaan:I am not hiding anything…
thapki holds his hands.
thapki:bi… bihaan show your mobile…

bihaan:(holds her hands)thapki leave me…don’t touch my mobile.
they did naughtu fight.thapki holds bihaan hands tightly.she takes his mobile from hands.she sees the mobile.she looks at bihaan angrily.
she sees bihaan does funny makeup to thapki.he keeps mustache for thapki face.he draws hairs and he keeps cat ears for thapki.she gets angry.she looks at bihaan angrily.he smiles at her.she runs to catches him.he runs from her.suddenly thapki gets stucks in floor mat.she scream.she goes about to falls down.bihaan looks at her.he gets shocked.he runs to her.he holds her in his arms.thapki looks at him.they looks at each other.bihaan makes her to stands on floor.thapki holds his hands.
he looks at her.she smiles at bihaan.he turns at her.thapki goes closes to bihaan.she looks at him.she touches his face slowly.he closes his eyes.thapki kisses on his cheeks. bihaan opens his eyes.he holds her tightly.he keeps his hands around her belly.he hugs her tightly.she looks at him.they looks at each other.they have an eye lock(na…. na… naa plays….)

the same day evening kushi comes from her classroom. she comes to main gate.she stands.suddenly one car comes and kidnaps kushi. she tries to scream but she can’t..nobody notices kushi.the goon calls to Sankara.Sankara attends the call.she gets smiles hearing kidnapping news.
Sankara: well done.keep her in that old bungalow.I will come within 1 hour.(she smiles and goes to meet kushi).she thinks kushi…. you are so small kid.but how dare you slapped me yesterday! I will kill you.I don’t care about police case an all.I will get bail surely. she smiles.

Sankara reaches the location.she enters to bungalow.she goes near to goon.she smiles.
Sankara:well done bhaiya… you kidnapped that kushi.see…this money is for you.(she gives money.goon takes that money from Sankara hands.he throws that money.Sankara gets shocked.)
Sankara:are you mad?why did you thrown this money?where is kushi?
the goon holds Sankara hands.he makes her to sits on chair.he ties her hands.she gets shocked.she gets angry.
Sankara:why are you tying my hand? what is your problem.where is kushi?(suddenly she hears clap sound somewhere.she looks there.she sees kushi clapping and coming towards her.Sankara gets shocked.kushi comes near to her.she laughs.fb shows goon kidnaps kushi. she recalls vasu asks to kushi, beta you got more marks in your what you want from me?kushi says to her,dadi….I want 50 thousand money.vasu gets shocked
vasu:beta…why you need this much?
kushi:pls dadi… don’t ask reason.o need are loving me na? so give that amount.
vasu smiles at her.she gives more money to kushi.kushi takes her money.she goes from there.
kushi gives money to goon.goon gets happy.he recalls Sankara gives only 10 thousand.he accept to work for kushi. so he ties Sankara.fb ends.she gets angry.
kushi:(to goon)uncle..don’t leave her outside.don’t give food and water for her.when I will tell you to leave her,then you will relese her from here.goon accepts to kushi.
Sankara:kushi….I kill you.
kushi:don’t scream.look at me…this is your home hereafter.I know you are going to do this with me.that’s why I done this.don’t think you are clever.OK bye Sankara aunty…enjoy your wonderful days here…bye…mmmuuuaaahh….
Sankara gets angry.kushi goes from there.goon says to driver to drop kushi to her home.driver nodes at him.

thapki and bihaan gets tensed.
bihaan:where is kushi???still she didn’t come from school.
thapki:bi… bi…. bihaan I am getting tension.
vasu:don’t get tension beta.she will come soon.(suddenly kushi comes there and says….dadi… mamma… papa I am here only..)
everyone’s looks at kushi.they gets happy.thapki and bihaan runs to kushi.they hugs her.
kushi:mamma…. papa… don’t get worry.nothing will happend for me.
preethi:wow… kushi is awesome girl.
shraddha thinks where is sankara..
how this kushi comes…goons kidnaps kushi na… she gets confused.she calls for Sankara.
goons does switches off her mobile.she gets tensed.
at the same day nigh,thapki gets bad horror dream.she sees,someone shoots her.she falls from mountain and dies.the dream ends.thapki screams.she wakes up from bed.bihaan hears her voice.he wakes up from bed.he gets shocked.
bihaan:(holds her shoulder) thapki what happend?why are you screaming???
thapki hugs him.she cries…
thapki:bi…bihaan I am getting scared I got bad dream.
bihaan:thapki…dream is just your imagination… (he holds her face)look at me…don’t worry.I with don’t get scared.
he hugs her tightly.she hugs him and cries.he kisses her forehead.she lying pm bed.she holds bihaan hands tightly.he looks at her.she sleeps.she holds his hands tightly while sleeping.he looks at her.he admires her sleeping.(na…. na… naa plays…)


Sankara asks food to goon.they gives cockroach to eat for her.thapki hides behind of curtain. bihaan looking for her.

I am sorry my dear friends…I am having busy works.that’s why I can’t able to update .I am so sorry dear friends.

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  1. Hi dear from yesterday onwards waiting for ur ff …once again awsum wala episode.??..n little bihaan i mean khushi played smart …by hiring goon over shakara ? n upcomings is quite interesting as per thapki dream n precap..

  2. Awesome kushi ….
    It’s ok Vino…don’t be sorry…update when you’re free
    Thapki always has nightmares 🙁
    Waiting for the next.
    Thank you n tc 🙂

  3. Nice awesome .kushi is too intelligent and brave .For that Sankara cannot handle a small girl .kushi nosecutted that idiot.l luv that kushi

  4. Amazing part. Waiting for your fan fiction.kushi trap Shankar.I really like it. Little scary about thapki’ s dream.

  5. Don’t be sad and worry about the late have to take your own time…kushi has to doing things were unable to digest,but its interesting.have a nice day to a days you are missing in the written group.I think you’re in a busy work.pls join us.take cool.

  6. Juveria.ghalib

    It was wonderful episode’s ok dear take ur time no hurry to upload.n khushi is very clever like our bihaan

  7. don’t be sorry .but I little worried that you stop writing ff .when early morning I see your ff I feel relieved. thank you so much. ????.and don’t worry take your time .I understand. today epi is great

  8. Manish ki deewani

    dear don’t be sorry .take proper rest .take care of urself.
    This is amazing .love u dear

  9. this is amazing ….the chotu bihan means khushi….is very smart and clever….wl….dnt be sad ….update whenever u get time….byt dnt stop it….t.c

  10. Sulbi

    Hi darl… how are you?? Dont be sorry… we can understand… and the episode was too good dear… Kushi such a brave and smart girl… awsme… tc dear 🙂

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