Crazy love of thahaan (part-78)

This part is starting from the next day afternoon bihaan comes to room.he sees thapki was stands in balcony.she looks so sad.he comes to her.he keeps his hands in her shoulders.thapki turns at him.
bihaan:thapki…why are you looking so sad?
thapki:I…i…i am thinking about kushi bihaan.
bihaan:why???what happend for her?

thapki:bi… bi… bihaan she is not studying very well.I want to see her as best student in school.
bihaan:don’t worry.she will become a best student
thapki:b…b…but I am getting tension about you remember about last month parents meeting.her teacher gives last chance for our daughter.if she didn’t get more marks In this ex… ex…exam then they will give transfer certificate to her.
bihaan:(holds thapki face and smiles at her)look thapki.. don’t worry.she is our daughter.surely she won’t ruined our respect.
thapki:(smiles at him emotionally)

OK bi… bi… bihaan.I am believing God.surely god will save her.
bihaan smiles at her.he hugs her.they hugs at each other.he rubs her hair.they smiles (na… na… naa…. plays…)

Sankara and shraddha goes to restaurant.they ordered ice cream to waiter.waiter brings ice cream. Sankara and shraddha eats ice cream.shraddha gets shocked suddenly.sankara looks at her face.
Sankara:di… why are you getting tensed?
shraddha:(angrily)look at there.
Sankara:what???(she turns and looks there.she gets shocked.she sees dhruv and sakshi eats food together.they speaks and laughs at each other).
shraddha:how dare she was speaking to my husband?I won’t leave you.(shraddha gets angry.she stands from there.she starts to go towards dhruv and sakshi)sakshi and dhruv had food.they stands from table.sakshi feels something on her neck.she keeps her hand in neck.she realizes some insect.suddenly she takes away that insect from her neck.she gets scared.she hugs dhruv. dhruv hugs her.sharddha comes to them.she gets angry seeing dhruv and sakshi.dhruv seperats sakshi.they gets shocked at shraddha.she slaps sakshi hardly.

shraddha:how dare you comes with my husband to restaurant. you hugs my husband.I will kill you you are just a servant in my office.
dhruv gets angry.sakshi gets teary eyes.sankara smiles at sakshi.he stops shraddha.
dhruv:(shouts)shut up…you don’t have any wrights to scolding her. who said she is servant.she is my best friend.I love her more than you.if god comes and ask to choose anyone between you and her,I will choose sakshi.she is more important for me.go from here.(shraddha gets angry.she looks at sakshi angrily.she goes from there).Sankara gets shocked seeing this.Sankara and shraddha goes from there.
Sankara: di… you have to do something to seperate sakshi and dhruv.
shraddha:yes…I will kill her.

at the same day evening kushi comes from school.she runs to vasu.she hugs vasu.vasu smiles and kisses kushi’s forehead.thapki comes there.kushi looks at her.
thapki:ku… ku… kushi where is your report card?
kushi:mamma…I have in my bag.I will show you later.
thapki:n…n… me now.
vasu:thapki beta…kushi was only she came from will see her report card after few minutes.

thapki:m…m…Maa I am so excited to look her report card.
kushi:OK mamma…I will show now.(kushi takes her report card from her bag.she gives to thapki.thapki takes her report card. she looks at kushi angrily.kushi gets sad.thapki opens report card. she looks at kushi marks in all the subject.she widens her eyes.she looks at kushi.she smiles at kushi.
kushi smiled at thapki.thapki hugs kushi happily.she cries happily.
thapki:I…I…I am so happy beta…you got more marks..(thapki sees 90 above marks in all the subjects)kushi hugs thapki.thapki kisses her forehead and cheeks.
vasu smiles and hugs kushi.she kisses kushi.bihaan comes there.
he sees kushi’s report card.he smiles.he hugs kushi happily.he kisses her.
bihaan:I know you kushi.I know surely you will get more marks.
kushi:thanks papa. (she hugs bihaan.thapki gets emotional)

Sankara and shraddha enters to pandey nivas.they sees thapki,bihaan and kushi.they gets angry at them.but shraddha thinks about dhruv and sakshi.she gets angry.Sankara and shradha goes to their room.vasu doesnt care about them.

the next day morning thapki comes to well.
thapki:(to servant) bhaiya…today you have to clean the cow shed.and water tape is n…n…not working you will take water from well.
servant: OK madam.
thapki looks at well.servant takes water from well.she looks on.servant goes from there.

suddenly Sankara comes behind of thapki slowly.she pulls thapki into well.thapki falls into well.she screams.Sankara smiles.she goes from there.thapki screams…
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan…save me…save m… goes into water.she drinks water.bihaan and everyone’s hears her voice.they rushes to the well.bihaan sees thapki is troubling in water.he gets shocked.he jumps into well.Sankara gets angry.he swims in water.he holds thapki.she drinks a lot of water.she faints.he holds her tightly.bauji,suman and preethi gives a long thread.kushi cries..bihaan holds that and holds thapki.he comes from well slowly in that long thread.ashwin holds bihaan.bihaan makes her to lying on garden.

bihaan:(gets tensed)thapki…thapki…look at Me…pls open your eyes..please (she didn’t opens her eyes) thapki… no…no…I won’t let anything wrong will happend for you.. (he keeps his hands in her stomach.he presses her stomach heavily.she didn’t open her eyes)bihaan cries.vasu keeps her hands in His shoulder.he looks at vasu.bihaan presses her stomach again.
kushi:maa…please come again…I need you.I love you…(she cries)
bihaan and kushi hugs and cries.
thapki gets cough.she vomits water.she opens her eyes.kushi and bihaan gets surprised.everyone’s gets happy.
bihaan holds thapki.she wakeup from there.bihaan hugs thapki.he cries happily.kushi and thapki hugs and cries.suman and preethi cries happily seeing thapki.Sankara and shraddha gets angry
vasu:beta…how did you falls into well?

thapki:m…m..maa I looks at well.suddenly someone pulls me into well.
vasu:who.pulls you.?
thapki:I…I…I didn’t see their face maa.
Sankara and shraddha goes from there.kushi looks at them.she gets angry at Sankara and shraddha.
she thinks I know you are the culprit.I won’t leave you..
kushi enters to Sankara room.she sees Sankara and shraddha talking to each other.they sees kushi .they smiles at kushi.
kushi goes near to them.
Sankara:(smiles)kushi beta… come come…what you want beta…?
kushi:(angrily)why did you done this with my mom?
Sankara:(gets shocked but acts to her)what are you saying beta?? I am not understand.
kushi:I know you pulled my mom into well.
Sankara and shraddha gets shocked.they looks at each other.
Sankara:I didn’t do anything.don’t blaming me.
kushi:(shouts)shut up…..
I kill you if you lie to me.

Sankara gets angry.
Sankara:you are a small girl…how dare you to say like this to me.
kushi gets angry.she raises her right hand against Sankara.she holds kushi hand.suddenly kushi slaps Sankara face in her left hand.shraddha gets shocked.Sankara holds her face and looks at kushi shockingly
kushi:(smriks)what are you thinking about me?I am k phor kushi. you can’t stop me.
shraddha:(scolds)kushi…she is elder and she is like your mom.
kushi:(shouts)stop it…if you repeats this word again I will cut your tongue.(shraddha gets shocked and angry)she is not like my mom.I know she is elder.but her heart wise she is not elder.she is so dirty.
Sankara:(angrily)I kill you.

kushi:just shut up….don’t scream like parents does mistake.they allowed you into pandey nivas.if you think to do anything against my mom…I will kill you.(she goes from there.Sankara and shraddha looks at her angrily)
bihaan feeds food to thapki.she coughs.he tabs her head slowly.he makes her to eat food.thapki looks at him.she gets emotional. she cries.bihaan looks at her.he smiles at her.he feeds food.thapki finishes to eating food.she hugs bihaan.she cries.he hugs her.he smiles at thapki.he says to her,I am having 2 and kushi.he smiles at her.she smiles and hugs him happily.

Sankara kidnaps kushi.

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  1. Amazing part. Kushi slap Shankar . I wish in TPK also bani and Teena same as kushi.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my rifa darl… thank you so much

  2. finally khushi got a good mark.? I didn’t expect that khushi slapped sankar but she does. I am happy she teach,?a good lesson to sankar ? devil deserve more than this

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear afshan… thank you so much dear.take care.yeah surely one day she will deserve it.

  3. Didi y kushi bhi na ,kha sa aya aap k dimag m esa bcha..
    chup ho jao, kute ki trah mat bhoko..
    o my god!!
    aap superb ho
    m aap ki PUCHI l logi..
    love u love u uuuu…
    pta h mere pet m dard ho rha h…
    or krne do oos shankar rakchesni ko kiddnap. Bad kud pechtaegi
    kal ka intzaar rhega..
    kush reho, muskurate rho…
    apna dhyen rekna

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my darl sis kudrat… thank you so much darl.I love you so much.mmmmmuuuuaaahhhh….tc

  4. Navami

    Hi vino darl…it was a nice epi dr…tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear navami… thank you so much dear.miss you ….tc

  5. Kushi got good marks I am very happy of it I love kushi and her dialogue k phor kushi was awesome .really in original tpk that bani should do this to that both devils.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear varsha… you are right darl. bani should slap Sankara.I am waiting for that wonderful episode.take care.

  6. What I say actually its beyond any word expression…each and every part you just made it in a spectacular way…best wishes…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend pooja… thank you so much dear.take care.

  7. Manish ki deewani

    Oh khushi got good marks .she is a brilliant student .she slapped sankri hahaha .this witch deserve this na .now she kidnapped khushi.she never change .I am waiting for ur new twist .tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my reshal darl… thank you so much dear.take care.

  8. Sulbi

    Its awsme darling… i love Kushi alot… Wow she slaps Sankara… haha i enjoyed it… you making me relax with ur ff… i was so frustated in Sankara and Shraddha act in today’s episode… at the right moment that Sankara devil disconnected the phone connection… after reading ur episode i was so cool… thanks alot for that… precap am not scared i know Kushi will do something for her… so am excited for that what she is gonna do… love you aloads darling… tc 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sulbi… thank a lot dear.
      yeah…me too.I got very angry when Sankara disconnected phone.I want to kill her.she is very

  9. Shibil

    hi vino dr …’s epi is fabulous …loved it so much….how sweet kushi getting good marks ….evil sankara don’t dare to touch thapki ….kushi will never leave you( same as bihaan ) …. little scary abt precap make kushi safe ….take care dr …

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai shibil darl… thank you so much dear.I too love kushi.I hope bani will slap Sankara in real darl

  10. Juveria.ghalib

    I loved it dear..khushi part was the best.n yes she is emerged as a bright student too.loved it.n u were asking about my ff
    My ff will come in march dear.sorry for this but I have no option.I’m really sorry

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear juvi… thank you so much darl. I am so excited to read your ff. I am eagerly waiting dear.take care.

  11. Hi vino… I loved the episode… kushi has become intelligent in studies wow!! and the way she answered the chudails… just well done dear… dare that sankar does anything to kushi, I will kill sankar…
    haha take care you

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear Ritz… thanks a lot dear… yes…I kill Sankara .tc

  12. Awesome part. Really ritzy u are right they are really chudails onscreen

  13. Khushi scenes was awesome specially when she slap Shankar ??.
    Love it

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