Crazy love of thahaan (part-77)

This part is starting from the next day early morning 6 o ck kushi plays with rampyaari near to cow shed.she sees shraddha and Sankara coming there.kushi hides near to cow shed.Sankara and shraddha stands there.kushi notices them.
sankara:di… I am getting angry seeing thapki and bihaan.then that kushi… she is a devil.look at my nose.she breaks my nose.
shraddha:yes…you are right.but kushi is not like thapki.she is very dangerous than bihaan
we have to handle her carefully.
Sankara:yes di… you are right.we should ruined their life.
kushi hears everything.she says,oh…still you are thinking to ruined my parents.I will teach you good lesson.Kushi smiles.Sankara and shraddha turns somewhere.they speaks together.they goes from cow shed.kushi gets an idea.she takes long thread.she ties that in entrance of cow shed.she keeps ram pyaari there.ram pyaari runs near to their foot.suddenly Sankara gets stucks and gets scared.she goes about to falls down.Sankara gets angry at ram pyaari.
Sankara: oh my god…already I am in this ram pyaari is troubling me.I kill you idiot.

Sankara runs to catches ram pyaari.shraddha gets confused seeing Sankara.she runs behind of Sankara.ram pyaari runs to cow shed.shraddha touches Sankara shoulder.Sankara gets stucks in thread.she falls on cow dung.shraddha also falls because of she cant manage her shraddha and Sankara falls in cow dung.kushi looks at them.she laughs silently.shraddha and Sankara stands from cow dung.they looks at each other.they screams.shraddha and Sankara face has cow dung.kushi gets happy.she goes from there.shraddha and Sankara scolds ram pyaari.

at the same day afternoon bihaan comes to his room.he sees thapki crying.he gets shocked.
bihaan:thapki….thapki…why are you crying?are you alright?
thapki:(cries) bi…bi… bihaan. I am alright.
bihaan:(keeps his hands in her shoulders) thapki…you are saying like this.but still you are crying. why?
thapki:n…n…nothing bihaan(she turns her face from him)
bihaan:(comes in front of her)thapki look at me.I know something wrong .but you are not telling to me.(he holds her face) look at my eyes.tell me the truth.I am your don’t hide anything from me.
thapki:(hugs bihaan and cries)
bi… bi…bihaan I am getting scared about our life
bihaan:(gets confused)what??why are you getting scared.?
thapki:I don’t know bi… bi… bihaan.
my heart is saying something goes to happend wrongly.
bihaan:(smiles at her and he holds her face)thapki…its all your imagination. don’t think about anything.OK?do you know what my heart is saying now?my heart is saying we are going to live happily together.its only turn true.
OK??don’t get confusion.
thapki:but bi…. bi… bihaan:(suddenly he keeps his finger in her lips)don’t worry.I am always with you na??? don’t get are b phor bihaan pandey should be brave.

thapki cries.bihaan wipes her tears.he hugs thapki.she gets teary eyes.he seperares thapki.he looks at her face.she looks so sad.
bihaan:hello madam…still why are you getting sad?you trust me na?
thapki:yes bihaan.
bihaan:then leave it I will take care of you.bihaan and thapki hugs together.he looks at her face.she smiles at him.he kisses her forehead.she closes her eyes.they looks at each other.they have an eye lock (na….na… naa music plays…)

dhruv and sakshi eats food together during lunch time.chilly gravy goes into sakshi eyes.she screams.dhruv comes near to her.
dhruv:sakshi…what happend?
sakshi:my eyes are burning dhruv.
dhruv:wait I will clear this.
he touches her eyes.he blows off her eyes.he wipes her eyes.sakshi feels better.
sakshi:thanks dhruv.
dhruv smiles at her.sakshi looks at him.she thinks,fb shows sakshi loves dhruv in office.shraddha is dhruv’s partner daughter.he gets lose in business.shraddha dad comes to him.he gives so much money for him.shraddha comes to dhruv office for anniversary function. she meets dhruv. she sees dhruv office and his publicity.she falls in love with him.sakshi thinks to propose her love to dhruv.shraddha goes to her dad.she says to him,dad I like dhruv.I want to marry him.her dad says,don’t worry I will make him to marry you.shraddha smiles. shraddha dad comes to dhruv.he says to dhruv, Mr.dhruv… I am your business partner.but now I want to becomes your father in law
because my daughter shraddha loving you.dhruv gets confused.
shraddha dad talks about business deal.dhruv accepts to marry shraddha.sakshi hears this.she gets shocked.she cries.shraddha acts like good to dhruv.he fallen in love with shraddha sincerely.sakshi cries in her cabin.she says,you know dhruv I love you so much.but you going to marry shraddha.I need you.dhruv hears this.he gets shocked.sakshi looks at him.she wipes her tears.he feels guilty.he goes from there.she cries.fb ends.dhruv and sakshi looks at each other.

at the same day night.thapki wants to change nighty.she looks at her hands.she recalls doctor says she should not move her hand for a month.she gets worried.she says,n…n…now what can I do.I want to change my dress.she gets tensed.she goes to room with nighty.she changes her her nighty.but she can’t wears her nighty zip.her hair stucks in nighty zip.she tries to release that in her left hand.but she can’t.she gets tensed.bihaan comes to room.he sees thapki is not there.he says where is she gone???thapki…thapki…
thapki:(hears his voice) bi… bi
…bihaan I am changing dress here.
bihaan:OK OK…you will change.

he waits for her.but still she was not coming from room.
bihaan:thapki…what are you doing
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan nothing. I will come.he waits for her.then he can’t control.he comes near to room.
bihaan:you need any help thapki?
thapki:n…n…no bihaan.(he hears her pulling voice.she tries takes away her hair from zip.bihaan says I know you are In some problem.he suddenly opens the door.he sees thapki nighty zip was opening.her hair gets stuck in zip.
he comes to her.she looks at him shockingly.he sees her nighty zip and her hair.she turns from him.he slowly takes her hair away from zip.he closes her nighty zip. she turns at him.
bihaan:why are you doing like this? you can call me na.?.
thapki didn’t say anything.he looks at her face.her face looking so innocent.he holds her face.she looks at him.they looks at each other.bihaan and thapki looks at each other romantically. they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays….)

sakshi gets scared.she hugs dhruv.shraddha gets jealous. kushi gives her report card to thapki.
thapki looks at kushi angrily.thapki falls into well.

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  1. Kushi didn’t perform well in her exams? she told that day that she had done well… and thapki falling in well? must be sankar or shraddha did it.. why don’t sankar fall in well! take care dearie… good night love you

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear Ritz…thanks dear
      yes there is some twists and reasons
      take care dear.

    2. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear Ritz…thanks dear
      yes there is some twists and reasons
      take care dear.I love you too.

  2. Juveria.ghalib

    Nice episode dear.khushi done a great job.shradha n sankar I hate them to the core..

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear juvi… thanks dear.yes me too… I hate Sankara and shraddha very much pls post ur ff.

  3. amazing epi yar loved it please tell me ur fb account I can’t found it

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear Anu, thanks a lot…my account name is Vivi vino.holly wood actor will smith is my profile photo.I can’t found your fb account.pls tell me your account name.

  4. Manish ki deewani

    Hy my dear sis it is again superb .u wrote daily .wow .andtake care .wait for or new twists .

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my darl sis reshal… thank you

  5. next epi is little worried.,? I hope thapki will be alright

    1. Vinolin.d

      don’t get worry my dear afshan… everything will be alright soon.thank you dear and take care.

  6. Nice episode dear. Bur the precap. I think kushi surely help her mom.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai rifa darl… thank you my dear.

  7. Thanku so much di
    di episode was exellent..
    eagrly wating 4 next..
    vese khne ki jrurat nahi h ki jaldi update ker dena…
    di aap roj update kert ho
    aap ko pta h ab to aap k ff k bina din adoora sa legta h..
    plz di spcl request
    likna band mat kerna…
    v love u so much…
    I love you so much…
    apna dhyen rekna…

    or ha di
    I’m really sory 4 not cmt yester episode on ur ff pge but di I cmt 22nd thapki pyaar ki tellyupdate pge…
    di If u have time so plz read it..
    di do u know STYLING STAR


    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sis…. thank you so much my darl.I love you sooooo much.OK dear.but…one day this ff should be end.I don’t know about styling star.I am not understanding this dear.can you pls explain about styling star?
      please…mmmmmuuuahh..take care my dear.

  8. Nice wala part…kushis plans are gajab…good going.Shivarathri wishes dear vino…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear pooja…thanks dear.shivrathri wishes to you dear.take care.

  9. Nice epi, keep going, waiting for the next.
    Thank you n tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear leena. thank you So much. I will update

  10. Shibil

    Hi vino …Awesome dr …..Kushi u r so intelligent making both devils fell in cow dung (he he he…)…..thahaan scenes nice …..About precap kushi low marks….thapki don’t get angry kushi is choti girl na ….. i think u r planning some twist …. vino do u frm TN ….luv u …take care ….

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear shibil…. thanks my dear.yes you are right.there is some twist.yes I am from Tamil andu dear.
      I love you too.take care dear.

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