Crazy love of thahaan (part-76)

This part is starting from the next day morning kushi gets ready for school.she comes to downstairs. Sankara sits in sofa. shraddha and Sankara talks to each other.kushi looks at them.she smiles seeing Sankara. she thinks oh…you are talking to your sister.I know you at talking about some plan against my parents.I think that punishment is not enough.I want to see you seperately from shraddha aunty.she gets an idea.she comes to Sankara.she sees kushi. kushi comes and stands in front of her.
kushi: aunty…look at my arms.I am so strong.I can hit anyone.

Sankara:(laughs and thinks kushi is mad)beta… no you can’t hit anyone.because of you are a kid.
kushi:no I can hit you.
Sankara: (thinks kushi is thinking to play with me)OK beta..what you want now?
kushi: aunty…I saw WWF fight in TV.but mom ask me to switch off that TV.I hate my mom.I want to play like that.
Sankara: (thinks,wow… kushi is hating her my plan will work easily.I have to make kushi in my I have to play with her.then she will come under my control.she smiles)OK beta..I will play with you.(shraddha looks on)
kushi:(hugs Sankara)thanks aunty.I love you…
(shraddha and Sankara smiles at each other)
kushi: let’s start the fight?
Sankara:OK beta…

kushi plays with Sankara.they did fight at each other.they did naughty childish fight.suddenly kushi recalls Sankara words.she gets angry.kushi punches on Sankara nose very hardly.she done this to Sankara intentially.she screams.shraddha gets shocked.
Sankara touches her nose.she looks at her hand.she gets shocked.blood comes from her nose.
kushi:aunty.. what is this???why are you keeps liquid sindhoor in your nose?? look at your nose…it is coming from your nose.
Sankara:(gets angry)its not a sindhoor.its my dare you to do like this?do you have any sense?who keeps sindhoor into nose?are you mad?
kushi:oh my god??? sorry aunty(she gives kerchief to Sankara)wipe your blood.I am sorry..(to shraddha)shradha aunty shall we play this game?because of Sankara aunry gets injures.
shraddha gets scared on kushi..
shraddha:no beta…I am having work so I have to go bye…
kushi:bye Sankara aunty…I am going to school.we will continue this play on evening…(she runs from there)
Sankara says,she is really devil..she snatches my nose.I will teach lesson to her.she gets angry at kushi.

thapki does work in kitchen.bihaan
comes behind of her.he hugs her from back.suddenly thapki gets scared.she screams.bihaan closes her mouth in his hands.
bihaan:don’t scream… I am bihaan
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan what is this?
I am doing work na?? don’t disturb me.
bihaan:I am not disturbing you.always you are disturbing me.that’s why I came here to you
thapki:wh…wh…what I did?
bihaan:(hugs her)don’t act to me. I know you…(he keeps his hands in her belly)
thapki:(gets shy and smiles)bi… bi… bihaan take your hands away from my hip.its kitchen.if anyone sees this then…
bihaan:gajaab… I am your no one can’t tell anything about us.
bihaan and thapki smiles at each other.they hugs to each other.
they gets smiles.Sankara looks at them from behind of door.she gets angry.she says, thapki…you are making me so angry.I will kill you.she goes from there.

Sankara brings few small balls in her hands.she takes hall floor mat.she arranges that balls on floor.she covers that in floor mat.
thapki finishes her work.she comes out from kitchen.Sankara hided from there.thapki comes and she keeps her foot in floor mat.suddenly she gets slips.she screams.Sankara smlies seeing thapki.thapki goes about to falls on floor.she holds her hands tightly for balance.but she can’t.she slips. thapki right hand gets injures.bihaan seeing thapki on floor.he gets shocked.
(he takes her in his lap.then he slowly lifts her in his arms.he makes her to sits in sofa. everyone comes to downstairs. thapki cries. she can’t bear that pain.bihaan gets tensed.he gets sad.he looks at her emotionally)
vasu:beta… how it was happened?
thapki:(cries)m…m…maa I gets slips..
bihaan holds her hands.she scream and cries.

thapki:ooouuuch….bi… bi…bihaan I can’t bear this pain. its very paining..(she cries)
bauji:bihaan…call doctor immediately.
bihaan calls doctor.after half an hour doctor comes.he checks thapki.
doctor: Mr.bihaan… your wife thapki gets hand injured on right hand.I mean her hand knee moves slightly.
bihaan:(gets shocked) doctor….??
what are you saying?
doctor:don’t worry Mr.bihaan.I will give treatment for this.but onething she shouldn’t move her right hands for a month.
bihaan:doctor…I am getting tension .nothing wrong will happend for her na?
doctor:don’t worry bihaan..its just small will get well soon.
doctor ties bandage on thapki hand tightly.she screams.bihaan looks at her crying.he gets teary eyes.she looks at him..they looks at each other.they gets teary eyes.everyone’s gets sad.shraddha and Sankara gets gives medicine for thapki.

bihaan holds thapki.he takes her to their room.they goes slowly.they reaches room.bihaan and thapki enters into room.bihaan makes her to sits on sofa.she looks at him.
she stands from there.
bihaan:thapki…you will take rest..
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan thank you so are taking care of me very well.I love you so much.
bihaan:(holds her face)thapki…its my duty..don’t say thanks to me OK.
thapki smiles at him.she hugs him in her left hand.he smiles.then she seperates him.suddenly her pallu falls from her shoulder.she gets shocked.she turns from him.he sees her right hand.
bihaan comes in front of her.he didn’t say anything to her.thapki looks at him.he looks her eyes. he gets closes to her.then suddenly he takes that saree from floor.he arranges pallu.thapki stares at him.he slowly goes closes to her.he keeps that’s pallu in her shoulder.he pins that saree.
bihaan:thapki…I am your friend….I am your husband.don’t get shy to me.almost 8 years going to complete still why are you getting shy?ask any help to me.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan please don’t get angry on there reason..I want to tell you.
bihaan:what??tell me.
thapki:(turns from him and smiles)
bi…bihaan when I am seeing your eyes, I am getting don’t look at me like this.
bihaan:gajaab… you are getting shy because of my eyes…OK so now I got another magical thing for controlling you..right??
bihaan comes infront of her.he looks at her romantically. thapki gets shy.she hugs him.she smiles.
bihaan hugs her.they smiles at each other (ranjhanaa plays….)

kushi comes to house from school.she sees Sankara wears bandage on her nose.kushi gets smiles seeing her.shraddha and Sankara speaks together.shraddha goes from Sankara seeing kushi.
kushi smiles at Sankara.she turns her face from kushi.suman and preethi gets smiles seeing Sankara nose and bandage.

Sankara and shraddha falls on cow dung.thapki cries.bihaan asks that reason.

hai my dear friends…thanks a lot for your lovely comments.thanks a lot my dear reshal for flowers and chocolates.I am getting emotional seriously.thank you so much. thanks for everyone my dear friends.
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  1. Nice keep it up ??

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot dear adaa…

  2. I like kushi punched that sankar I luv thus scene but thapki got hurt because of Sankara.that idiot should get more than this and if kushi knows that thapki got hurt by that idiot she will not leave her

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear varsha… you are right.they have to get more punishment. tc dear.

    2. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear varsha… you are right.they have to get more punishment. tc dear.thanks darl

  3. Vinolin.d

    instagram-blueeyescool992 is my account

  4. nice epi. specially when khushi hit sankar nose ?I wish Bani also hit both sankar,☠ and shradha? in TPK. next epi is interesting becoz these two evil ?? deserve this .I really feel sad for thapki but my bihan is with her so everythings Wii be ok . and thanks for reply ??

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear afshan… take care darl

  5. Wow!!!my dear vino it was gajab…poor Thapki she got injured.but itdnot a matter because she have a loving husband like Bihaan…
    Good luck dear.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear pooja… thanks a lot my friend.take care

  6. Manish ki deewani

    Hello vino I reply u in telly update yar. My fb account is reshal anthany with Mani pic .instance account reshal anthany same same .year thanks mt bolo name .OK ab no thanks I am or friend sister na .u get emotional but dear want or smile now its my order .he he he .keep smiling
    Again a awesome epi .dear I enjoyed khusi part a lot .she punches sankri .and shradha scared from this .thapki hurt becoz of sankri .but bihu is with her na.
    Precap toh amazing hai hahaha shrasha .
    Plz check written updates kudrat give u reply there
    OK tc .God Bless u
    Mai insta ziada use krti hop fb kabhi kabhi

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear reshal… thanks a lot lot lot dear.he…hehe I am smiling now.
      I love you and take care darl

  7. Shibil

    Fabulous vino …..kushi punch super …poor thapki got injured …for tis i will give punch to sankara ( dishoommmm….) …..thapki explanation for getting shy is awesome …..waiting for next epi …take care dr….

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear shibil… thank you so you too

  8. nice ….bihan is so caring…..and loving….thapki reason for shy i like it…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sadia… thank you so darl

  9. Sri Wahyuni Hatta


    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear sri…thanks a lot darl

  10. hi vinlo I really love ur ff and coNgo in advance for 100 epi vinlo I will send u request ok and reshal I send u request too my fb account is anu mishra and iG account manish_goplanifp love u

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear Anu. I miss you dear.thank you so much.I found your insta account
      but I can’t found your fb you too take care.

  11. Sulbi

    Vino darl… its superb… Sankara nose got injured… haha… am very happy… am feeling sad for Thapki… but Bihaan love will cure her soon… tc dear 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai sulbi darl…thanks my dear.I love you and tc

  12. Mind blowing dear ..superb episode …bt one thing i must say i cn control myself after reading .. when khush punch on shankar’s nose n thn she said aunty why u keep liquid sindoor in ur nose ????lol
    I was travelling during reading ur ff today n after reading tht line i strt laughing thn i was like control yaar ?

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear bihaan love…you are too… I am also gets laughing while typing this scene.thanks a lot my

  13. nice part dear. kushi is superb. waiting for next part.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear rifa… take care

  14. Hi dear vino… I don’t have fb.. only insta and twitter.. i don’t get time to use any other app much…
    coming to the ff, I want to kill sankara.. she hurt thapki.. how dare she?? I hope kushi takes revenge.. yeah in precap, shrasank jodi fall in cowdung.. they deserve that…take care dear.. love you

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear Ritz…thanks dear.its OK

  15. Juveria.ghalib

    Ohh god..what did just happen..khushi is very bold.strong.but hope khushi takes revenge.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear juvi… thanks my dear.take care.

  16. I think Shradha is a lovely actress but her character mentally abusing children is beyond belief.Plus l don’t understand why Shradha wants to keep Poor Bhihan in control and on drugs…same drugs for 7 years….come on it’s getting boring and now dumb is telling drummer to get poor Bhihan drunk like she did to Druv and have babies.HAVE YOU RUN OUT IDEAS TO WRITE

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