Crazy love of thahaan (part-74)

this part is starting from at the same day evening everyone gets ready for puja. thapki and bihaan stands in god idal.kushi stands between them.they smiles at each other.suman and preethi gets happy.dhruv and sakshi stands there.Sankara looks at thapki and bihaan.she gets jealous on them.
thapki wears red color stone work saree.
she wears necklace,ear rings and maang tika.kushi wears pink color lehenga.thapki looks at bihaan.she smiles.

bihaan:(to her ear silently)thapki…you are looking very beautiful today.
thapki:(holds his hands)bi… bi… bihaan stop it.our daughter is there with us.(she smiles at him)
bihaan and thapki looks at each other romantically. Sankara looks at them.she gets angry.shraddha gets ready in her room.
vasu:dhruv beta…where is shraddha???
dhruv: maa… I think she was getting ready.
pandit ji: vasundhara ji… already late now.we have to start puja.
please call your elder son and his wife.
vasu:OK ji… I will call her now.please wait for few minutes.
vasu goes to shraddha room.she sees shraddha is standing in mirror.she does makeup.vasu gets irritation seeing her.
shraddha:(turns and smiles) what mummyji?
vasu:we shall have to start puja have to be there.come fast.
shraddha:OK mummyji.

vasu looks at her angrily.she goes from there.shraddha comes to downstairs.dhruv sees shraddha.he turns his face from her.sakshi looks at her.sakshi recalls shraddha face without makeup.she smiles at shraddha.she gets angry at sakshi.
she comes there.she stands near to dhruv. she smiles at him.
vasu:dhruv beta.. come this side and do puja.
dhruv:OK maa (he smiles)

dhruv and shraddha comes there.they sits near to agni.they does bihaan and thapki comes.thapki and bihaan comes there.they sits and bihaan makes kushi to sits in his lap.bihaan,kushi and thapki pours ghee in agni.they does puja together.bihaan and thapki smiles at each other .Sankara looks at them.she gets angry.suman and preethi does the puja samething.Sankara thinks to do something for thapki.she thinks bihaan saying you are beautiful.

he was admiring you. I am getting angry seeing this.because of he is my bihaan.he should admire only at me.I will ruined your beautiful.
she looks there .she sees kumkum plate.she smiles at plate.Sankara takes that plate.she sees shed decoration near to god idal.she smiles.she goes from there.she calls servent .he comes to Sankara.she ask him to keep that kumkum plate on shed.he nodes at her.he goes from there.he keeps table and keeps that plate there with sindhoor.vasu looks at him.

vasu:(to servant) what are doing here?
servant: mam…I sees flowers about to falls down from this shed .so I done correction.Sankara smiles,she says to servent, when thapki comes there,you have to pull that thread.then sindhoor will fall on thapki.sankara gives money to him.kushi runs from there.she plays in garden.Sankara smiles and she comes near to shed.she looks at plate.servant gets ready to pull that thread.but he gets call.he goes from there.kushi runs towards that thread.thread stucks in her foot.she pulls that thread.suddenly sindhoor plate falls on Sankara head.she screams.sindhoor falls on her body and face.everyone’s looks at her.they gets shocked seeing Sankara.then everyones laughs at her.Sankara gets angry on kushi.
she goes from there.she cries.

thapki talks with her friend in mobile.bihaan comes to his room.
he sees thapki.she ends the call.
she sees her mobile charge is very down
she keeps pluging in mobile.suddenly she gets shock from power board.she screams bihaan gets shocked

he takes pillow and hits her hardly.she gets faints.she falls down in floor.he gets tenses.bihaan keeps his hand near to her nose.she didn’t get breathing.he gets shocked.he says,thapki…thapki….please open your eyes please…
he rubs her hands and foot.she didn’t get consciousness. he gets worry.he cries.suddenly thapki opens her eyes.she smiles at him
he looks at her confusion.
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan dont get tension.I just played with you.
bihaan:(gets angry) what is this thapki?are you mad?
thapki:yes..I…I…I am mad about you.I love you so much. .

bihaam gets angry.he leave her hands.he goes from her.suddenly thapki holds bihaan hands.she smiles at him.he takes her hands away and goes from there.
thapki stands from floor.she hugs bihaan from back.he didn’t react to her.she comes in front of him.
thapki:are you a…a…angry on me?
bihaan:yes.what you want ?

thapki hugs him and kisses his forehead.
thapki:i …I…I need your love always.
bihaan:thapki…please don’t play like this to me.I get are my life.I love you so much.
thapki:oh…bihaan do… don’t get worry.nothing will happend for me.
she hugs him.bihaan didn’t hug her.he just stand there.then he smiles and hugs her.they gets smiles.(ranjhanaa plays.. )

kushi keeps opens rat box in Sankara almari.rats are bites and ruined Sankara costly dress.suman and preethi smiles.


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  1. Juveria.ghalib

    Hey nice episode n the Precap is the way khushi is very naughty but I love her character

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my dear juvi… thanks a my darl.take care

  2. Very nice. I love it. Kushi allways saves her mom

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear rifa

  3. Didi aap itna acha keso soch leti ho…
    di aap ka ff mindblowing h
    plz di don’t stop writing..
    I love ur ff very much..
    plz di plzplzplz… please don’t stop writing

    thanku so much 4 this update..
    love u di
    plz apna dhyen rkna…
    wish u very smiling tuesday

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sister kudrat… how are you..thanks my darl. I love you so much.take care dear.

  4. Nice story kushi is revenging for the mistake they done with tahaan and bihu .what a good daughter who helps her father and mom.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear varsha…thank you my darl.

  5. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    I love youb kushi….i hope Bani and Tina like kushi……vinolin….next….

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sri… I am sorry sometimes I pronouns your name wrongly.thanks a lot dear.take care.

  6. Shibil

    Hi vino ….too gud ….i like kushi character so much …..kushi is thahaan bodyguard …..and in leghanga is too cute …abt precap waiting for kushi naughtiness …take care dr

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear shibil… thank you darl. take care.

  7. Admirable part…kushi is very naughty girl but I like it .precap is nice.congrats for the 75 th part.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend pooja… thank you my darl.

  8. Manish ki deewani

    hello vino .hw r u dear i loved it yaar .u daily punish these chudails i loved this .my naughty khushi .she is so cute na .tc.advance congo 4 the competion of 75 parts.gajaaaaaaaaaaaaaab .God bless u .

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend reshal… thank you dear.I am r you?take care darl

  9. it make me laugh when sindoor fall on Shankar ??? really nice specially when thapki make bihan fool I really enjoyed

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear afshan… thanks a lot.

  10. nice episode kushi is so naughty she always saves her mom dad. loved thahaan scene precap is amazing waiting for next episode update soon and big congrats to you for 75th episode keep writing

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear kishore.

  11. oh very nice….khushi is really a justified chrcter…very naughty as well….love thahaan romance…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sadia…how are you?. I miss you.thanks a lot my darl. tc

  12. Sulbi

    Darling its so funny… i enjoyed it… haha Sankara have to bear more torture… loved it dear…. tc 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my darl sulbi… thanks a lot.sorry my dear for late reply.

  13. Hello vino… sorry for the late comment… got busy with some work… I wish that instead of kumkum plate, it should have been red chilly powder pouring on sankar.. I wish she gets more and more punishment.. precap is interesting… I will just read and comment on the next part again… tc dear

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