Crazy love of thahaan (part-72)

This part is starting from bihaan recalls he scolds kushi.he thinks to console her.he comes to downstairs. he searches in home.but kushi is not there.they gets worried.thapki cries.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan…I want my daughter…please find her soon.
bihaan:(hugs thapki)don’t worry thapki.she is our baby.she will come to us.
thapki cries and they hugs at each other.everyone’s gets worry about kushi.Sankara and shraddha looks at each other.they gets happy.they smiles at each other.suman and preethi cries.
suman:(comes to thapki)thapki…don’t worry.she will come soon.
thapki hugs vasu and cries.bihaan goes from there.he takes his bike.
he goes from there.kushi walks in rood.she cries
she recalls about bihaan scolding her.kushi gets dizzyness.she holds her head.bihaan searches kushi.
thapki gets tensed in home.she cries.bihaan didn’t find kushi.he gets worries.kushi walks in road.she gets unconscious. bihaan finds her from far.he drives his bike towards her.kushi faints in road.he gets shocked.he puts sudden break.he gets down from falls down on road.he runs to her.he lifts her.he makes her to lying on his lap.

bihaan:kushi beta…beta…please look at your eyes…choti…I am sorry.i done big mistake.please….(bihaan gets teary eyes.)
bihaan lifts kushi.he makes her to sits on bike front side.he holds her in his one hand.he drives bike.
he reaches pandey nivas.he parks His bike.he lifts kushi in his arms.he runs into pandey nivas..
bihaan:kushi beta…please open your eyes…
thapki looks at them.she gets shocked.everyone’s gets shocked seeing them.
vasu:bihaan what happend to kushi?
thapki:ku… ku… kushi look at your maa beta…please…I love you so much beta..
bihaan:(hugs kushi and cries) I am so sorry beta…
bihaan gets call from dhruv.he attends his call.dhruv speaks to him.he says,fb shows kushi takes that file.she realized that is important file.she keeps in almari.shraddha comes there.she says to Sankara,its dhruv important file.we have to ruined bihaan respect.they smiles.kushi looks at them.they takes that file from there.Sankara and shraddha goes from there with file.kushi goes to shraddha room.she finds that file in almari.she takes that paper from file.shraddha looks at kushi.she gets angry.she comes near to her.she makes her to turn there.kushi looks at shraddha shockingly.

shraddha:what are you doing in my room?
kushi:(shows paper boat)aunty…I came here to find my book to make I got my book.
shraddha:(angrily)don’t come to my room.get out.
kushi smiles and goes from there.
kushi thinks, I got that file important paper.I makes boat in that papers.she cuts that paper edge can’t ruined my papa respect.kushi comes to bihaan.she shows that boat.she says,its file papers.she goes about to tell that truth.but suddenly bihaan scolds her.kushi runs to dhruv office.she makes as normal paper from boat.she arranges that papers.she gives that important papers to security.she says to him,give this to my badi papa… Its very nodes at her.he gives to dhruv.he tells to call calls kushi.she tells everything to dhruv.he gets angry.
dhruv:beta…I will drop you in home.just wait here.
kushi:no badi papa… I am strong girl.I ll go myself.
dhruv hugs her.he kisses her forehead.he smiles at her.fb ends.
bihaan gets angry at shraddha and Sankara.he looks at them angrily.
kushi opens her eyes.
kushi:papa…. mamma…
bihaan and thapki looks at kushi.they gets happy.bihaan hugs kushi happily.he kisses her cheeks.
thapki hugs kushi. she gets teary eyes.suman and preethi cries happily.Sankara and shraddha gets angry at kushi.

at the same day night…
thapki comes to kitchen.she takes water.she drinks.suddenly her pallu gets fire.thapki screams…
everyone’s comes there.bihaan runs towards her.he removes that pallu from her shoulder.she covers her waist in her hands.he removes his jacket.he makes her to wears that jacket.he does blow off that fire.she gets scared.vasu and suman gets worry about thapki.thapki hugs bihaan.she cries.he hugs her.he rubs her hands.
bihaan:don’t worry.I am always with you.I won’t let anything wrong happend for you.
vasu:how this fire has come here?
thapki:I…I…I don’t know ma..I came here to drink water.but suddenly m… saree gets fire.
vasu:(looks at suman and angrily)did you done anything wrong in kitchen?
suman:no no…no maa.
shraddha and Sankara smiles at each other.bihaan holds thapki
they goes from there.he holds her carefully.they enters into their room.Sankara gets angry seeing thapki and bihaan together.

thapki and bihaan reaches their room.bihaan makes her to sits in bed.thapki gets scared and shivering.bihaan gives water to thapki.she drinks water.he looks at her.he sees thapki hands and body is shivering.he goes near to her.he sits in bed near to thapki.he holds her hands tightly.she looks at him.
bihaan:thapki…why your body is shivering??? are you OK?
thapki:I…i …I don’t know bihaan.
bihaan:gazaab…its your are getting shivering.but you ddpnt know the reason.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan seriously I dont know that reason.
bihaan:OK…I will find that reason.
bihaan:give me your hand to me.
thapki gives her both hands.he holds her hands.he asks her to stands from bed.she stands in floor.he holds her hands tightly.
he pulls her on him suddenly.she falls on his chest.bihaan hugs her tightly.
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan what are you doing??
bihaan:I am giving treatment for your shivering…
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan leave me..leave didn’t find why I gets shivering.
bihaan:oh…is it…can I find that?but you have to co operate with me.
thapki:n…n… its don’t want to find that reason..I will take care.
bihaan:hello madam…why are you getting scared??? I thought you are brave girl.
thapki:who…who…who said…I am getting scared? I am brave.
bihaan:then allow to me for finding that reason.
thapki:o…o…OK you will find it.bihaan takes his jacket from her body.she gets shocked.she wears blouse and skirt.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan what are you doing?
bihaan:hello madam don’t ask anything to me now.OK?
she covers her waist in her hands.bihaan comes near to her.he hugs her .thapki takes his hands away from her.she runs from him.she laughs at him.bihaan smiles at her.he runs to catches her.they runs into room.he catches thapki.he hugs her from back.he lifts her.she laughs.he makes her to stands in floor.she turns at him.she smiles at him.they looks at each other.they hugs at each other.they smiles.thapki seperates bihaan.they looks at each other.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays……….)

dhruv comes to pandey nivas with sakshi.vasu hugs sakshi.shraddha gets angry.
thapki says to kushi,beta…you have to study well in this exam.
bihaan gives chocolates to kushi.

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  1. Yeeee….a
    vino di,
    sunday wala I Love You..
    episode was
    didi how r u?
    or ha! Didi
    aap ko esa kyo lgta h ki aap ka ff boring h, muje to aap ka ff sab s jyeda acha lgta h, muje to bilkul nahi psend h, aap ff ki sab s mast quality h …
    di please don’t think in ur dream 2 stop ff
    ager aapn esa kia to M
    to M
    to M kya kerogi….?
    m aap s kabhi baat nhi kroogi
    wese muje pta h ki mere baat na krne s aap raat ko sona or subh utna nahi chorogi…
    didi but i love u
    i lv u so much
    thank u 4 this dhasoo episode..
    apna dhyen rekna
    teek h!
    wating 4 next
    mja aa gya

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my dear sis kudrat… thanks a lot dear.OK dear.I will continue my story.I love you too darl. I am so happy to read this.thank you so much my dear. take care.

  2. Nice episode.I really like your story and you are a good writer. many of people reading your story .so don’t get sad. keep writing dear. Are you in facebook

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my darl rifa… thank you so much my dear.surely hereafter I won’t get sad.I am happy now.yes I am using face book dear.are you using face book???

  3. Manish ki deewani

    hello vino .don’t get sad yar .i really like it becoz u r not like our cvs which love dragging .keep writing .ur ideas r superb so khushi come back she is so smart plz. bye bye

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my dear reshal….thanks a lot my dear.hereafter I won’t get sad dear.because of you are all there with me always.surely I will write ff for you guys.thank you so much.t c dear.

  4. Yes l am also using face book. What’s your Facebook id

    1. Vinolin.d

      my face book I d is vivi big fan of will will smith photo is my profile picture.your face book I d?you will give me request.or if you tells your I d I will give you request dear.

  5. nice epi ?.I wish all these thing also happens in TPK but it impossible .?yours each and every epi fantastic.speacially this one I really loved it the thahaan scene. thank you so much dear?. and thank you for giving reply on my comments

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear afshan… thanks a lot are right. I wish all this happens in real tpk.but CVS are favouring only for evils.I am so worry about thapki and bihaan.actually I have to say thanks for you. because of you are commenting daily.I am getting happy to reply your comments.take care dearie.

  6. I afeeling proud of kushi what a brave girl she is like her ma I am waiting for next episode

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear varsha… thanks you so too… I love bani in real tpk.I hope bani will punish shraddha and Sankara very soon.I love kushi character.I will update soon my

  7. Di I’m really really sorry … ???
    I know di u must be angry because of me ?
    I didn’t comment on almost 5 episodes because of my exams …? Sorry di ?

    Di congrats for 70 episodes ????

    And now di u r very near to creating a record of 100 episodes … Plz di do not stop this ff … I promise I will comment on each and every episode … ??

    Di the episode was lovely … Khushi is I for Intelligent …. And Thahaan romance ?? after the fire scene ??? …
    Di Each and every scene be it suspense , romance or comedy … u portrayed in the ff so well … It is F phor Fantastic … A phor Awesome ….

    Love ur ff a lot di …? Plz do not stop writing
    Love u di ❤❤
    Take care ?

    1. Di r u on Instagram or Wattpad ?

    2. Vinolin.d

      hai dear sweet sis naitan… its OK I know you are busy with don’t feel sorry.I am not angry at you.
      thanks a lot for you.I miss you so much.I love you too dear.take care and study well.I am not in instagram or wattpad.I am using only face book.

  8. Sulbi

    Amazing dear… i love kushi… she is such a brave and talented girl… make her to study properly… she want to make proud of her mom and dad… i hate Sankara… make her torture more and more dear… love you… tc 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear sulbi…thanks a lot.yes…kushi is brave girl.I hate Sankara and shraddha.there is nice punishment for them in upcoming episode.take care my dear.

  9. Juveria.ghalib

    Ohh nice scenes.loved it

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot dear juvi. tc darl

  10. B for Bihaans beti B for Bold…superb are a fabulous writer yaar.I feel really happy for the success of my friend.keep writing.keep smiling.good luck dear vino.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend pooja… thanks a lot dear.I am so happy now.take care my friend.

  11. OMG! though kushi is naughty but she is well natured…she did everything without anyone’s knowledge.. that was awesome.. we saw another side of kushi… and please please dear punish sankara and shraddha as much as you can.. even I have started punishing kosi in my ff….as much anger we have on the negatives of the show, we can do this in our ff… but I like shraddha a bit more than the other negatives…so atleast punish sankara.. tc love you

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear Ritz….thanks a lot dear. yes you are right.we should give punishment for Sankara and shraddha.I am getting angry on them
      surely they will get punishment in upcoming episodes in kushi style.
      you are superb.your ff is awesome
      I love your ff. surely we have to give punishment in our ff. atleast real tpk will get an idea from our ff.
      hehehehe… take care my darl.

  12. Shibil

    sorry vino i was not able to comment ur ff last few epi….. loved the chappy ….brave kushi , how she save her father respect …thahaan scenes are lovely …i want bihaan to punish the evil sankara….waiting for next epi….

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my dear shibil… thank you dear.surely they will get more punishment.don’t worry.don’t feel sorry dear.take care my dear.

  13. hey dear….whts going on ….i hope u will happy to see a lot of coments on ur ff….keep writtind dear….love the epi….khushi is jst like her papa….thahaan romance were mindblowing….

  14. Vinolin.d

    hi sadia darl…thanks a lot dear.yes I am happy my dear.take care.

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