Crazy love of thahaan (part-71)

this part is starting from thapki and bihaan is there in room.bihaan stands up from bed.he looks at her shockingly.
bihaan:thapki why are you reacting like this?
thapki:wh… wh…what Is your problem ???come to me..(she pulls him on her.he falls on her.he hugs her.she holds his coller.she looks at his shirt.
thapki:oh my god…it’s…its uncle shirt.why did you wearing like this?
first remove your shirt.I don’t like this shirt.(she removes his shirt button.)
bihaan:thapki..leave Me…leave me.
thapki:uuuffff…s…s…so many times I says to you like this before.
but you didn’t leave me.why I have to leave you now..
bihaan thinks oh..Chuk chuk gaadi is thinking to do romance now.
he holds her hands tightly.she goes closes to him.he touches her face.she smiles at him.he slowly moves his finger from face to her neck.she closes her eyes and smiles.she turns from him.he opens the blouse dori.he kisses her blouse back.Sankara looks at them from window door.she gets shocked.she cries.thapki turns at
bihaan.they looks at each other.
she turns her face from him again.she gets shy.he keeps his hands in her waist.he kisses in her neck.then they looks at each other and hugs at each other(na… na… naa plays……..)Sankara looks at them.she hits her head in window door intentially and cries.

the next day morning vasu sings aarthi song.she does aarthi.kushi plays there.she runs around hall.she runs to vasu .she hits that aarthi plate by mistake.suddenly camphor flies from aarthi plate.camphor land down in Sankara head.Sankara hair gets fire.everyone’s gets shocked.
Sankara:why are you looking at me?
suman:sankara ….your hair gets fire.(Sankara feels that heat.she screams.)
Sankara:pls save me…save me pls…
suman and preethi runs from there.they takes floor mat.they beats in Sankara head hardly.she feels pain.she creams.for gets blow off.but still they beats her head with that floor mat.then they takes that from her head.
shraddha:Sankara…are you fine now??
Sankara:I am fine di.
(suman and preethi laughs at her silently.)
thapki:(scolds kushi)Ku…Ku…kushi…you don’t have sense??why did you done this
ask sorry to Sankara aunty.
kushi:(goes near to Sankara)sorry aunty.
Sankara:its OK beta..
everyone’s gets glad about Sankara.

Sankara goes to her room.she looks at her head in mirror.she gets shocked.she screams.shraddha runs to Sankara room.she looks at her head.she also screams.
shraddha:what is this Sankara?
(she sees head skin in Sankara head directly.some head part there is no hair.its all burning)
Sankara:(hugs shraddha)di… I am looking ugly now.
shraddha:don’t worry dear.I got an idea.(she goes from there.she takes black color hair dye.she mixed well so thickly.she goes to apply for Sankara.Sankara stops
Sankara:what are you going to do di?
shraddha:Sankara…I am going to apply dye in your head for covering that hair less part.
Sankara nodes at her.she cries.
shraddha applies hair dye in Sankara head.she looks her head in mirror.she cries.she says,I will kill you kushi.I hate you…
Sankara does hair style.she thinks now its nice.she gets happy.
she hugs shraddha happily.

Sankara comes from her room.she sees kushi room.she sees bihaan and kushi playing there.
bihaan:kushi beta… now is your turn…
kushi:OK papa….(OK and bihaan plays in ball)kushi throws ball towards bihaan.ball hits in wall hardly.that’s comes towards Sankara.sankara gets scared.she runs from there.
kushi:papa….ball goes somewhere.
I can’t found that ball.
bihaan:beta…its OK…we will play in anyother one.
kushi smiles and plays with bihaan in other ball.

vasu:thapki beta…tomorrow is special day for we have to do special puja.
thapki:OK m…m…maa.I will arrange everything for puja.
suman:we will do help for thapki.
preethi:yes maa…
vasu:OK…but whatever it is.I need everything will perfect.
thapki:o…o…OK maa.

bihaan comes to his room.he searches something in room.
thapki comes there.she looks at him.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan what are you looking for?
bihaan:I am searching important file .dhruv Anna ask file to me.he gave me yesterday.
thapki:do…do…don’t worry.I will search.(they searches file.they didn’t get that file.kushi comes there.she has paper boat in her hands made by file papers)
kushi:papa… what are you searching for?
bihaan:I am searching file beta..
kushi:file???how it is look like?
bihaan:that is red color file beta.
kushi recalls that file.she makes boat in paper.
bihaan gets call from dhruv.
dhruv: bihaan…bring that file fast.
that’s very value.I will forget sometimes to bring file to office.
that’s why I Gave that to you.bring fast…that’s so much of value.
bihaan:OK bhaiya (he ends the call)
kushi:(comes near to him)I am sorry papa.
bihaan:why beta?
kushi:I made boats in that file.
bihaan and thapki gets shocked.
he gets angry.he scolds kushi.
bihaan:why did you done this??
you are becoming very bad girl.
now what I will tell to your badi papa… do you know about that file value.nonsense…
kushi gets scared.she cries.she runs from there.thapki gets shocked.she gets worries.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan…she is small she will knew about have to take care of file.its your mistake only.
bihaan:oh…you are blaming me for this mistake.did you hear what dhruv bhaiya says to me?
now what can I do??my name is spoiled now.
dhruv calls again.he asks about file to bihaan.he goes about to tell that mistake done by kushi.but suddenly call cuts automatically.
bihaan gets tensed.thapki gets worry.
kushi cries.vasu and everyone’s gets shocked.
vasu:beta.. why are you cries…where are you going????
kushi didn’t say anything.she runs from there.bihaan thinks to tell about file to dhruv in his office.
he comes to downstairs.
vasu:bihaan beta…why kushi cries?she didn’t say anything?
bihaan:(thinks)oh my god…I scold her too much..I have to console her first.
thapki gets worries.

bihaan searching kushi.thapki cries in home.

hai… friends..I gets success in my work.I am so happy.I got success because of you guys…I love you all.
you all are prays for me.that’s why I gets successful. no words to describe about your love my friends…I am speechless.thank you so so so so so much….

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  1. Nice part.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot rifa darl.

  2. Dekha mene kya tha na SUCCESS cat walk kert hue aa…e gi.
    Aap bkar m tension l rhi thi…
    vese I’m very happy that u got success in ur work
    didi if u don’t mind can v know what’s the thing or work in which u want successful
    I’m not forcing u if u feel comfortable than tell me otherwise it’s ok…

    now episode was marvellous…
    Y papa log es..e hi hote h jab datna ho tab dat te nahi h or apna gusa niklne waqt bina bat k dat dete h…
    di u write Druv Anna r u south indian?
    eagrly wating 4 next..
    so plz try 2 post soon
    or ha!
    don’t stop writing…
    thanku so much 4 this episode..
    love you
    take care
    wish u very happy evening or enjoyful weekand..

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sis… thanks a lot. yes I reside at Chennai.but my relations are pure north Indians. they are reside at Bombay.mostly love marriage will happend in my family.they won’t care about cast an andhra,Kerala,Bombay, Burma, all of them is there in my family.I got success in my project.thanks a lot my dear…I love you so dear

  3. Wese keso ho aap m to puchna hi bhol ga….e

  4. Oh…its a happy news…congrats dear :)its the time for celebration…party time:).nice part Bihaans angry on Kushi…
    Good luck my dearest vino.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear pooja…thanks a lot my darl are right.

  5. congrats for success…and the epi was very nice…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much my sadia dear.

  6. I’m really happy for you… 🙂
    Nice epi…
    poor kushi…
    Hope everything’s gonna be alright.
    Thank you n tc 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my Leena darl thank you so much dear.

  7. glad to know that you got success in your work ? and today epi ghazab . very nice dear I really enjoyed when Shankar hit her head ?. lovely yaar .I would like to say you and your creations outstanding, fantastic?? thank you ,???

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear afshan… thanks a lot dear.

  8. Manish ki deewani

    hello vino. congrats dear4 ur success .bihaan scold khushi .sankri hahaha i want to see her state like this .khusi is missing .lets wait 4 next one .tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai reshal… thank you so much my darling.

  9. Congratulations on ur success. The episode was amazing, upload next soon

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my dear arooj… thanks a lot dear.

  10. Vinolin.d

    I am getting happy seeing comments
    I am getting few comments only
    but i so happy to read this.I am writing this for bring smiles for everyone. its OK but I will continue this.I know all are so sad about real tpk.surely some of them feel boring about my ff. because of I am not showing so much seperation and I am finishing every problem with in 2 episodes.I am showing only happiness here.most of the people likes crime.I am thinling ,mostly I am not using crime.that’s why…
    thanks a lot for my friends especially who commenting regularly and for silent reader.I will try to do my best. thanks a lot for everyone.

  11. hey dear dnt aey this….we are wd u….and love ur ff….dnt be disheart dear….many of readers dnt get time for coments…but they must read ur ff…keep going…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sadia… thanks a lot dear.yes I know…but…
      yeah…its OK.thanks a lot dear.your comment encouraging me.take care dear

  12. Dear you reached 70 episodes and that is your achievement…don’t feel low dear… everyone is reading your ff… may be some of them don’t comment…but those who comment, you need to continue your ff for them…
    I read your part on mobile in the morning and I am replying from my laptop now… dear this episode was way too hot seeing thapki as romantic herself.. and the fun elements in your ff are awesome… kushi irritating shraddha and sankar.. please give more torture on sankara.. I hate her

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my darl Ritz…thanks a lot dear.its giving more stamina for me.your every words are like proteins for me.thank you so much.surely I will continue… too… I hate shraddha and Sankara.there is superb punishment in end of this story.I will torture them.I hate them
      I love you my darling.

  13. Sulbi

    Congrats for your success dear… am happy for you dear…and episode was awsme… i loved it dear… tc 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear sulbi darl… I am so happy.thanks tc dear

  14. one more thing…congratulations for your success dear…hope you achieve more milestones in life..God bless you

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      thank you so so so so much my Ritz darl

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