Crazy love of thahaan (part-70)

This part is starting from the next day morning kushi stands outside of swimming pool.she sees dhruv and bihaan is playing there.they laughs.
bihaan:beta…come and play in swimming pool.why are you standing there.come on…
kushi:no papa… I am so scared of swimming pool now.
dhruv:beta…don’t worry.we will take care of you.

kushi:no… badi papa… I won’t will enjoy.
Sankara hears this.she thinks oh she doesnt know swimming. its right time to kill her.I have to do something now.bihaan and dhruv comes from swimming pool. they takes towel and goes from there.
kushi stands near to swimming pool.she looks at water.Sankara comes behind of kushi slowly.she pushes kushi in swimming pool.

kushi falls on water.she screams.Sankara smiles looks at kushi.after few seconds kushi swims in water.Sankara looks at kushi.she gets shocked.
kushi:aunty…why did you pushes me in water??you know I am so scared of swimming pool now a days.because of I am feeling very cool in morning. so I will swim here only at afternoon.
Sankara: do you know swimming already?
kushi:what question is this?you know I am national champion in dad teaches swimming on my 3 yrs old.
Sankara:super beta…you are so brave.(she thinks angrily ,she is really devil.sankara goes from there.

at the same day afternoon…
everyone’s comes to downstairs for lunch.bihaan and kushi eats food.bihaan feeds food to kushi.she smiles at bihaan.then kushi feeds food to him.Sankara looks at them.she gets angry.she smashes roti angrily.suddenly suman pours very hot gravy in sankara’s hand.she screams.
everyone’s looks at Sankara.
suman:I am so sorry Sankara.i saw your doesn’t have I pours for you.
Sankara:its OK di… I am fine..thank you.

suman looks at vasu.they looks at each other and smiles.
dhruv and everyone’s finishes lunch.they goes from there.but bihaan still have food in dinning table.shraddha and Sankara looks at them from upstairs. kushi goes from there to her room.bihaan holds thapki hands.he pulls her near to him.he feeds food from his plate to her.thapki eats that food.she smiles at bihaan.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan its public..don’t feed food here.
bihaan:so what???you are my I am feeding food for you.who ask to us.?
thapki:bi… bihaan.enough please.
bihaan:no no no…you have to finish this full plate…

bihaan pinches thapki belly.she screams.he looks at her and smiles.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan you are so naughty.
bihaan:gazaab…you found this now only ah…
shraddha and Sankara looks at them .they gets irritation. suman and preethi walks there.they sees thapki and bihaan.they gets shy and smiles at them.suman and preethi comes near to Sankara and shraddha.they says,wow…thapki and bihaan is made for each other.
no one can’t seperate them.their love is true.they says intentially .
shraddha and sankara gets angry
they goes from there.

at the same day evening, (in downstairs) thapki feels hungry.
thapki:(to servent)bhaiya…please bring milk for me.
servent: OK madam.
(he goes to kitchen. he prepares milk for thapki.Sankara comes to kitchen.she asks about that milk.he says to her,its for thapki.Sankara smiles and gets an idea.she runs to room.she brings some tablet.servent turns other side.she mixes that tablet in milk.servent didn’t notices this.he takes milk in his hands.he gives to thapki.she drinks that milk.Sankara hides somewhere.she thinks,now no one is there to stop will go to mental hospital now.hereafter surely bihaan will hate you. this tablet will make you as mad.she smiles.she goes from there.

shraddha combs her hair. Servent comes there.he gives milk to her.he goes from there.She mixes some tablet and drinks.she says,dhruv..
you are always for me.Sankara comes there.she says,di… I mixed
dangerous tablet in milk.thapki drinks that milk.surely she wil become mad.shraddha and Sankara laughs at each other.
shraddha looks at tablet sheet.she gets shocked.Sankara gets shocked.
shraddha:its not that tablet.which one did you mixed?
Sankara:oh my god…di I mixed your romantic tablet by mistake in milk.oh…my God thapki drinks.
shraddha:(gets more shocked and she slaps Sankara)idiot…why did you keeps that bad tablet in my drawer. I eats that bad tablet by mistake.(Sankara and shraddha gets tension.they sees dhruv coming to room.Sankara says to her,I am sorry di… pls don’t do any mistake with dhruv.
Sankara runs from there.

thapki feels something. she enters to room.bihaan does something in mobile.he looks at thapki.she looks at him.she stands near to bed so stylish.suddenly her pallu falls down from her shoulder.he looks at her.he gets shocked.he comes to her.
bihaan:(holds her pallu and keeps in her shoulder)thapki…what happend for you???
thapki:f… f…first why happend for you man??? why did you holds my pallu.
thapki:wh… wh… why are you widening your mouth this much? shut your mouth..
bihaan:thapki why are you speaking like this?
thapki:oh my god…i… i… I feel so hot.(she removes her saree.she goes about to opens her blouse.
suddenly bihaan holds her)

bihaan:no… don’t do like this.
thapki:why…you…you…you are also removing your dress while workout.I didn’t ask you na…
bihaan:thapki…what you want now?
thapki:i… i… I need kisses from you…come on…give to me…come on..(she goes closes to him.she holds his hands tightly.she kisses his lips suddenly.he gets shocked.
he widens his eyes.she hugs him tightly.he hugs thapki.(na… na… naa plays….)

dhruv does work in laptop. tablet starts to work in shraddha body.
shraddha throws books and thinks from table.he gets shocked.he looks at her.
dhruv:shraddha…what happend for you?
shraddha:shut up…don’t talk to me.
dhruv: what are you saying?
shraddha:I hate you…I don’t like you.look at your face. you are looking like have to be there in zoo.
dhruv:(gets angry)what happend for you?? are you mad?
shraddha: I am not mad. you are mad.your mom and dad mad.your whole family is mad.idiot…
dhruv gets angry.he slaps I. shraddha face.she gets shocked.
dhruv:I hate you totally.I thought you are loving only I knew are not loving me.shit…don’t come in front of me.
he goes from there angrily.shraddha laughs.

thapki wears bihaan shirt and trowser.
bihaan:are you better now?
thapki:uuufffff…n… n…now only j am feeling know that saree was so hot.
bihaan thinks why was she behaving like this??
suddenly thapki keeps her hands in his shoulder.she looks at him romantically. she pushes him on bed.they looks at each other.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…)

vasu does aarthi.kushi runs and plays there.she hits that plate by mistake.Sankara hair gets fire.

my dear friends… tomorrow is there important work.please pray for me to becoming success.please…..tomorrow is I was updated this so early.

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  1. Juveria.ghalib

    May u get success in ur work dear..n about the episode it was amazing.I loved that swimming pool part.n what a romantic scene.loved it totally

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my dear juvi… thank you so much.please update your ff darl. its my request.

  2. Its so funny yaar…..conhrats dear for the Unbreakable success of 70…
    All the very best dear vino for the tomorrows work…god bless cool…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear pooja… thanks a lot

  3. oh its very awsome dear…thapki romnce but its too shrt na….but i enjoy it….shrdha madness….dhruv monkey….it was so funny dear….full packge epi….

  4. and yes….congratss dear for 70 epi…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot dear sadia… don’t worry. thahaan romantic scene will be continue tomorrow.its just an eye

  5. I was afraid to read this chapter after reading the previous precap.. but this chapter made me laugh like anything.. and thahaan scenes were super romantic… and dhruv monkey… hahaha
    ..again in precap, sankar hair burns.. very good.. keep punishing her… tc dear… congratulations for 7th episode.. May God bless you

  6. all the best??

  7. All the best for your work. And the episode was amazing and congratulations for 70th episode.

  8. Haaahhaaaahhhaa……
    didi m aap ko bta nahi sakti ki meri has has k abhi kya halet ho rehi h….
    oh my god!
    aap ko pta h di mere ghar m chohe behut h, behut paresaan karte h, ek din mere bhai n use duki ho k paani m daal dia or vo setan ter k nikl gya…
    or us din s kabhi bhi muje vo scene yaad ata h to m has has k pagel ho jati ho…
    kushi wala bhi scene kuch esa hi tha..
    jaldi next post kerna…
    sankar k baal haahaaahhaaa

    di mene aap k lea wish to kia lakin m aap s ek baat kehna chahogi ki…
    di plz don’t take tension v r always with u or best wishes too..
    or jab etne saare logo ka pyaar aap k saath h to success to kud cat walk kerte hua aap k paas aa e gi…
    thanku so much di 4 writing wonderful ff..
    or congrts 4 unbreakble episodes..

    di love u so much…
    all the best
    do well..

  9. While I am reading I can’t control my laughing. At morning I happy to read this. This refresh my mind. So funny episode. Thapki so naughty nah ..ha ha.shradddha OMG called druv monkey and kushi cut nose of Sankara ha ha.

  10. Manish ki deewani

    hello vino congo 4ur 70 part .may God give u success in ur every work .
    today part is soooooooooo funny .druve monkey hahaha .sankri k baak jl gay hahaha .tc .GOD BESS U .

  11. Ua episode was awesome and precap ws very funny…. Really i cnt stop laughing……. Its awesome… Kushi is very naughty and bright girl

  12. firstly I wish that you get success ?in your work secondly congrats? for your 70th epi really yaar two month pass away .and thirdly today epi I have no word it really fantastic ?.thank you .your ff make every thahaan fans happy. ???

  13. Congratulations for the 70th, next month will be 100th!! Amazing
    This epi is so funny…evilness failed n backfired…really like it
    Wish you success in everything that you do.
    Thank you n tc 🙂

  14. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    vinoliiiiiin……success for you….your story very gajaaaab.

  15. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    vinolin, why do not people like you who become TPK story writer. The rating TPK definitely be high with a happy story ….. Good luck to you and I always wait for the next episode from you

  16. Sulbi

    Superb darl… precap is so funny… wish you all success in your life dear… tc… 🙂

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