crazy love of thahaan (part-7)


this part is starting from bihaan calls thapki.but she gets scared she runs from him.he runs behind her.he says to her hurray why are you running wait.. wait.but she didn’t stops her.she gets taxi.she goes into taxi from there.bihaan thinks,what happend to this girl. I just came here for returns her chain.but why she was running from me.thapki reaches office.she sits in her cabin.she recalls about the moments.she cries.she holds her hands.she recalls about bihaan touches her hands.she gets tensed. she prays to god,lord please s… me from him.she works in office with that tension.then she feels shivering. one of the staffs sees her.she asks to her,thapki are you alright.thapki says to her,i… i… I am fine.then evening has comes. she takes her bag.she comes from office.

she walks on road.she feels tired.bihaan waits for her in road.she sees him.he suddenly comes to thapki.he holds her hand. she gets shocked.she screams.he says,please anyone save me from him…save me.bihaan says to her, are you mad.why are you screaming.shut up.but she screams again.he keeps his hands in her mouth.thapki takes his hand from her.she cries.she says to bihaan, I know I insults you.but pls leave me.don’t do anything wrong with family is so poor.I…i have to save my family.

please….. bihaan looks at her.he gets confused.he says to her,what are you saying.what I am going to do with you…thapki stops him.she says to him,bi… bi…bihaan ji .I accepts my mistakes.but please I will beg you.vapous this challenge. bihaan gets confused.he thinks what she was saying.then he realize about this challenge. he laughs so much.she gets shocked.she gets confused.he says to her,your are funny girl.hello ..I just says this to make you scares. bihaan laughs.she says to him,p…promise??is it true??.he gives his hands with her.he promises to her.suddenly thunder sound comes from sky.she gets scared.she hugs him.(na na… naa plays……..)

bihaan hugs her.they hugs each other.rain drops are comes from sky.bihaan and thapki runs to bus stop.they stands there.rains comes fastly.thapki gets shivering.he sees her.thapki comes near to him closely.he sees her eyes.bihaan touches her face.she closes her eyes.he realizes she was having cold fever.suddenly he removes his jacket.he makes her wears the jacket.thapki looks at him.they have an eye lock(ranjhanna plays…)

she feels so cool.she hugs bihaan.bihaan hugs her tightly.he takes her hair from face.he takes her chain.he slowly makes her to wear it.she turns from him.she gets shy.bihaan holds her hand.he pulls her again.she again comes closes to him.he holds her face.bihaan goes closely to her.he goes closes on her lips.thapki closes her eyes.suddenly again the thunder sounds comes.they comes out from feeling.bihaan turns other side.he leaves her.thapki walks from him.bihaan says to her,I am sorry.i….thapki stops him.she says to him,its OK tha…tha… thanks for didn’t give chain to gives my father love to me.its not just chain.she returns his jacket .bihaan looks at her.then taxi will comes there.she stops the gaadi.she goes into the taxi.bihaan sees her.they looks at each other. then the taxi goes from there.bihaan thinks what I did now with her.why I am getting different feeling with her.thapki recalls the romantic moments with him.she thinks the same feeling with bihaan.she sees her chain.

thapki reaches her house.she goes inside.poonam sees thapki she says to her,thapki beta.come and have food.she says to her,n…n…no maa… I feel tired.I will take rest.poonam nodes at her.she goes to her room.she removes her bag.she changes her dress.she wears yellow sleeveless t shirt and black color 3/4 pant.she falls on bed.she recalls about bihaan.she smiles.suddenly some she hears some sound somewhere.she wakesup from bed.she sees window outside.she notices nobody is there here.then she comes again.she gets shocked.she sees bihaan.bihaan seeing thapki.

thapki says to him, bi. . bi…bihaan you????what are yo… yo…you doing did you come here???he says to her,hello…madam…don’t get tension.I came here from window and checks for your are having cold fever I came here to see you.he sees thapki from top to bottom.he sees her legs and waist…he stares at her.he says to her,you are too hot in this dress.your coming for office in salwar but in house you are being there like hot girl.he goes closes to her.thapki gets scared.she walks backward.she stuck in wall.he holds her hands tightly.she says to him,wh. ..wh… what are you doing leave me.he goes closes to her.she closes her eyes.bihaan suddenly gives tablets to thapki.he says to her,take this tablet.your fever will fly from you.thapki opens her eyes.she smiles.she takes the tablet.
thapki hears aditi is coming there.she asks to him,thanks bihaan. please go from sister is coming…bihaan says to her,oh…is it…I want to see your sister.thapki says to him,bi… bi… bihaan please go.she pushes him.bihaan smiles at her.he goes from there.

bihaan reaches his home.she thinks about thapki thinks about bihaan.dhruv comes to bihaan
he says to him,sorry bihaan.I scolds you. please excuse talked about my shraddha so I gets angry.bihaan says to dhruv, don’t say sorry.I made mistake dhruv bhai… so you scold me.there s nothing wrong in this.dhruv smiles at him. he hugs bihaan.they smiles at each other.

next day morning thapki in office.dhruv comes there.he calls all the staffs.he says to them,tomorrow is our office 6th anniversary all staffs must attend all the competitions.then finally I will selects the best staff.everyones gets happy.they claps for him.

the same day evening dhruv talks to bihaan.he says to him,bihaan tomorrow our office 6th anniversary. so you have to come. bihaan says to him,bhaiya I can’t come.because tomorrow important meeting is there.then he recalls about thapki and thinks if I will go to office I will see her.suddenly he says to dhruv OK bhai I will come for you only.this meeting in not are important for me.dhruv gets happy.he hugs bihaan.

bihaan thinks I am coming for thapki.he smiles.

the next day morning in office all staffs are comes.dhruv and bihaan comes to office.bihaan searches thapki.all staffs are claps for them.dhruv says to security,is there everybody here?he says to dhruv no sir,thapki is not there.dhruv says to him,already late now.OK we will wait for 5 minutes.then we will starts the event.she nods at him.bihaan thinks, where is that chuk chuk gaadi goes…still she didn’t comes here.he gets tensed.he searches her like crazy.then after 5 minutes dhruv says to her,we will start now.let’s all come close to cut the cake.everyone’s comes near to cake.all lights switches off.bihaan lights the candles.he turns other side.he keeps his hand somewhere he feels its skin.that lady suddenly screams.he takes his hand suddenly..lights are comes.dhruv asks to them,who screams?bihaan gets shocked.she is really thapki.she wears yellow saree in low hip.she says to dhruv,sir…i… i… feels cockroach fells on I screams.dhruv didn’t say anything.he says to them,OK lets cut the cake.everyone claps.he cuts the cake.bihaan sees thapki.she gets angry seeing at him.bihaan thinks,which place I keeps my hands to her.he sees her again.she gets angry at him.dhruv feeds cake to bihaan.bihaan feeds at him.

bihaan and thapki dances romantically. she sings songs.she stammers.everyone’s laughing. she runs from there.bihaan runs behind her.

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      thanks a lot dear shibil..

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    Vino so romantic yaar… i loved it… update nxt part soon…

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  6. Alia919

    Wow…. U r amazing writer dear…. Love ur FF …. U make eveey scence loveable and fabulous…. Keep it up…. Precap is intersting…
    Waiting for next update..

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear Alia… thank you so much.

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    Fascinating part yaar…

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  13. I get IPKkNd wala feel from this off . Please continue.

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