Crazy love of thahaan (part-68)

This part is starting from the next day morning vasu does aarthi.thapki,bihaan and kushi does aarthi.vasu,suman and everyone’s gets smiles.shraddha gets angry seeing them.she thinks today my sister Sankara is coming from jail.she will ruined everything.
kushi gets blessings from bauji and vasu.vasu hugs kushi. kushi and vasu smiles.vasu makes kushi to feed sweet.preethi and suman smiles.shraddha thinks to impress dhruv. she tries to talk with him.
dhruv:(suddenly) maa… I have to go office.because of already late now.
vasu:(holds dhruv face)OK beta…take care.
kushi: dhruv papa…. I have to go already late.can you come with you today?pls drop me in my school.
bihaan:beta… I will drop you in school.
dhruv: its OK I am going to office na… I will drop her in school in that way.
kushi smiles at dhruv. dhruv smiles at kushi.dhruv holds kushi hands.
kushi:bye…papa.. bye maa… (she says bye to suman, preethi,vasu and bauji)they smiles at kushi.
dhruv and kushi goes from there.
shraddha gets worries.

bihaan comes to thapki.she cleans the bed.suddenly thapki gets hiccups.bihaan looks at her.
bihaan:thapki…did you had breakfast?
thapki:n… n…no bihaan.I have to eat now.
bihaan:see the time now…why still you didn’t have breakfast?
thapki:I…I…i will eat now.
bihaan:OK wait…(he comes from room.he looks servent brings food in plate.bihaan calls servant and takes that food from his hands.
bihaan gives food to thapki.she looks at bihaan.
bihaan:eat this food now.
thapki takes that food from bihaan’s hands.she eats food.suddenly her hiccups stops.
thapki and bihaan looks at each other.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays……)

thapki feels some irritation in her eyes while eating.bihaan gets call he speaks with someone in mobile.
thapki touches her eyes unknowingly.chilly goes inside of eyes.she feels burning.she screams.bihaan ends the call.he turns at her.he sees her pain.
he comes near to her.
bihaan:thapki…thapki…what happend for you?
thapki:bi…bi… bihaan chilly goes inside of my eyes.its burning
bihaan:don’t worry.I will cure this.
(suddenly he takes his kerchief.he dips the kerchief in water.he tears the kerchief.then he wipes her eyes slowly.she scream.bihaan looks at thapki.they looks at each other.thapki feels better.
bihaan:are you OK now?
thapki:yes… th…thanks
bihaan smiles at her.he holds her both hands.
bihaan:thapki don’t say thanks to me.because of we are husband and wife so there is no thanks and no sorry between us.(bihaan smiles at her.thapki gets emotional she cries happily.she becomes speechless.bihaan wipes her tears.thapki hugs bihaan.that hugs at each other.they smiles (na… na… naa plays…..)

dhruv drops kushi in her school.kushi kisses dhruv cheeks.dhruv kisses in kushi’s forehead.kushi says to dhruv,bye…
dhruv smiles and goes from there.he reaches his office.he enters into office.he goes into his room.sakshi comes into his room.
sakshi:dhruv…this is tomorrow programing schedule.
dhruv takes that file from sakshi.he checks that file.sakshi looks at dhruv.
sakshi:dhruv… I want to tell you something.
dhruv: yes tell me sakshi.
sakshi:still I didn’t get marry with anyone.because of I love you so much.
dhruv:I am sorry sakshi.I won’t accept this.because of I married with shraddha.she is my please try to forget me.
sakshi cries and runs from there.
dhruv gets worried about sakshi.

shraddha goes to jail.Sankara released from jail.shraddha looks at Sankara in jail.she hugs Sankara.they gets happy.
Sankara:how are you di?
shraddha:I am not fine.
Sankara:why? you have any problem?
shraddha:yes.I am not happy.because of thapki and bihaan is happy with their daughter.I am getting irritation seeing them.
Sankara:don’t worry di… I was there now with you.we will burn them.
shraddha and Sankara smiles at each other.they shakes their hands.Sankara and shraddha goes to their house.sankara sees house.
sankara:maa… papa… (she calls her parents.shraddha cries)
shraddha:maa and papa won’t come.because they are dies in accident.fb shows Sankara parents goes to shopping.they gets truck hits their car.they dies fb ends.Sankara gets shocked.
Sankara: no….how it was happend
why you didn’t tell this before to me?
shraddha:I hides this truth.because I know you are already in I didn’t say this to you.(Sankara gets emotional.she hugs shraddha and cries)

at the same day night
thapki runs towards mountain. someone shoots her.thapki screams and she falls down from mountain.kushi suddenly scream and wakes up from bed.she gets dream.
kushi:no… no…. (she screams and cries in room.thapki and bihaan hears this.they rushes to kushi room.they comes there.bihaan and thapki runs to kushi. they hugs kushi.
bihaan:beta…why are you crying?
are you OK?
thapki:Ku…Ku…kushi beta… what happend ?
kushi:(hugs thapki)maa I got bad gets shoots by falls from mountain
thapki and bihaan gets shocked.
thapki:beta…it… it… its just dream.nothing will happend for me
kushi:OK… then don’t go from will be there with me.
kushi holds thapki hands.bihaan gets worried about dream.
bihaan:yes choti… nothing will happend for your mom. I am there with your maa na… so I won’t let anything wrong happend for her.
bihaan wipes kushi eyes.
kushi lying on her bed.bihaan and thapki looks at kushi. kushi sleeps. thapki rubs her head slowly.

Sankara enters to pandey nivas with shraddha.kushi plays in gulal.stone hits in Sankara forehead.she screams.everyone’s gets shocked.

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  1. thahaan scenes were so good, chilly powder 😉
    I think sankara will do something to thapki that’s why kushi dreamt.. and kushi dhruv bonding was so great dear… update the next soon…tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend Ritz… thank you so much.. I will update the next part dear

  2. nice….i think a horrible track will come soon as the bad dream and pandit prediction about thapki death….but i like ur twist and turns bcos u made it for short and make ur ff more intresting….keep going dear…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sadia… thank you so darl.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my rifa darl… tc

  3. I am waiting for next story I think so that indicator watch will help bihaan sooner

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai varsha darl… thank you so much dear.I will update

  4. Nice episode, love it dear and Kyushu’s dream is horrible let us see what happens

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear arooj… thank you so much darl. tc

  5. Manish ki deewani

    this sankri is realeased from jail .sankri came in thahaan life again .also khushi dream so more twists r waiting 4 us .khushi hit sankri with stone hahaha .tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai reshal darl… thank you so much dear.yes there is so many twists for you my

  6. oh nice episode. thahaan scenes loved it. kushi dream is horrible and pandit prediction about thapki Death I think horrible track is near but I love your ff because your twist and turn you made it short and story make it interesting keep writing waiting for next part

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear kishore…thanks a lot

  7. nice .but I afraid for thapki becoz the devil?Shankar come back to creat trouble in thahaan life .

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my dear afshan… thanks a lot my darl. dont get afraid

  8. The crack Sankara released from the jail…oh god I feel sad about kush is dream.I hope this dream wont come true…Thahaans scenes were good.OK dear friend…I hope you are fine.keep smiling dear vino.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend pooja… yes there is twists. I hope you will like this.
      I am fine dear.I can’t bear thahaan’s seperation. when bihaan takes that tablet for forgetting thapki unknowingly I gets so worries.that’s why I says like this.then Sankara is crazy at bihaan.but why shraddha taking revenge for bihaan and tina.I felt this is illogical story.I am OK dear how are you??? thanks a lot for your lovely my darl

  9. Hello di,
    how r u?
    di episode to behut mast tha..
    mja aa gya pad k..
    precap behut acha h
    di apna dhyen rekna or ha mane tpk 14th feb 2017 telly m aap ko masged kia tha ek baar pad lena..
    di ab so jao behut raat ho gae h..
    good night
    myestry dreams..
    love u..

    or ha!
    wating 4 next..

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my dear sis kudrat… thanks a lot dear.I love you so will get the next part at 12 o ck

  10. Juveria.ghalib

    It was nice dear.I loved khushi n dhruv part

  11. Sulbi

    Awsme dear… enjoyed it…

  12. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    very nice…no comment….like it….

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