Crazy love of thahaan (part-67)

This part is starting from the next day morning thapki wakes from bed.she gets ready.she comes to bed.she looms bihaan is not there.
she thinks,where is he?she searches bihaan.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan…bihaan…

(she calls him)
suddenly bihaan comea behind of room curtains.he hugs her from back.thapki gets shocked suddenly.she gets scared.
bihaan:I love you thapki…happy Valentine’s day my wife..
thapki:(smiles and turns to bihaan)

I…I…I love you so much bihaan.
happy Valentine’s day my husband.
bihaan:OK…give my gift.I can’t wait.
thapki:gi… gi… gift! OK I will give you wait.
thapki goes from there.she opens her almari.she takes gift.she gives to bihaan.
bihaan:I know this is gift…but I need gift for you.
thapki:yeah bi… bi… bihaan.this gift is from me only I am giving to you.
bihaan:I am not saying about this.
I need….(he goes closes to thapki slowly.thapki looks at him .she smiles.she walks backward from him slowly)

thapki:bi… bihaan no… no…don’t come close to me…
bihaan:I will come to won’t stop me.(she walks backward from him.she falls on bed.)
bihaan comes to her.he falls on her.he holds her both hands tightly.he goes closes to her face.
thapki closes her eyes.he kisses on thapki neck to chin.then he kisses her forehead.thapki hugs him.they hugs to each other.she kisses his cheeks.then bihaan and thapki looks at each other.they have an eye lock(na… na… naa… music plays…..)
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan see my gift first.
bihaan:ok… my dear cute wife.
he opens that parcel.he sees watch.he looks at thapki.

thapki:bi… bi… bihaan do you like this gift?its not just watch.its me.
bihaan looks at her.
thapki:bi.. bi… bihaan its not just watch.this is indicator.when I was not there with you…it will show the place where I was there.every 1 hour you will hear my voice.see shows her bracelet and it has link with that watch.(suddenly 9 o ck Alarm is comes from watch.he was hears i… i… I love you bihaan voice by thapki.he gets happy.
bihaan:thapki…but I am always with why this watch???
fb shows pandit says to thapki,you are going to meet so many danger thinks in your are going to seperate from your are going to get lot of trouble in your care ful.thapki gets shocked fb ends.
thapki:its n…n…new model I bought for you.

bihaan:gazaab…I love this.(he smiles)
bihaan gives gift to thapki.she gets happy.she takes from his hands.bihaan asks her to opens the gift.she opens the gift.she gets surprised.she sees big frame photo.she sees her photo from 1 age to now…she gets happy.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan how you got this photos???I love it
bihaan:I collects this photo from your parents.
thapki gets happy and hugs him.
bihaan:look at this photo(he shows her 3 age photo) your eyes are so big.(he laughs and kidding her.thapki hits him from her arms. they smiles at each other and they hugs at each other.they gets happy)(ranjhanaa…. plays..
(same day evening)

vasu arranges Valentine’s day party
kushi draws flowers and she writes I love you maa… I love you papa in greeting card.she makes that greeting care by her hands.she smiles.she runs to thapki and bihaan room.she enters to room.
kushi:maa… papa… look at this…what I made for you…!
bihaan and thapki looks at her.they smiles.kushi gives greeting card to thapki and bihaan.they opens that greeting card.they sees rose flowers and I love maa and papa there.they gets happy.kushi hugs them.
kushi:I love you maa. I love you papa…
thapki and bihaan hugs kushi. they kisses her cheeks and forehead.they gets teary eyes happily.
kushi:do you like this maa?

bihaan:this is best best best gift in my life choti.I love this a lot.
thapki:beta…i… i… I love it.
kushi gets happy.they hugs kushi and smiles.

everyone’s assembles in downstairs for party.bihaan and thapki comes to downstairs. kabir and aditi comes there.aditi hugs thapki happily.they gets happy.kabir shakes his hands with bihaan.they hugs.they wishes valentines day at each other.vasu asks them to start party.

dhruv:thanks for everyone for joining this party to us. happy valentines day for everyone.
everyone’s claps.shraddha thinks I did love marriage with this dhruv.but I didn’t get any happy moments from him.he was totally waste person.he didn’t give gift to me today.she gets angry on dhruv.
dhruv office staff comes to party.her name is sakshi.she comes to dhruv.she give gift to dhruv.
sakshi:happy Valentine’s day dhruv Sir…(she hugs him.dhruv tells the. same to sakshi.he smiles and says thanks to her.shraddha looks at them.she gets angry.she thinks why she came here..?she was giving gift to dhruv!!!.she gets confused) we are going to play melody love music.all pairs are have to dance here.we will see the better dance.then we will choose winner.everyone’s agrees and claps.slow music plays…

all are startind to dance.bihaan holds thapki belly.he pulls her closely to him.thapki looks at him.
thapki sees all pairs.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan don’t close too much.look at others they are not dancing like us.
bihaan:so what…but this is my style.I will do dance like this with you.
kabir and aditi dances.shraddha holds dhruv hands.she smiles at dhruv. he turns his face from shraddha.he looks at sakshi.sakshi and dhruv looks at each other.shraddha dances slowly with dhruv.
kushi looks at their dance.
kushi:Maa….papa… you have to win in this please dance well.(bihaan and thapki hears this.
bihaan:(to thapki)did you hears this?we have to dance well my daughter is saying cooperate with me.(he looks at her romantically)aditi slips they stops kabir and aditi failed in competition. shraddha and dhruv Vs bihaan and thapki.shraddha thinks I have to win this competition.they dances.kushi feels boring.she thinks when this competition will finish.she gets idea.

she takes banana.she thinks my parent has to sorry shraddha have to lose this competition. I can do anything for my parents.kushi opens banana skin.she eats banana.she throws on near to shraddha foot.shraddha dances slowly.she keeps her foot in banana skin.she slips and falls down.shraddha failed in competition. she goes from there angrily.finally thapki and bihaan wins in competition. they gets trophy.kushi claps happily.everyone’s gets happy.
bihaan and thapki looks at each other (na… na… naa plays….)

sakshi says to dhruv,still I didn’t get marry with anyone.I love you truly dhruv.Sankara released from jail.kushi cries in room.

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  1. Juveria.ghalib

    Yup dear it was good.loved thahaan scenes.a major romance hehe.yes hope khushi could save her parents from that evil shradha n sankar

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my darl juvi… thanks a lot dear.happy Valentine’s day dear

  2. Good morning di,
    di was MAST
    thanku so much 4 this episode..
    eagrly wating 4 next..
    love u
    take care
    wish u very happy VALEN’S DAY…

    wese di!
    kese ho aap..

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my sweet sis.. thanks a lot deaf.I love you so much. happy Valentine’s day dear. tc

  3. I am thinking that if kushi helps her parents to finish that evil shraddha and sankar but with tahaan and bihu aditi and kabir will also get torture from that two evil devils very bad of it

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my dear varsha… thank you so much.happy Valentine’s day darl

  4. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    gajaaab vinolin…..continous please….

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear Friend sri… thanks a lot.happy Valentine’s day my darl.

  5. I really like it this episode…its a special episode for us…Thapkis gift is superb and Bihaans gift is also good.keep writing keep smiling.all the very best dear vino…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend pooja… thanks a lot dear.happy Valentine’s day my darl.

  6. superb episode. thahaan romance loved it. their gifts awesome. hope thahaan and kushi nothing will happen to them. waiting for next episode

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear kishore…thank you so much.
      happy Valentine’s day my dear.

  7. nice epi .in TPK there is no hope that love scence happen ?.but I am happy ?after read your ff thahaan scence is awesome? keep writing .

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear afshan…thank you so much.keep smiling dear.happy Valentine’s day.

  8. Naughty cutie kushi 🙂
    Happy epi, but I can feel dangers are coming…
    Hope everything’s gonna be just fine
    Thank you n tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear Leena… thanks a lot dear happy Valentine’s day.

  9. very nice epi…dear waiting for nxt…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear friend sadia… happy Valentine’s day darl.

  10. hey juveria….dear why are u not uploadng ur ff….thahaan a new start….plz dear do continue it….i m waiting for it …

    1. Vinolin.d

      you are right sadia darl.I am also expecting her ff daily.but I think juvi is busy.please juvi update you next part.I am eagerly waiting to read your ff. pls its my request.

  11. Nice part dear. Waiting for next part.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my dear rifa… thank you so much. happy Valentine’s day my darl

  12. Sulbi

    Awsme dear…. i loved it… i like the twist which you brought… so excited to know more dear… tc 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai sulbi darl… thanks a lot.happy Valentine’s day my

  13. hey what a coincidence.. yesterday you updated this chapter.. today cvs showed in real tpk shraddha falling over banana skin.. cvs copied it from you.. hehehe… anyways the part was so romantic… and kushi doing all these to make her parents win.. I am sure thapki will scold her again.. and what sankara is out of jail…Ohhh no… anyways I trust you.. tc and happy valentine’s day

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear Ritz… thanks a lot darl. happy Valentine’s day my dear.
      you know I missed today episode.I have to watch

  14. Manish ki deewani

    Happy Valentine’s day my dear friend vino .hw r u .wow thahaan gift is amazing . shradha fell down hahaha .cutie pie khushi love her .gobri devi is out from jail new twist r waiting 4 us .tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend reshal… happy Valentine’s day my dear.thanks a lot and yes…there is twists I hope you like

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