Crazy love of thahaan (part-66)

this part is starting from the next day morning,thapki and bihaan goes to school with kushi.they attends parents meeting.they waits in outside of headmaster room.then peon comes to them.
peon:sir….madam called you.
bihaan:OK bhaiya…
bihaan and kushi goes inside of room with kushi.

headmaster: please be seated Mr.bihaan and Mrs.bihaan.
they sits in chair.
kushi teacher comes there with lot of papers.she gives that papers to bihaan and thapki.
teacher:Mr.bihaan…do you know what is this???these are exam paper written by kushi.look at her marks.

bihaan takes papers in his hands and checks paper.he gives that to thapki)thapki looks at exam papers.she gets shocked.she sees 20 mark in maths,32 in language subject.she checks all papers.kushi gets low mark.kushi gets tension.
thapki looks at kushi angrily.kushi smiles at thapki.

teacher:Mr.bihaan your daughter is getting low mark only in all exam.she is very bad.she was beating students.she was being like goon.she is not good.
bihaan:mam…I am asking sorry instead of her to you.please give excuse this time.
thapki:ye… ye… yes madam.hereafter she won’t do like this.

teacher:madam…we gave so many chance already to your daughter.
bihaan:please mam… hereafter she won’t do any mistake.
headmaster: ok Mr.bihaan.I trust you.but If she does like this again we will give transfer certificate.

bihaan and thapki nodes at her.
they goes from there.kushi looks at bihaan.bihaan smiles.

at the same day evening (in room)thapki sits in room angrily.
bihaan comes there.
bihaan:thapki why you are not speaking with kushi?
thapki:how I will speak to her???do…do…do you remember about school incident??
bihaan:yes but.she is our daughter na…
thapki:ye…ye…yes bihaan.she is our daughter.that’s why I am in worry about her.she was not studying well.
bihaan:thapki…surely she will study well.

thapki:i…I…I am so scared about her future.
bihaan:don’t get tensed.she will become very best girl in school.
thapki:I..I…I am not satisfied bihaan.
kushi comes there..
kushi:papa… I want to eat ice cream now.
bihaan:OK choti..I will bring for you.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan don’t buy ice cream for her.
but bihaan called servant.he asks him to bring ice cream to room.
servant nodes at bihaan.after few minutes he brings ice cream to room
servant goes from there.then kushi and bihaan takes ice cream.they eats ice cream.thapki turns her face from them angrily.

bihaan:thapki…why are you not eating ice cream?takes this and eat.
thapki:I …I…I don’t want this.I don’t like .
bihaan:(to kushi)beta ..I think mom was so can I tell that magical word?
kushi:OK papa…

bihaan goes about to tell I love you to thapki.thapki looks at bihaan.
thapki:n…n…no bihaan..kushi is there(she acts to bihaan silently)
bihaan:OK beta…I will tell that magical word later to your mom.
kushi:papa… what is that magical word???please tell me…because my teacher is always scolding me angrily.if you say that magical word to me I will use to her na..
bihaan:no beta….you will not use this for are baby…I will tell that magical word later.

kushi nodes at bihaan and smiles.
kushi hugs bihaan and kisses his cheeks.bihaan hugs kushi and kisses kushi’s forehead and cheeks.kushi goes to her room.

the next day morning shraddha goes to jail.she meets Sankara.
shraddha:I am so angry on pandey you know everyone’s are happy.especially bihaan and thapki was happy with their daughter kushi.
Sankara gets angry.
Sankara:(shouts)no….I won’t leave them.I will ruined their life.
lady jail warden hears this.she comes to Sankara.she beats in Sankara face hardly.shraddha gets shocked.Sankara looks at police angrily.

warden:why are you shouting like this?are you devil?are you having plan to ruined someone life?
looks at me…you are going to release within few days.if you say Like this…then I will make this punishment for you permanently.
Sankara gets angry.
shraddha:Sankara….don’t show your angry like have to save this angry in your heart.then you will reveal angry to bihaan and thapki.
Sankara nodes at shraddha.

shraddha comes to dhruv room.
dhruv does some work in his laptop.shraddha goes near to dhruv.
dhruv: what you want??
shraddha:dhruv…I want to speak with you.
dhruv:I am busy now…I will talk to you later.
shraddha gets sad and goes from there.

vasu sits in sofa.kushi runs to vasu.she hugs vasu .vasu hugs and smiles.

kushi:daadi…. I love you…
vasu:(smiles )I love you too beta.
vasu kisses kushi cheeks.preethi comes there.
kushi:wow…preethi maa… you are looking awesome
preethi:(smiles and gets glad)thank you are also awesome.
suman:(laughs)oh…di…don’t get glad.kushi was kidding you.
kushi laughs…

preethi:she was kidding me???wait I will catch you.
preethi smiles and runs to catches kushi.shraddha walks there.kushi hits shraddha falls down.she screams.preethi and suman laughing at shraddha.
vasu:(smiles) dheko shraddha…you falls down by my kushi.. I know my kushi is so strong always..(kushi laughs at shraddha.shraddha gets angry)
suman:yes vasu maa… you are right.kushi is more stronger.she can face anyone lonely.
shraddha thinks,I will proove soon whose stronger in this house.I will ruined this pandey family house.
she goes from there angrily.preethi and suman lifts kushi.they plays with kushi happily.

bihaan thinks,tomorrow is Valentine’s day..I have to give some new surprise for thapki.what to do???then he gets an idea.
he says,yes…I got an idea…I will give this surprise tomorrow.
thapki thinks the same.she says….I have to give surprise for bihaan..I have to do something new…
she recalls about bihaan.he was taking care of her.she smiles.

vasu arranges valentine’s day party in home.thapki and bihaan gives gifts to each other.kushi makes greeting card for bihaan and thapki.she gives to them.bihaan and thapki gets happy.kushi says,I love you maa and papa…they kisses kushi.


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  1. This is super

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear vysh…

  2. Hello Vino di,
    di today episode was totally hilorious….
    haste haste mere to pat m dard ho reha h…
    she is like a goon, or
    papa tell me magical words…
    di thanku so much mera khun(blo..d) bedane k lea..
    I lv u
    i lov u
    I love u so much di…
    take care

    or ha!
    v r wating 4 next…

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      hai my dear sweet sis kudrat…thanks a lot darl.I love you so much.mmmmuuuahhhh..
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  3. nice epi eagerly waiting for next.

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  4. I loved this part dear how bihaan supports his daughter… and I am waiting for the valentines special episode…

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  5. Juveria.ghalib

    It was totally amazing dear.bihaan want his daughter to become like a goon hehe.yes it was intresting.waiting for the nxt episode dear

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      hai my dear juvi… thank you so much my friend.

  6. awesome episode. waiting for Valentine’s special episode update soon

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  7. Valentines day special episode…I know my friend will create that episode in a awesome way…waiting for that…

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  8. Amazing part

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  9. very nice…dear….keep going….

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  10. First of all …. I’m really sorry Vino di ….. Like really am sorry … I didn’t comment for 5 episodes … I had my Science exam today … Sorry again di …

    Congrats … 65 episodes … Di u set a new record … I can’t express my happiness … And now I truly hope di that u complete atleast 100 episodes …. And ….

    The GAJAB style of our Khushi ??? … Just incredible …. I❤❤ur ff so much di ….
    Bihaan’s I Love You melts Thapki … Lovely ❤ … And this episode was … ? … Khushi asking about the magical word … Oh God … Can’t describe … This episode was A phor Awesome and in Bihaan’s style …. GAJAB………….

    Di love u ??
    Take care ?
    And Plz do not end this ff …

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear cute sis… its on my dear.I know you are busy about your problem.thanks a lot for your lovely comment.I love you too my dear darl.. tc

  11. Sulbi

    Superb dear… awsme part…

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  12. Awsum wala episode….sorry dear for not doing comment daily…bt i read ur each episode…n u r really awsum writer..keep writing..

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      hai my dear bihaan-love…thank you so much.its OK darl.don’t feel sorry

  13. Manish ki deewani

    hiii vino .this part is amazing i love this .khushi ask about three magical words hahahaha .now wait 4 ur valentine day surprise .father daughter love and thier bonding is amazing .tc good night

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      hai my dear reshal… thank you so much will get soon next part.

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