Crazy love of thahaan (part-65)

This part is starting from the next day morning kabir comes to pandey nivas with aditi.thapki and bihaan looks at them.vasu and everyone’s looks at them.they gets shocked seeing together.aditi comes to thapki.she smiles and hugs thapki.

thapki:a…a…aditi… what is this??you are coming with kabir!
kabir:thapki…I will tell everything.
(kabir tells about his love with aditi in college days.thapki and bihaan gets happy.everyone’s smiles and gets happy.)
aditi:di… one more surprise is waiting for you…
thapki:(smiles )is it???wh… wh… what surprise?
kabir:thapki…do you know who am I?
thapki:yes.I…I…I are kabir.
kabir (shows his photo with thapki in childhood.he has one copy with him)thapki gets happy.she becomes speechless.she gets teary eyes.cries happily…shraddha gets angry on them.
thapki:you…you…you…are kabir??
i…I…I..didnt expect this…where did you went???you know I am searching you every you know already I am your childhood friend thapki?.
kabir:I know this before.but I can’t able to tell this truth to only I gets chance to revealed this truth.
thapki hugs kabir friendly.bihaan and aditi smiles at them.everyone’s gets happy.shraddha gets angry.
she thinks today is my birthday but I can’t able to celebrate my birthday.because of my sister Sankara is in jail.she gets angry.

at the same day evening…kabir and aditi sits in mandap.everyone’s gets happy.
bihaan and thapki gets happy.bihaan lifts his daughter in his hands.poonam and krishnakant gets happy to seeing them.shraddha gets worried.she gets angry on aditi and kabir.
kabir makes wears mangalsutra to aditi.he makes her to fills sindhoor in her hair lines.everyone’s gets happy.shraddha thinks,Sankara is in guys are so happy here.I will remove that happyneas from your life.kushi looks at shraddha.
baby smiles.shraddha looks at kushi.she gets angry.she looks at baby angrily.she thinks this kushi devil is always laughing at me.I will kill you.she turns from there.suddenly she gets hit by piller
in her head.she screams by paining.kushi smiles.dhruv looks at shraddha.he doesn’t care about shraddha.he turns from there.she gets shocked.dhruv thinks,I know you are trying to ruined my family happyness. but I won’t let anything wrong happend for my family.I took wrong decision in my life.I married you.that’s my mistake.
fb shows shraddha talks to Sankara about ruined thapki and bihaan life in room.shraddha says,that vasu oldie was supporting to thapki.we have to do something to ruined their happyness and respect.dhruv looks at them he gets angry.he goes from there.fb ends.shraddha gets angry on dhruv. she thinks today is my birthday.but you didn’t wishes me.she gets sad.

after 7 year leap…..
kushi punches her classmate karan.she beats his face.he falls on floor.
kushi: gajaab….what are you thinking about me???I am not like others. becareful.don’t cross in my way.
karan: (cries)I will tell about you to teacher..(he runs to teachers room.
he tells about kushi)teacher calls kushi.kushi comes and stands in front of teacher bravely.
teacher:why did you beats him?I. tells to you already don’t do like this
kushi: hello mam… he was crossing my way.I just looks at paper and writes exam in exam hall.he tells to you about didn’t allow me to write exam today.he done this I beats him.(teacher gets angry)
teacher:no more excuse for you hereafter…
kushi: who asks your excuse.I don’t want your excuse.
teacher:(angrily)you are so have to come with your parents tomorrow.
kushi:thank you mam…I am feeling I am going to eat lunch now.kushi smiles at teacher.she goes.she hits karan in her shoulder while her walking.he falls down and cries.kushi laughs and goes from there.

thapki folds cloths.she arranges cloths in almari.bihaan looks at thapki.he stands from sofa. he goes near to thapki.he hugs her from back.thapki smiles…
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I have to finish all work before kushi coming from school.
bihaan: will do work.
thapki:bihaan…you… you…you are hugging me like can I finish my work?
bihaan:thapki you are looking so beautiful.
thapki:why are you…kee… kee… keeping ice on me?
bihaan:no…I am not keeping ice on you.its true.OK…wait a minute..I will proove this.(thapki turns at him.he holds her lips and says,your lips are like strawberry.
he holds her cheeks…thapki smiles at him.bihaan says,your cheeks are apple.he looks at her eyes and says,your eyes are black grapes..
he stares at her.totally you are fruit island.he goes closely to thapki.thapki closes her eyes…they gets closes.(na… na… naa plays…)

they hugs each other…they goes about to kisses each other slowly.suddenly kushi comes from school.she runs in steps.
kushi:(calls loudly) maa… papa…
thapki and bihaan gets shocked.they separates hearing kushi voice.kushi enters to room.she runs to thapki and bihaan.she hugs bihaan and then thapki.they gets smiles.
thapki:be… be… beta…how is your exam today???
kushi: maa… I didn’t write exam today.(thapki gets shocked.suddenly she gets call from teacher.she says everything to thapki.thapki gets angry.teacher says to thapki,you have to come tomorrow mam.because of I have to share so much about kushi. thapki nodes and ends the call)
thapki:wh… wh… why you didn’t write exam today?
kushi:(to bihaan secretly)papa… what to tell?
bihaan:(secretly)tell to her your pen is not good.(kushi nodes at bihaan.she kisses bihaan)

kushi: thanks papa…
kushi:(to thapki)mamma… my pen is not good so I didn’t write my exam.
thapki:(gets angry)you ….you… you are lying to me…I know everything.
bihaan:thapki…even I knew that same news from teacher
she is baby.she doesn’t know leave her this time.
thapki:n… n…no I won’t give excuse for her.(thapki takes stick in her hands.she goes near to beat kushi. kushi runs from there…thapki tries
catches kushi. kushi runs around room.
kushi:papa…please save me from mom….please…..
(she runs and hides behind of bihaan)
bihaan:(holds thapki hands)thapki listen me…leave her this time..please.
thapki:n… n…no bihaan.she was becoming very bad now a days.she didn’t write exam today…
bihaan tries to consoles thapki.but she doesn’t care about bihaan.
kushi runs from room.
bihaan:(holds thapki hands tightly)
I love you….

thapki stops suddenly.kushi comes to room again.thapki looks at kushi silently.
kushi:papa… did you say that magical word to make silence to maa?
bihaan:yes beta… I told that magical word.look at your maa…she is freezing now..
kushi: gajaab…super papa…
kushi hugs bihaan.he lifts kushi and kisses her forehead.
thapki:nothing is there to say you both…
she gets sad.she sits in bed.kushi runs from bihaan.she hugs thapki.
kushi:I am sorry maa… I won’t do this mistake again.
bihaan comes there.he sits near to thapki.he pinches thapki belly silently.she screams
kushi:what happend maa?
thapki looks at bihaan.
thapki:nothing be… be… beta.
mosquito bites me.(kushi hugs thapki again)
bihaan looks at thapki romantically. bihaan blinks his eyes on thapki.they smiles at each other.(ranjhanaa plays….)

bihaan and thapki attends parents meeting.kushi and bihaan eats ice cream. thapki turns her face from them.shraddha looks at Sankara in jail.

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  1. Vinolin.d

    hai my dear friends…this is Sunday episode.I thought they will publish this tomorrow. but they published this within 15 will get the next part on Monday.I am giving big hug for my readers.thanks a lot for everyone.because of I am nothing without you are the soul for this ff.I am just updating this ff. you are all giving beauty for this ff through reading this and commenting here.I love you all guys…tc

  2. Shibil

    Amazing as usual ….choti bihaan (kushi) nice punch ….super bihaan u used those magical word to calm down thapki( nice idea all can use he..he..he.)……waiting for next part…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my darl shibil…thanks a lot dear.

  3. Nice part 7 year leap wow..

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear arooj.

  4. Navami

    Hi vino…it was good
    Epi darl…keep writting and tc dr

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear friend navami.

  5. It’s a funny and romantic thahaansi scene, love it.
    Thanks for updating daily Vino…your ff made my days…
    Thank you n tc 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend Leena… thank you so much

  6. Hello vino di,
    how r u?
    di episode was superb…
    thanku so much 4 updating that types of superb episodes..
    wating 4 next…
    di wish u fresh nd joyful morning
    love u..
    take care..

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sis kudrat…thanks a lot my sister.I love you too.. tc enjoy this Sunday.

  7. Nice part

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot rifa Darling.

  8. So super.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot adhi dear.

  9. Nice story and kushi is really same like her dad really good writing

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much my dear varsha.

  10. Sulbi

    I loved this fantastic episode…. Vino darl u are superb dear… Kushi she is so brave… same like bihaan… i enjoyed it dear… tc… 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello sulbi darl…thank you so much.

  11. your ff get more interesting ?today epi I loved it. really you are great ff writer.?this is my favourite ff becoz each epi of this ff make me smile ??thanks ?

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear afshan… keep smiling dear.

  12. Day by day its getting more charm…you just done a great job yaar…what a lovely family.hats off you dear for your imagination power.keep going.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend pooja… thank you so much my darl

  13. OMG kushi acts like bihaan. junior bihaan says ghajab that braveness wow super vino …bihaan support kushi. I am very happppppy. Thank u for nice episode.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello dear nandy… thanks a lot my darl.

  14. today I read all your parts at one go from part 57 to this part… you know how hectic my days were so I couldn’t read any… I must say I am in love with the ff.. that part when bihaan designed lehenga for thapki, khusi irritating shraddha was so very funny and cute, bihaan went missing, thapki was acting like a widow, khusi craving for her papa, bihaan and thapki bathroom scene was hot, bihaan returns, Aditi kabir marriage yeah I liked this pair, sankar good for her she deserves jail but now 7 years leap… sankar will come out of jail to take revenge.. and khusi she grew up to be a bully and she became like her father completely.. am looking forward to see the parents in thahaan… tc dear update soon

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend Ritz… I miss you so much.I am reading your ff regularly. that’s superb.but I am sorry I didn’t comment in last episode.i am sorry.because of I am busy in my work.thanks a lot my dear.

  15. wow nice episode. kushi is brave like bihaan and bihaan support kushi. I loved thahaan romance thanks for daily updates keep writing waiting for next episode

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear kishore…thank you so much dear.

  16. ohh nice episode kushi is brave like bihaan and bihaan support kushi. thahaan funny and romantic scene loved it. thanks for daily updates keep writing waiting for next part

  17. Manish ki deewani

    hiiii vino again u rock yaar .khushi is like papa .a brave girl like her brave and cute dad.the love bond with bihaan and khushi amazing .looking forward 4 next part .tc .happy hug day vino .

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello reshal… thanks a lot my dear friend.happy hug day my darl..

  18. Juveria.ghalib

    Nice dear.n I think shradha n sankar will take their revenge now.hope our thahaan will be save.khushi is very naughty like bihaan

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear juvi… thanks a lot dear.
      please update your ff. I am eagaly waiting for your ff.

  19. Thank u for daily update kushi is like bihaan and tahaan love towards kushi and bihaan next sankar will come for revenge and aditi kabir pair is also nice

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear varsha

  20. its funny an a lovely epi….khushi is juxt like her father but i hope thapki will chnge her…

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