Crazy love of thahaan (part-64)

This part is starting from police pushes Sankara into jail.
Sankara:why are you arrests me?I didn’t do you know my status and who am I?
lady inspector comes there.she looks at Sankara angrily.she opens the door.she goes to Sankara.

Sankara looks at lady police.
lady police :why are you tried to kill bihaan???
Sankara:I am saying know…I didn’t do anything.still I am loving bihaan.(kabir comes there to take her from jail.but he hears the words from Sankara.he gets shocked.Sankara looks at kabir.
she gets shocked.lady police looks at kabir.she goes to kabir)
lady police:did you heard this?Sankara still loves she was acted to you.please Mr.kabir I know you are coming here to give bail to Sankara.but we are having doubt on don’t disturb police.she is criminal.she has to get punishment.
kabir gets teary eyes.he gets angry seeing Sankara.he takes that bail letter in his hand.he tears that paper in front of Sankara.Sankara looks on.she gets shocked.
Sankara:kabir…please…listen me.I love you so are my life.
kabir:(comes to Sankara and shouts)shut up…I hate you.I don’t wants to see your face again.I thought you changed.but you never change.(kabir goes from there angrily).
lady police shakes hands with kabir.
l.police:thanks Mr.bihaan.don’t get bail for her.(kabir nodes at police.he goes from there)
lady police comes to sankara.she locks the door.she beats Sankara face hardly.she gets pain.she screams.
l.police:tell me the truth.why did you done this?
Sankara:madam..I didn’t.
lady police holds sankara’s hair tightly.she drag Sankara to wall corner.Sankara gets pain.
Sankara:OK…I will tell the truth.

I love bihaan.but he married thapki.I tried to seperate them but I couldn’t seperate them.suddenly kabir married me by cheating.I can’t forget bihaan.thapki and bihaan gets baby.I gets jealous on them.I tried so much to impress bihaan.but he didn’t care about me.fb shows she says,you didn’t love me bihaan.
I know hereafter I can’t get makes me crying a I have to kill you bihaan.because of I want to see that same love pain in your lovable wife and your choti daughter kushi.they will have to cry always for you.I am sorry bihaan.she proposes to kabir.she thinks I am going to propose to kabir.because of then only he won’t get doubt on me.she says to kabir..I love you.she does some setting in her mobile.sankara says,if I speaks to you…you will get a man voice.she smiles.she speaks to bihaan.bihaan hears man voice.
Sankara says about kidnapping.she ends the call.bihaan drives bike in mountain road.Sankara drives car behind of bihaan.she hits bihaan.Sankara gets teary eyes seeing bihaan falling down from mountain. then she smiles.police hears this.she slaps Sankara hardly.Sankara holds her face.
police:you will get punishment surely.I won’t leave you.(Sankara gets angry on police).

bihaan comes to kushi.he smiles at kushi.kushi smiles at bihaan.bihaan shows gold chain to kushi.
bihaan:(to kushi)choti… I bought chain for you .do you like this?
kushi smiles.
bihaan:I know you like your papa choice.(he makes wears chain to baby.he looks at kushi wrist band.he recalls bihaan makes baby to wears wrist band in hand.he holds kushi hands)
bihaan:kushi beta…I makes wears this wrist band to you.because of you have to grow like have to protect have to face all problems.
kushi laughs.bihaan kisses kushi hands.he lifts kushi.he kisses in kushi forehead and hugs.thapki comes there.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan what secret you are telling to kushi?
bihaan:nothing secret I am telling to her.
thapki:bi… bihaan I want tell onething.

thapki recalls the washroom incident.she thinks to tell bihaan.
thapki:(holds bihaan hands)bi…bi..
bihaan I done mistake.(she gets teary eyes)
bihaan:what???what are you saying? (he gets shocked)
thapki:yes bihaan.1 day before theif came to my room.he hides in washroom.but I didn’t looks at him.I came to washroom to taking bath.but after taking bath I saw that theif.he looks at while bathing.
she cries.bihaan laughs.
thapki looks at him shockingly.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan why are you laughing??? don’t you get angry on me?
bihaan:(laughs)I am that theif.I came here for you and kushi.
he says everything to thapki.she gets shocked.
bihaan:I am only saw you while bathing.(laughs nonstop)
thapki gets angry.she looks at him angrily.she recalls bihaan holds thapki towel and says if you try to remove cloth from my face.I will remove this towel from your body.
she gets shy.she closes her eyes.she closes her face in her hands.bihaan looks at her and smiles.
he goes closely to her.he holds thapki hands.he takes thapki hands from her face.she looks down.she gets shy.she smiles .
bihaan holds her face.thapki looks at him.
bihaan:I told you na… you will get your happyness back.
thapki:ye… ye… yes bihaan.I got you again.I got my are my life.
bihaan and thapki looks at each other they have an eye lock.
bihaan and thapki hugs to each other.thapki seperates bihaan.
bihaan kisses thapki cheek.she kisses to his forehead.they smiles at each other.

the next day morning police produces Sankara in court.judge checks all proofs.judge says,7 years punishment for Sankara.
Sankara gets shocked.she cries
she gets angry on bihaan and thapki.shraddha hears this news through her mobile.she gets shocked.

police gives uniform to Sankara.she changes that saree .they locks Sankara in jail .kabir and aditi comes to see Sankara to jail.
kabir:(shows aditi)she is my wife.
I mean I am going to marry her.I love her.hereafter we doesnt have any relationship between us.
Sankara: who are you to tell this to me.I will tell you now.I hate you.I don’t want you.(she removes her mangalsutra and throws on kabir’s face.aditi gets angry)
aditi:idiot…how dare you to do Like this with my kabir.I kill you.
kabir:relax my Darling. she is not human.she is these are usual for her.
Sankara gets angry.she looks at them angrily.

at the same day night,thapki ties black saree in low hip. she looks very hot.bihaan does something in
his mobile.she walks in front of him. heavy air comes from balcony.she puts cover for pillow.
her saree goes away from her tummy in air.bihaan looks at thapki.again he does some work in mobile.he sees her belly.he keeps his mobile in table.he goes near to her.he touches her belly.thapki gets shy.she turns her face away from him.bihaan holds her hands
he pulls her on him.she falls on him.she turns from him.bihaan hugs her from back tightly.thapki smiles.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan leave me please.
bihaan:(kisses her neck)no..I wont leave you.what you going to do now?
thapki smiles.bihaan smiles at her
she turns at bihaan.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan you are so naughty.
bihaan:gajaab…I am naughty.??you know what naughty boy will do?
he knickles at thapki hip.she laughs and runs from him.bihaan runs behind of thapki.she smiles and runs from him.bihaan catches her.they smiles at each other.
they hugs at each other (ranjhanaa plays….)

kabir tells truth to thapki.bihaan and thapki gets happy.kabir marries aditi.
(7 years leap…….kushi punches her class mate and says,gajaab….)

hai friends…I hope you will like this.because of its my storyline.but before that in real tpk they are showing bani like bihaan.I gets shocked.actually I thought this idea before that’s why I shows bihaan wears wrist band in kushi hand.but its different .I hope you will enjoy this.I know everyone’s are sad.that’s why I am updating regularly.enjoy guys….)

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  1. Nice part. Waiting for next part

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai rifa darl…thank you sooo much.

  2. Juveria.ghalib

    Nice dear.u r amazing at romantic scenes.loved it.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear juvi… thanks a lot.

  3. Finally sankara got punished…something that never happened in real tpk…just can’t understand why cvs writers keep shraddha n sankar unpunished… 🙁
    But 7 years leap, 7 years punishment,…is that mean sankara is coming back…oh no
    Really happy for the precap…
    Thahaan’s scene…romantic…
    See you next.
    Thank u n tc 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my darl Leena… thanks a lot dear.

  4. oh it was very nice….i thought sankar may b changd now but she is realy a devil….she deserves more of punishmnt… the romntc scens….precap is so exciting …

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sadia… thanks dear.

  5. How r u di?
    thanks 4 fast updating..
    har bar ki treh superb episode…
    wating 4 next
    love u
    take care
    wish u very HAPPY MORNING

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai sweet sis kudrat… thanks a lot dear.I love you so

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear adhi.

  6. oh nice part and loved thahaan romance and precap is interesting waiting for next part

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear kishore..thanks a lot.already I was updated next will get at 12 o ck.

  7. Gajab…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend pooja… thanks my dear.

  8. today ff I really enjoyed? .you are right I am very sad becoz of the separation of thahaan ?but your ff make me smile ? thank you very much that you update your ff daily for all thahaan fans thank you once again?

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear afshan… thanks a lot.I am so happy.because you gets happy when read this ff. please be happy dear.I know your feeling about real tpk.keep

  9. Shibil

    Amazing dr ….devil sankara is back to jail …thahaan scene awesome ….am happy about precap …waiting for next part….

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear shibil… thanks dear..I already updates next part.

  10. Sulbi

    Amazing darl…. loved it… u always make me happy with ur ff dear…. and in TPK Bani is so cute… and the way she says Gajab… the way she fight for her mom… everything is like Bihaan… and am sad for Bihaan… that Sankara idiot ruling Bihaan… if it was a old Bihaan he would have kicked her out of the house… how dare she… my blood is boiling over here if i think of her… ahh i hate her dear… anyway in this chapter Sankara gonna punish for 7years jail… am sooo happy darl… love u and tc darl 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my darl sulbi… thanks dear.yes ur right.I am also feeling Like you.I hate sankara and shraddha.they doesn’t have heart.that’s why thy are troubling Tina.I am expecting that lovely moment when bihaan kicked out Sankara from pandey nivas.i am getting angry to seeing her.I am feeling very bad.I hope they will unite you too

  11. Manish ki deewani

    i like it very much .superb yaar .waiting 4 next .sorry 4 late i am not at home .i am out of city .real tpk i watch it especially 4 manish so till Manish is there i watch it .i tolerate everything 4 him.
    ur story u mention before that bihu want to her daughter a girl goon .exited 4 it .don’t worry

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear reshal… don’t feel sorry pls. its OK darl. thanks a lot dear.

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