Crazy love of thahaan (part-62)

This episode is starting from at the same day night bihaan thinks about thapki and Kushi.he says, thapki I Want to see your face.I want to lift my baby .I doesn’t know when it will happend for me.
he gets worried.then he gets idea suddenly.he says,idea!!! I will go to home.I will jumped into thapki room.and hiding behind of curtains.then I will see thapki and kushi there.he gets happy.bihaan smiles.he goes out of his room.

(in pandey nivas)thapki does work in kitchen.vasu comes there.
vasu:thapki beta…why are you doing this an all.? there is suman, preethi and shraddha to do this kitchen work.
suman and preethi looks at thapki.
they smiles .shraddha gets angry.
suman:yes thapki why you came to kitchen.we are there na… we will do this kitchen work.
preethi:yeah…suman is saying can take care of our awesome kushi.we will do everything.
thapki:(slightly smiles)thanks di…

(to vasu)its o…o…OK maa. I feel boring sometimes.s…s…so I comes to kitchen for helping them.
vasu holds thapki face.she smiles at thapki.shraddha thinks oh my God this oldie and these two fools are started their emotional drama.
I hate it.shraddha looks at thapki angrily.
vasu:OK beta.. its your can do anything here.
thapki gets glad.suman and preethi gets happy about thapki.

vasu goes from there.shraddha thinks to spoil thapki.she goes to cow shed.she takes cow dung and mixed it well in water.she pours that dirty water in bucket.she takes that in her hand.she enters to house.preethi and suman goes to their room.thapki hears kushi was thapki goes to her room to consoles baby.shraddha says,wow…no one is there is kitchen. shraddha… start your work before anyone seeing you.she goes inside of kitchen.she keeps that dirty water in cupboard top.she applied oil in out side of bucket.

she says,now it will be real fun thapki.I love to spoil you.she hides wheat flour.she smiles happily.thapki comes to kitchen.shraddha looks at her.she does work.thapki comes there.thapki drinks water.
shraddha:thapki…if you don’t mine can you please take that wheat flour?(she lied to thapki).
thapki:yeah s…s…sure shraddha.i will bring wheat flour.(thapki searches wheat flour.she didn’t get it.)

thapki:sh… sh…shraddha where is wheat flour? its not there here?
shraddha:(shows dirty water to thapki)thapki…wheat flour is there in top side of cup board.

thapki looks at bucket.she thinks how to take this.its so height.she keeps table.she stands in table.thapki tries to take that bucket.she touches the bucket end.she pulls slightly towards her.suddenly the bucket slips.the dirty water pours on thapki head.
thapki gets shocked.shraddha looks at thapki.she feels happy.but she acts like shocking.thapki gets shocking about it.shraddha comes to thapki.
shraddha:oh…my god how it will happend?who kept this here?I am so sorry thapki.I thought that is wheat flour.

thapki:it…it…its OK shraddha.(thapki goes from there)
shraddha smiles seeing thapki.she gets happy.

bihaan jumps into thapki room.he sees kushi was sleeping in bed.he gets emotional.he lifts kushi in his hands.he kisses kushi.he hugs baby.suddenly bihaan hears someone is coming to room.he covers his face and head in cloth.he runs to washroom he hides there unknowingly. thapki enters into her room.she says,i…I…I have to take bath now.then only th… th…this smell will gone away from me.she takes towel in her hand.she enters into washroom.bihaan looks at thapki there.he gets shocked.he looks at her head and body.she gets wet in cow dung water.he thinks to stop thapki from taking bath.but he says,no no…if I say something to her.

then there is chances to find I have to be silent.he hides in washroom silently.thapki keeps towel there.she opens her salwar zip.bihaan gets shocked.he closes his eyes.she removes her cloths.he closes his face from his hands.then slowly he removes his hands from his hands.he looks at her again he closes his eyes.thapki does shower on.she stands in shower.she takes bathing.bihaan closes his one eye and another eye is opens.he closes his eyes again.

thapki turns and looks at bihaan.she screams.she takes that towel.she ties around her body.bihaan gets shocked.she. says,th… th…theif….theif…but bihaan rushes to her.he closes her mouth from his hands.they gets wetting in shower.bihaan looks at thapki.they looks at each other they have an eyelock(na…na.. naa plays……..)she tries to take his hands away.but she can’t.

bihaan shows knife to thapki.he switches off the shower slowly.thapki gets shocked.she gets scared.she tries to removes that cloth from his face.but bihaan holds her towel in his hand.she gets shocked.

bihaan:shut up…if you scream again I will kill you and if you tries to remove cloth from my face I will remove this towel from your keep silence.(he changes his voice slightly)thapki gets shocked.
thapki:(takes his hands away from her mouth)how… d…d..dare you to comes here???do …do do you have any sense.I am bathing here na?
(suddenly she comes to her sense she thinks oh my god…this th… the if looks at me when I am taking bathing here)she gets worries. she cries.
thapki:please ki… ki.. kill me.because of I lost my when I take bath here you looks at me.I don’t wants to live here.(she cries)
bihaan gets worries.he holds her face.

bihaan:don’t will get your happyness back.I didn’t see you when you takes bath.I closed my eyes(he tells lie to thapki about to consoles her).(he hugs thapki.thapki hugs bihaan.they hugs each other.bihaan consoles thapki.she hugs him and cries.he rubs her head slowly.(ranjhanaa plays…. )
suddenly she thinks he is not bihaan.she gets shocked.she pushes him away from her.he looks at her.

thapki:i… i… I will tell about you to police.she tries to open the door.bihaan holds her hands tightly.but she pushes him.she opens washroom door.bihaan pushes her.he runs from there.he jumps out from balcony.she gets shocked.she gets worries. thapki gets teary eyes.bihaan goes out from pandey nivas.

bihaan enters into room.he lying on his bed.he recalls about washroom incident.he laughs.but he recalls about thapki crying.he gets sad.he says, thapki…just wait for few days..I will come to you again.

police found that criminal phone number with address. bihaan gets shocked.kushi cries for bihaan.

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  1. Really nice Story
    I love ur Ff Superb
    Its much much much Better than what is going On in real Tpk
    ~~~~~~~Keep It Up

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear adaa… thank you so much dear.

  2. nice epi ?plz keep writing becoz i stop watching thapki it make me upset ?but your ff dear is very special to me it make me smile big smile,???

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear afshan…thanks a lot my dear.

  3. The bathroom room scene so funny, I’m laughing while reading it…
    Hope they’ll be together again soon..
    Thank u n tc 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear Leena… thanks a lot.

  4. Yee…a
    vino di love u
    meja aa gya
    har baar y bihaan pandey esi ulti sidi harqat karta h or bech jata h..
    bihaan s jyada to muje hasi aa rehi thi…
    di ab to bas next episode ka intzaar h
    thanku di
    aap ka ff muje behut acha legta h
    so plz don’t stop writing…
    love u di
    plz take care
    or ha!

    u r really superb..

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my sweet sis kudrat…thanks a lot dear.I love you too… tc

  5. Wow what a cool chill chill episode . u always narrate thahaan romance in a beautiful way. I read many ff but u wrote many thahaan romance scenes. Keep writing. I hope next part thahaan will unite. Shradha u nonsense.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear nandy… thanks a lot my dear.

  6. Oh my God , I never comment on your ff but I always read it but I couldn’t resist myself from this one . This was funny and why is he still feeling shy of looking at his own wife ? That was funny part , I liked it much and I laughed a lot .
    Good job ?

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear Sarah… thank you so much darl.actually he didn’t expect thapki he closes her eyes.then he opens his eyes and sees her.again he closes his eyes and looks at her because of he gets shocked seeing he does like this.

  7. pooja prabha

    Asusal gajab…waiting for next part.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai pooja… thanks my dear friend.

  8. Juveria.ghalib

    Hahha funny one..yet romantic loved it deary.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear juvi… thanks a lot dear.

  9. Really super , specially that washroom scences i relly enjoyed a lot

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear pandiselvi… i miss you.thank you so much darl

  10. nice episode. waiting for next part

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much rifa darl…

  11. Manish ki deewani

    Hello vino .sorry yaar I didn’t comment on last part .both r amazing .this bathroom scene is so funny make me laugh .tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear reshal… thanks a lot dear.don’t feel sorry my friend. tc

  12. Shibil

    super dr ..loved it …washroom scene so funny…today u made all thahaan fans to laugh heartfully …thanks dear..waiting for thahaan unite.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear shibil… thank you so much.they will unite very soon.

  13. Sulbi

    Darling fantastic…. i just loved it… and i enjoyed it… am gonna stop watching TPK… why they are giving powers to sankara… i hate her… and Thapki lied its Kabir kids… ahh… i hate it totally… but my frnds u ppl with ur ff make me cool and light… am si depressed abt TPK dear… tc 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai sulbi darl… thanks a lot are right.I am so sad about tpk.I hate shraddha has joined with Sankara.I don’t know what happend next against thapki.its very bad lie.i am writing this ff for thahaan fans to makes them happy.

  14. Di … Congrats for completion of 60 episodes … I know I should have said this 2 episodes back … But still …I’m really sorry ?
    Di Hats off to u for crossing such landmark … ???
    To be honest … Your ff can’t be described in these mere words … I know I always say this …But It’s above the level of creativity and awesomeness …

    And now about this episode …. It was hilarious ?? … I was laughing so much seeing Bihaan’s condition …. Poor Bihaan … All the scenes infact ur ff … Is lovely ❤❤ … And everytime u manage to create that suspense through ur interesting precaps …. Waiting for the next episode di ..?

    Di just like Kudrat … Even I’m in love with ur writing and ff
    So Plz di don’t stop writing … It’s a humble request from ur very big fan …. ☺ …

    Love u di ???
    Take care ??

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sis naitan… its OK dear.don’t feel well.thank you soo much darl…I will try my best in this my dear

  15. oh bihan is so cute….he still closes his eyes..i lovd it….its funny and romantic scene…..keep it up dear….dnt stop it….

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sadia…thank you so much darl

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