Crazy love of thahaan (part-60)

this part is starting from the next day morning bihaan gets call from someone.he attends the call.
bihaan:hello who is speaking?
the man:hello,Mr.bihaan..
the man:my name is unnecessary for you.I want to tell important matter to you.I was kidnapped your baby and your wife.
bihaan:(gets shocked)what???
what are you saying??
the man laughs loudly.
the man:yes. bihaan don’t worry.I need you.if you come to my location I will send your wife and baby to you.
bihaan:I won’t believe you. what wife and baby was there in my home.

the man:(laughs)is it???then call your wife now.
bihaan calls thapki.she was not there.he goes t downstairs. he searches kushi and thapki.vasu looks at him.
vasu:beta…what happend? why are you looking very tension.
bihaan:maa where is thapki and kushi?
vasu:beta…don’t worry.they are gone to temple.
bihaan gets shocked.vasu looks at him.she keeps her hands in his shoulders.
vasu:what happend beta??any problem?
bihaan:nothing Maa…he runs from there.vasu looks at him. she gets confused.bihaan gets call from kidnapper.he says the location to bihaan.he gets tensed.
bihaan:OK I will come there.but don’t do anything wrong with my wife and baby.i will give anything to you.but pls leave them.
the man:(laughs)OK mr.bihaan.
come fast.
bihaan takes bike.he drives in road.he goes very fast in mountain road.suddenly one car comes behind of his bike.bihaan drives fastly.bihaan gets hits by car.he screams.bihaan falls down from mountain with car.

thapki and kushi comes to home.vasu looks at thapki.she thinks bihaan goes to temple for thapki.but now she was only coming lonely.where is bihaan?
vasu comes to thapki.she takes kushi from thapki hands.she kisses kushi forehead.vasu smiles.
vasu:thapki beta… where is bihaan
thapki:(gets shocked)m…m…maa what are saying?
vasu:yes beta…bihaan comes to temple before one hour to see you.
thapki:wh… wh… what????
but maa bihaan doesn’t come to temple.I didn’t see him.
vasu gets shocked.thapki gets tensed.thapki calls for bihaan.but the mobile is switched off.she gets worry.later police enters to pandey nivas.every ones comes to downstairs. they gets shocked seeing police.inspector comes to them.
inspector: Mr.bihaan is….
balwander:yes sir…he is my son.
inspector:sorry Mr.balwander.I am so sorry to say this.your son met in heavy accident.
thapki gets shocked.vasu and everyone’s gets shocked.
thapki:s…s… it was happend?nothing wrong will happened for him na.??
inspector:sorry.mrs.thapki bihaan pandey.he falls down from mountain due to accident.his body didn’t we didn’t get his body.

everyone’s becomes frozen.vasu shocked and cries.thapki gets shocked.she gets teary eyes.
she becomes frozen.
police asks them to finish the formalities.they goes from there.
thapki screams and shouts loudly.
thapki:n…n . nooooooooo…..I won’t believe this.nothing will happend for him.bihaan… bihaan…(she shouts loudly and runs to her room)vasu cries.everyone’s cries.
they runs behind of thapki.kushi starts crying heavily.thapki
reaches her room.she enters to room.she closes the door.she cries heavily.she throws all things from table.she becomes crazy.vasu and everyone’s reaches thapki room.they knocks the room door.
vasu:beta…please open the door.please…nothing wrong will happend for him.beta…
suman: thapki…please open the door.please…
everyone’s tries to consoles her.
thapki takes bihaan shirt.she looks at that shirt.she cries and talks with that shirt.
thapki:(cries)bi… bi… bihaan where you went???you does promise to me na??? where you gone without your wife and baby???come to me please..i… I…I need you.I love you so much.I can’t live without you
she hugs bihaan’s shirt and cries.

thapki opens the room door.everyone’s cries.vasu hugs thapki.she cries.

poonam,krishnakant and aditi comes to pandey nivas.they cries seeing thapki.bihaan photo was placed in hall.they keeps flowers in photo.everyone’s cries.kushi cries.
thapki hugs kushi and cries.thapki wears white salwar.she didn’t wear mangalsutra.she didn’t keeps sindhoor in hairline. aditi comes to thapki.she hugs thapki and cries.poonam takes kushi from thapki.kabir and Sankara comes there.Sankara cries seeing bihaan photo.kabir cries seeing thapki situation. they comes and sits near to thapki.

thapki sits in bed.she recalls about bihaan and his funny things she cries.kushi cries a lot.thapki lifts kushi.she says to kushi, your papa is gone.he went far away from us.we are unlucky.that’s why we lost him.thapki hugs kushi and cries.thapki looks at bihaan photo.she cries.she hugs bihaan’s photo.
the next day morning,
police talks about bihaan’s accident.they says to balwander
we will find that criminal soon.actually bihaan gets call from someone before his accident.everyone’s gets shocked.
don’t worry Mr.balwander.we will find him.balwander says thanks to police.

vasu comes to thapki.she holds thapki face.
vasu:thapki beta.. you didn’t have food from yesterday.please come and have food.
thapki:m… m..maa I lost my bihaan.I lost my can I have this food?
vasu:but you have to eat food for have to be there for kushi.hereafter Kushi is your life.
thapki looks at kushi.kushi plays with toy.kushi smiles at thapki
thapki cries.she hugs vasu.vasu hugs thapki.she cries.

kabir cries in his room.Sankara looks at kabir.she gets emotional. she comes to kabir.she hugs kabir.kabir hugs Sankara.
kabir:I lost my friend bihaan.he was lovely man.
Sankara cries with kabir.they hugs each other.then kabir realized he was hugging Sankara.he seperates Sankara.he goes from there.Sankara cries seeing kabir.

thapki goes to temple.she becomes unconscious. bihaan covers His face in kerchief.he holds her in his hands.he kisses in thapki cheeks.

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  1. Congratulations for the 60th!!! You’re great Vino, and I can feel there are still many more epi to come, salute for your never ending imagination.
    This epi…first I felt suspense about the kidnapping…then turn emotional…bihaan’s death…thapki’s miserable…so sad
    But then the precap makes me happy…
    Great Vino.. Thank u n tc 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear Leena… thank you so much

  2. First my wishes fa completing 60th episode…. And I liked ua ff so….I’m a regular reader of ua… Ff… Tday’s ws very emotional… Nd nyc episode… Waiting fa nxt episode…

    1. Vinolin.d

      Hai dear Saranya…thank you so much my dear.I will update dear.

  3. Congratulations for 60 th episode. You are a fabulous writer. Continue writing. Today’s episode is very emotional.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much my darl rifa… tc my dear

  4. pooja prabha

    Congrats dear for the admirable success of 60th.I am sure it willbe go for a long episodes because you have the immense skill to was a emotionally tied episode…precap is very interesting ,pls upload soon eagerly waiting.once again congrats dear buddy.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend pooja… thank a lot dear.I will try to update soon darl.

  5. congratulation for 60th epi? today epi very emotional but precap make me confused all-over I am glad that bihan is fine plzzz precap update very soon

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear afshan… thank you so much.I will try to update soon dear.

  6. RatanaMala

    Nice chapter, very emotional one too. You are such a trooper, keep it going.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear mala…thanks a lot.please update your ff soon.I am waiting to read your story dear.

  7. Manish ki deewani

    vino dear u r superb writer .congrats 4 ur 60 part .ur imagination r mindblowing .bihu is safe nothing happen to him i am happy 4 that .tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear reshal… thank you so will get to know that in next dear.

  8. Shibil

    Congratulations for 60th epi……u turned suspense into emotional ….precap made me smile….but y bihaan is hiding his face…can’t wait update soon…..

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello shibil darl…thanks a lot dear.I will try to update soon.because of I am having important work tomorrow. tc darl.

  9. Sulbi

    Vino darl… its so emotional… thahaan seperated… y bihaan is hiding frm thapki… am so upst for thapki dear… but i love the twist which u brought in story… u r tooo good… tc dear 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sulbi…thanks a lot dear.yes there is some twists.I hope you will get happy about dear

  10. hey…dear congrats for 60 epi….many more to come….epi was so emotional….but precap is so happy for me….curious to knw abt the mystery behind the cal and bihan accident…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai sadia darl…thanks a lot my dear. you will get the next part morning.already I was update.

  11. Congas 4 6th episode
    Love u
    Take care
    Thank u

  12. Juveria.ghalib

    Amazing twist.loved it.u nailer it dear..n Precap made me curious

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