crazy love of thahaan (part-6)


this part is starting from bihaan sees thapki dupatta.her duppatta stucks in wheel.she screams.then driver stops the auto.bihaan comes near to there.he stops his bike.he goes to them.he sees thapki duppatta stuck is wheel.he cuts her duppata part from wheel.he sees her.she gets teary eyes.bihaan says to her,are you alright.she stares at him.she cries.she recalls the moments about bihaan.he keeps his hands in her shoulder.she sees him.she cries him suddenly.bihaan gets confused.he hugs her.he says yo her,don’t cry thapki….nothing will happend for you.(na na naa plays……..)they have an eye lock. he says to thapki,mostly girls dress are so dangerous for themselves. take care.drives asks to come her.bihaan says to him,sir…no thanks you can go.he sees thapki.he says to her,thapki come with me.I will drop you.thapki says to him,n… n… no done so many thinks for me.thanks for everything. driver sees them.thapki says to driver, bhai wait I will come.bihaan says to driver, hello sir,are you going or I make you to go hospital.driver gets scared.he goes from there.thapki asks him to stop.but he goes.she says to bihaan, wh…wh…why are you doing like this bihaan.he says to her ,hello… ms. thapki you saved I am doing this for you.come and sit in my bike.she looks at him.she sits in his bike. bihaan starts his bike.he goes in high speed.thapki gets scared. she closes her eyes.she puts speed breaker. thapki hugs him tightly.(ranjhanaa plays…)bihaan sees her in mirror.he stares at her in mirror.that time big truck has comes on opposite side.thapki opens her eyes.she screams.then bihaan looks at road.he gets shocked.he turns his bike from truck.she gets shocked.she hugs him tightly again.he stops his bike on road.he realizes still she hugs him from back in bike.he says to her,thapki…. thapki…what happend.she opens her eyes.she sees him.she gets shocked about hugs him.she takes her hands from him.she was getting down from bike.she sclods bihaan.she says to him,do…. do… do you anything in your mind.why are you driving like this.your future wife is so pity.if she will come with you surely I am saying you will kill her by bike.bihaan says to her,hello madam don’t talk too much.I know how to save my don’t need to get worry about this.thapki says to him,I thought you are good .but proved you are bad.bihaan says to her,who said I am good.I am good.I will done 3 murders.and 5 rapes.I thought to finish you like this. but I left you.thapki gets shocked.she gets more scares about him.her hands are gets shivering.bihaan notices her.he feels smiles.but he didn’t smile at her.thapki thinks I have to ask excuses to him,because i …i… I scolds him.if anything he tries to do with me….no… no… I can’t let this happend.he realizes her mind voice.

thapki says to him,Mr… bi… bi… bihaan ji I am so sorry.I did mistake so please.bihaan stops her.he says to her,no…I won’t excuse I am challenging with you. surely I will kidnap within 2 days and I will finish everything with you.thapki gets shocked.bihaan turns from there.he smiles at her about his lies.she sees road.bihaan asks her to come with him.thapki says to him, no…bi… bihaan ji my house is next I will go on myself.bihaan comes closes to her. he says to her,mind it ms.thapki I will get you within 2 days.this challenge can’t change.bihaan starts his bike.he gives flying kiss for her.he says bye to her.he goes. thapki thinks about his challenge.she gets shocked.she walks on road very slowly.

bihaan reaches his home.he enters his house.dhruv sees him.he asks to him,bihaan how is work everything fine?bihaan says to him,yes bhai… fine.I didnt do any work.your PA does everything.OK how is dating with your Girl friend.he says to bihaan,yes good.she makes me spend 10 lakhs today for her.bihaan says to him,what 10 lakhs today?why.? dhruv says to him,yes shraddha loves jewells.she asks to I bought for her.bihaan says to him, its too much dhruv bhai. sorry if anything I said wrong to you.but I don’t like these kind of girls.they likes only for money. they are not loving our heart.dhruv says to him, don’t talk about her.I will do anything for my shraddha.dhruv goes from there angrily.bihaan calls him.but he didn’t listen bihaan.bihaan gets upset.he goes to room.he stands in front of mirror.he feels something irritate in his shoulder .he sees his jacket. bihaan sees thapki chain.fb shows thapki chain stucks in bihaan jacket while hugging tightly.fb ends.he takes her chain.he smiles.he thinks about her.he recalls all the moments with thapki.he says to himself,I don’t know why I like this chuk chuk gaadi.what happend to me.I likes to play with you thapki.

thapki gets scared about bihaan challenge.she imagines(bihaan kidnaps her.she tries to go from them.but he pulls her on him,bihaan removes her dupatta.he goes near to her.thapki closes her from both hands.she says to him,do… don’t come to me.go away from me.bihaan bites his lips.he goes closes to her.she tries to stops him from her hands.but he holds her hands tightly.he tries to kiss her lips.thapki pushes him.he falls down.she trying to run from him. but suddenly bihaan holds her salwar back.salwar back cloth is comes in bihaan hand.he laughs at her.he comes to near to her.he forces her.he removing her dress.she screams.she says,save me…please save me…thapki screams.aditi comes to her.she touches her.she says to thapki,di… what happend…then thapki comes out from her imagination. she realizes its not true.aditi asks to her,di… why are you screaming like like.are you alright.thapki says to her,nothing aditi.I saw movie. I…i… sees this dialogue in that I tries to says like this.aditi smiles at her.she says to thapki,di… time is now 12 o please sleep.good night di. thapki nodes at her.she sleeps.the next day morning thapki searching her chain.she cries.krishnakant sees her.he asks to her,thapki why are you crying.she says to him,papa… I lo… lo…lost chain gifted by you .I lost your love.he says to her,don’t worry beta.don’t say like this.may be that chain becomes its missing somewhere.he asks her to smiles.she hugs him.she smiles

bihaan thinks to give chain to thapki. he goes to near to her house.he was waiting for thapki. thapki comes from house.she walks on road.bihaan sees her.thapki sees him.she gets shocked.she thinks oh my god…i… forgot this.please god save me from him.if I goes in this route surely he will kidnap to escape from him.she stops her walking.she thinks.bihaan sees her he says why this girl is standing like this.thapki walks backward.bihaan didn’t see her..she sees her friend house there.she goes inside there.she says to her friend fareeda,I want your pardha for some reason.she gives to her.thapki covers her fully and covers her face.she comes from house.she walks on road.bihaan waits for thapki.thapki goes in road.she crosses him.she escaped from him.bihaan says to himself,where that Chuk chuk gaadi goes…he waits for 1 hr for her.then he thinks to give on evening.
thapki comes from office on evening.she walks on road.she sees bihaan again.he waiting for thapki.she gets tensed.he parks his bike.he sees somewhere.she sees taxi is coming on road.she suddenly stops taxi.she goes into taxi before bihaan seeing her.again bihaan gets tensed.he goes to home again.

thapki gets happy.she thinks today I am escaped from him.1 day is finished now.I have to manage tomorrow also.please help me god.she prays to God.

bihaan gets tensed.he says where she is went.??I was waiting for her morning and evening.but she didnt there.I has to give tomorrow.
next day morning as usual thapki walks on road.she sees road.she gets happy.because of bihaan is not there.she continues her walks. suddenly bihaan comes in front of her.she gets shocked.he comes closes to her.she gets teary eyes.he holds her hand for giving her chain back.but she thought he was trying to kidnap.she screams suddenly.she seperates his hands from her.she runs from him.bihaan called her name.

thapki gets cold fever.bihaan covers her from his jacket.

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