Crazy love of thahaan (part-57)

This episode is starting from on next day morning thapki wakes up from her bed.she looking for bihaan.she searches him.but he was not there.she goes to washroom.she comes back after few minutes. bihaan enters to room.thapki thinks today is my birthday.I am expecting bihaan’s wishes.she smiles.bihaan didn’t say anything.thapki tries to talk with him.she goes near to him.
thapki:bi…bi… bihaan do you know about today?
bihaan:why you are asking like this???what today?
thapki:bihaan today is special day.
don’t you know this?
bihaan:oh…I found is maa does special puja.
thapki gets sad.she goes from there.bihaan looks at thapki.

thapki comes to downstairs. she thinks I hope maa will wish for me.
she comes to vasu.she smiles at vasu.
vasu:come beta…do you had breakfast??
thapki:n…n…no maa.
vasu:food is important for go and have food.thapki…where is kushi?
thapki:Ku…Ku…kushi was sleeping in room maa.
vasu:OK beta
thapki gets sad.she thinks no one is wishing for me.even bihaan forgot my birthday.she goes from there.
at the same day evening bihaan comes to thapki.he smiles at her.thapki turns her face from him.she gets sad.again bihaan comes in front of her.
thapki:wh…wh… what??
bihaan shows parcel to thapki.she looks at parcel.
thapki:what is this bi… bi… bihaan?
bihaan:its for you this parcel.
he gives parcel to thapk.she opens that parcel.she gets surprised.thapki seen beautiful lehenga in parcel.she takes out that dress.
(about that lehenga-yellow and golden color lehenga.
blouse-blouse back was made up of golden color net cloth without lining cloth.front side of blouse was yellow color cloth.there is golden color stone works around neck and hands.hands has golden color border.yellow color stone works are there in golden border.
skirt-yellow color skirt and fully works with golden color stones and beads.skirt belly side there is golden color chains.golden color thick border. in border yellow color beads and stones.
duppatta-golden color net cloth.yellow color heavy stone works with golden border.yellow stone works in golden thick border.
she gets happy.

bihaan:wish you a many more happy returns of the day thapki.he gives flowers to thapki.she gets surprised.
thapki:th… th…thanks bihaan.I love it.Its beautiful know I doesnt see this kind of lehenga I. my life.its awesome.
bihaan smiles.thapki looks Jewell’s in parcel.she gets happy.she sees paper in parcel.she thinks what is this? she takes that paper.she looks at paper.she sees lehenga design in paper.she also seen the name by bihaan.she gets shocked.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan what is this?it means you designed this lehenga??
bihaan:yes thapki
thapki:how did you done this beautiful dress?
bihaan:because of your beautiful face comes in front of my I made this lehenga for you.(he smiles at her)
fb shows bihaan thinks to do something special for thapki birthday.he gets idea.he thinks to do lehenga for thapki.he takes paper.he does design.thapki comes there.he thinks its I won’t show this to you now thapki.he hides from that paper from her.he tears paper.he throws paper in dustbin.later he takes paper.he draws again the same.he calls for tailoring man.he explains about lehengs designs and colors to him.he nodes at bihaan.bihaan gives that paper to him.he goes from there.fb ends.
bihaan says everything to thapki.she gets emotional and happy.she gets teary eyes she hugs bihaan tightly.he hugs her.they smiles.thapki kisses in his forehead.they looks at each other they have an eye lock.(na… na… naa plays…..)

vasu comes there.she sees them.she smiles .she coughs.suddenly bihaan and thapki becomes seperate.
vasu:thapki beta…we are all knew your birthday is today.we are all waiting for you in get ready and come fast beta.thapki nodes at her.vasu goes from there.

thapki wears yellow lehenga.she puts not in blouse dori.she arranges pallu in and keeps in her shoulder on narrow.she pins it.she wears Jewell’s,she wears maang tika,necklace and ear rings.this Jewell’s has yellow color stones.
she keeps kajal in her eyes.she keep red color lipstick. bihaan comes to room.he sees thapk.he becomes speechless about her beauty.he stares at her.thapki looks at him.she smiles at him.
thapki:bi… bi.. bihaan how is this?
bihaan:you are very beautiful thapki.
thapki:bihaan you…you are saying I am beautiful but this beauty comes from your creativity made this lehenga for me. so I am looking all credits for you only.
bihaan smiles at her.he kisses her cheeks.thapki gets happy.bihaan takes kushi.he holds thapki hands.they goes to downstairs.
everyone’s looks at them they gets happy.shraddha gets angry seeing thapki.she turns her face.vasu smiles at thapki.vasu hugs thapki.
vasu:happy birthday my beta.
thapki:th… th…thanks Maa.
preethi:wow… thapki you are looming awesome today.(she wishes for thapki)
suman and everyone’s wishes for thapki.shraddha wishes to thapki angrily.thapki cuts cake.she makes to feed for bihaan.she takes cake cream in her finger.she feeds for baby.bihaan feeds cake to thapki.vasu feeds cake to thapki.thapki feeds cake to suman and preethi.they gets happy.shraddha stomach burns seeing them.
bihaan:OK… there is another surprise in garden.
thapki:wh… wh…what surprise?
bihaan:hello madam dont ask any question.come with me.
bihaan goes to garden.everyone’s follows him.he claps and suddenly rockets are bursts in sky.thapki gets happy.she looks at bihaan.she smiles.bihaan smiles at thapki.1000wala bursts in garden.kushi gets scared about this bursting sound.she cries heavily. bihaan looks at kushi.he hugs her.bihaan asks them to stop bursting this.bihaan goes unto house.everyone’s goes into house.shraddha thinks I am also does love marriage.but dhruv is not doing like this for me.she gets angry on dhruv in mind.

Sankara tries to impress kabir.he does work in laptop.Sankara takes her saree away from her tummy.she pulls down her saree.she makes her saree in low hip.she enters to room.she walks so glamorous. kabir doesnt notices her.he continues his work.later he shuts his laptop.he goes about to lying on bed.suddenly Sankara falls on him intentually.he touches her belly unknowingly.
they looks at each other.then kabir takes her away from him.he goes out from room angrily.Sankara smiles.

thapki and bihaan lying on bed.bihaan rubs thapki hair slowly.they looks at each other .
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I need you always with me. you won’t leave me na???
bihaan:why are you asking like this?I will be there with you and with our daughter always.
thapki smiles at him.she hugs him.they hugs together tightly.they sleeps.

kabir scolds Sankara.bihaan fills sindhoor on thapki forehead.

hai my dear friends…I am so sorry.I was busy so late update.
I can’t able to update for 2 days but I will try to update soon .thanks for my all readers.I love you guys.
unexpecting mega twist is there in upcoming episode.I hope you like it.

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  1. Nice part

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot dear rifa

  2. Nice epi….birthday surprise is awesome…
    It’s ok Vino dear, take your time.
    Eagerly waiting for mega twist.
    Thank you n tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks dear Leena.

  3. Awesome wala episode. Waiting eagerly for next episode.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear sanya… thanks a lot

  4. Sulbi

    Lovely episode darl… am so sry for nt commenting previous episodes… was little busy dear thats why couldnt able to comment… but i read all the episodes… it was tooo good… tc dear 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      its OK dear sulbi.. thanks a lot dear.

  5. pooja prabha

    Gajab wala part yaar…its a very greatful birthday party,nice to read….waiting for next part…take care vino…keep smiling,happy weekend.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend pooja… thank you so much

  6. Vinolin.d

    oh my god…I am so shocked.I got very few comments only.I am so worried.I didn’t expect this.comments was decreasing day by day.friends pls if you feel bored about my ff old tell me

    1. I think they’re just too busy… don’t worry dear…

      1. Vinolin.d

        ok my dear leena

  7. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    very nice…tks vinolin…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello dear sri…. thanks for your lovely comment

  8. Di Plz don’t say like this …. You’re ff is damn awesome …
    I loved the episode ?
    Bihaan designed lehenga for Thapki … The dress ?? … And the way Thahaan romance comes in each and every episode … Thahaan hugs & ? romance …
    I just love it di ❤❤❤
    Plz never think that it is boring
    Love u di ?
    Take care ?

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello cuts sis…thanks a lot my you so

  9. Shibil

    Awesome …. thapki birthday is so nice ….. beautiful lehenga designed in awesome way ….loved it ….poor sankara ….waiting for next epi …

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