Crazy love of thahaan (part-56)

This part is starting from thapki gets scared.she sees someone walks in white saree.suddenly she starts screaming.she runs to bihaan.he sleeps.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan…bihaan I saw ghost in house…wakeup bihaan.(she tries to wake him up)
bihaan:(opens his eyes)what???
thapki:yes bihaan…come with me..i… I…I will show you.
she holds his hands.they goes near to window. they sees in out side from window.bihaan gets shocked
thapki holds him hands tightly.she gets scared.they sees someone walks around pandey nivas.
bihaan:thapki…wait I will go there.
thapki:n…n…no bihaan…don’t go there..bihaan runs from room.thapki goes behind of him.
thapki:(loudly)bi… bi…bihaan..don’t go please..
everyone’s heard their sound.they comes out from their room.suman
vasu,bauji,preethi and everyone’s comes from their room.
bihaan goes out of house.
vasu:(stops thapki)beta…what happend?? any problem??
thapki:m…m…maa I saw ghost in garden.bihaan goes to ghost.
vasu:ghost???(everyone’s shocked
they rushes to garden.

bihaan looks at that white saree person.he runs and holds her hand.she turns at him.he gets shocked.its really shraddha.
shraddha:how dare you to holding my hand!non sense.
bihaan:(gets angry)what are you doing here?
shraddha:its my wish.I am bahu of this house.who are you to asking this question to me?
everyone’s comes there.they looks at shraddha.they shocked.
dhruv:shraddha what are you doing here in this time?
shraddha didn’t say anything.
vasu:your husband asking to you na… tell that reason to him.why did you came here?
shraddha:oh my god…I didn’t do mistake.then why all are asking question to me…
vasu gets angry.she comes to shraddha.she slaps her hardly.
everyone’s gets shocked.shraddha gets angry.preethi and suman laughs at her.Fb shows preethi goes to shraddha.she says to shraddha,if you want respect in this home there is nice idea for that
pandit Ji says you have to walk in midnight for two days.shraddha believes preethi.she smiles at them shraddha things I am queen for this house.preethi goes to suman.they laughs.suman says to preethi,vasu maa slaps us yesterday.she is the reason for that see it will be real fun.
they smiles at each other.fb ends.
shraddha holds her face.she gets angry on vasu.everyone’s goes from there.dhruv looks at shraddha angrily.shraddha thinks to consoles dhruv.she holds dhruv hands.dhruv takes her hands from him.
dhruv:I don’t want to know that reason.your wish…you will roam anywhere.I don’t have wrights on you.he goes from there.shraddha gets sad.

thapki and bihaan comes to their room.thapki still didn’t comes out from scared.bihaan looks at her.
he realized she was in scared. she sits in bed.he goes near to her.
he touches her shoulder.suddenly she screams in fear.
bihaan:thapki….don’t get fear.I am bihaan.(he holds her face)that is not ghost.shraddha bhabhi done this madly.don’t worry.
thapki:(holds his hands)bi…bi..
bihaan don’t go anywhere.
bihaan:don’t worry.I won’t go anywhere.I am always with you.
thapki hugs him.bihaan hugs her too.bihaan smiles.(na… na.. naa plays…)
thapki gets seperated from him.then they lying on bed.they gets sleeps.

the next day morning kabir does workout.he wears black color sleeveless dress.he looks so hot.Sankara looks at him.she admires kabir.she thinks wow…kabir is very handsome.she recalls about kabir in party.his character also beautiful.but what to do I lost bihaan in my life.but god gave me kabir.I wont lost him.I have to impress kabir .hereafter this is only my work.she smiles.

shraddha comes to downstairs. kushi was plays with vasu.vasu smiles.shraddha comes there.kushi looks at shraddha.
shraddha looks at kushi angrily.
kushi laughs at her.shraddha thinks I know what to do for you kushi.she walks forward to kushi.
suddenly shraddha foot hits on sofa.she screams in pain.kushi smiles loudly at shraddha.she gets angry.she holds her leg.she walks slowly to her room.

bihaan gets call form someone.he goes somewhere.someone waits for bihaan.he goes to that man.bihaan gives that paper to him.fb shows bihaan draws in another paper and keeps in his picket.bihaan tells something to him.he nodes at bihaan.bihaan smiles at him.they shakes their hands.

bihaan enters to his room.thapki arranges dresses in almari.he looks at her.he sits in sofa.he reads news paper.thapki blouse hook comes out in blouse hook only is there now.thapki doesn’t know about it.bihaan finishes reading newspaper.he keeps it in table.he looks at thapki.he sees her blouse hooks are comes out and remains only one hook is there.he gets shocked.
he sees that one hook also goes to comes out. final hook goes to remove in her blouse.suddenly he runs to her.finally that last hook gets damaged and comes out.thapki realized it.her blouse is so the hook threads are gets damage.she covers her in hands.she gets shocked.suddenly bihaan removes his jacket.he covers thapki in his jacket.thapki looks at him shockingly.bihaan looks at thapki.
they looks at each other.(…naa…plays….)thapki gets teary eyes.he holds her.she turns at bihaan.he makes her to sits in bed.she feels uncomfortable
she bends down her face.bihaan looks at her face.he realizes her feeling.he brings water to her.he gives to her.
bihaan:drink this water thapki.
she takes water from his hand.she drinks water.
bihaan:(keeps His hands in his shoulder)thapki…don’t get panic.
I am your husband.don’t feel uncomfortable. I know your relax.I am always with you.
thapki looks at bihaan.he goes from that room.she thinks bihaan words.then she goes to her almari.she takes another blouse.she goes to room.

thapki lifts kushi.she kisses kushi.
thapki:(to baby)Ku… Ku…kushi beta I am so lucky to get are happyness in my life.
she hugs baby.bihaan comes there
he looks at them.
bihaan comes to thapki.he takes kushi from her hands.he kisses in baby face.thapki smiles seeing them.
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan we are so lucky to get kushi.
bihaan:yes thapki…kushi is giving so much of happyness for our life.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan we have to save so many things for our daughter.
bihaan:yeah sure.I will bring anything for my daughter.thapki…
you and kushi is my life.I hope god will give happyness for our life.
thapki:yes bi….bi…bihaan.
bihaan holds thapki and baby.they smiles at kushi.kushi smiles at them.bihaan keeps his finger in kushi mouth.kushi bites bihaan’s finger.bihaan smiles.thapki and bihaan gets happy.they smiles at each other.

bihaan comes to his room.he sees kushi was crying.he searches thapki.
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan I am in washroom.
bihaan:kushi was crying thapki.did you feed for her?
thapki:yes bihaan.
bihaan thinks then why she was crying.??he lifts baby.he tries to consoles her.but she didn’t stop crying.bihaan removes baby dress.
he changes that baby pants.
bihaan lifts baby.he shakes baby slightly.he says to baby,choti…don’t cry..your papa is there na… don’t cry my princess.
kushi stops crying.bihaan hugs baby happily.

thapki gets surprised.bihaan gives flowers to her.kushi gets scared.she cries seeing 1000 wala bursting.

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  1. Poor shraddha, being foolish by bhabis.
    Bihaan such a good husband and father ♡
    Kabir and shankar…let see
    Waiting for the next.
    Thank you n tc 🙂

  2. Nice dear.I really enjoying it.waiting for next part

  3. pooja prabha

    Lovely part and also funny…

  4. so nice to read it….love u dear….keep going….

  5. Shibil

    Awesome … thahaan love increases day by day ….complete family ….poor sharadha…..waiting for next part

  6. Juveria.ghalib

    It was very nice dear..u always nail in romantic scenes..u were amazing..shradha’s part was very funny..

  7. Plz add more kabir n Shankar scenes, thahaan always rocks

  8. RatanaMala

    Im loving Kushi, she is such a doll and smart baby. She’s a cupid for the parents but does pranks on Sharddha. Thahaan scenes are very cute.

  9. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    its funny…sankar and kabir….continous….. i like it….

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