Crazy love of thahaan (part-55)

This part is starting from on next day morning vasu and balwander plays with kushi.they gets happy.they smiles at kushi.
shraddha looks at them from far.
she gets angry.she says,I have to do something for this kushi.
she comes to vasu.shraddha smiles.
shraddha:mummyji I will take care of kushi.she is like my daughter na…
vasu:(doubtfully) its OK shraddha.

I will take care of her.
shraddha:please mummyji…please look at kushi.she was very cute.I want to lift her please.
vasu gives baby to shraddha.she smiles and takes baby from vasu.
shraddha:thanks you mummyji…
preethi and suman comes there.

shraddha looks at them.she smiles.but preethi and suman turns her face from her.shraddha gets shocked.shraddha tells slowly to kushi, beti…just wait and watch what I am going to do for your maa thapki.kushi smiles at shraddha.she keeps her hands in shraddha drags shraddha’s hair tightly.shraddha feels pain.she screams.her hair pins are comes out and her hair styles are gone.everyone’s looks at shraddha and kushi.they laughs.
vasu:hurray…kushi beta why are you pulling shraddha hair.

preethi:maa…I think shraddha does anything wrong.
suman smiles.shraddha gets angry.she looks at kushi.shraddha thinks,before thapki was insults her daughter is insulting me.she thinks to pinch kushi.
suddenly kushi pulls shraddha saree pallu hardly.her saree pin comes out. she gets shocked.she gets frozen.her saree pallu goes about to falls down.shraddha gives baby to preethi.

shraddha:di… I am having work.I will take her later(she smiles and holds her saree.she goes from there fastly)
vasu:what happend to this shraddha.she was running too fast for her room.
preethi and suman smiles at vasu.they take kushi to them.

bihaan draws something in paper.
he smiles.he sees thapki was coming to room.suddenly he hides

that paper.thapki comes to bihaan
thapki:bi…bi… bihaan what are you doing??
bihaan:I didn’t do anything.I am just sitting simply.
thapki:n… n…no.I saw done something in paper.when I was comes suddenly you hides that paper from me.
bihaan:paper???which paper?

thapki:n… n…nice acting.but I know about can’t fool me.I know how to get that… bi.. bihaan show your hand.(she walks forward to him)
bihaan:(walks backward from her)
I don’t have anything thapki.please believe me.don’t come near to me.
thapki:oh… o… OK then I have to come near to you.
bihaan:no thapki…don’t come closer.
she goes closes to him.bihaan hides that paper in his left hand.

thapki holds his right hand.
thapki:bihaan s… s…show your hand.I know you are having that paper.
bihaan tears that paper in left hand.he throws in dustbin behind of him.thapki sees nothing was there in his right hand.she holds his left hand.she didn’t see anything. she gets sad.she leaves his hands.she goes from him.suddenly bihaan holds her hands.she gets shocked.she turns at him.she looks at bihaan.
bihaan:where are you going??I won’t leave you.
thapki keeps her hands in bihaan’s chest.she pushes and hits him slightly.
thapki:(looks at him romantically) wh…wh… what you going to do???
hello sir…I am b for bihaan pandey wife.I am also goon like him.
she pushes him slightly.bihaan goes backward.he smiles

bihaan:I won’t tell to you what I am going to do with you now.
suddenly he holds her hands tightly.thapki looks at bihaan.they looks at each other.they have an eye lock(na…. na…. naa plays…..)
he pulls her on him.he keeps his hands around her belly.he hugs her tightly.thapki looks at him.he goes closely to thapki face.he kisses her forehead.he kisses her chin.then he holds her lips.he brings her lips closely to him.they looks at each other.he kisses her lips.thapki closes her eyes.(ranjhanaa plays……)
they looks at each other.then thapki seperats bihaan.she smiles at him.bihaan smiles at thapki.bihaan turns from thapki.he gets shy.even thapki turns from bihaan about shy.they smiles.(ranjhanaa plays……)

kushi cries a lot.bihaan lifts kushi in his hands.he tries to consoles kushi.
bihaan:(to baby)choti…don’t cry are my pet daughter na… what you want dear… I will buy for you anything in this world… don’t cry….don’t cry beta.
suddenly kushi vomits milk on bihaan.she cries.bihaan gets shocked.he gets scared.he was looking for thapki.but he realized she was busy in kitchen.he takes kushi in his hands.he runs to vasu.
vasu looks at bihaan.

bihaan:(very tensed)maa… look at kushi.she was taking vomit.I am getting scared maa.(he takes his kerchief and cleans milk in kushi’s face)
vasu:(takes kushi from bihaan’s hands)bihaan beta don’t worry.I will check her.(vasu checks kushi)
kushi cries)
vasu:beta…its usual things for babies.I think kushi lying in bed in wrong direction. so milk doesn’t digest for her.bihaan beta don’t worry she is alright.
bihaan:but maa…
vasu:(suddenly) beta dont get worry.she is fine.
bihaan gets happy.he gets teary eyes happily.he hugs kushi and smiles. Kushi stops crying.she smiles at bihaan.

(in kitchen) preethi and suman gets tired about work.
preethi:suman I am so tired.vasu maa giving lot of work for us.we have to grind this chilly.
suman:yes…I can’t able to do work.
suddenly thapki comes to them.she smiles at them.preethi and suman looks on.
thapki:di I will grind this chilly.
suman:its OK thapki.we will do this work.

thapki:di… I will do this.its OK
she takes that chilly.she grinds in hand.suman and preethi looks at her.
preethi:(to suman) we are tries to ruined thapki life.but she was helping for us.really thapki was nice girl.we done mistake.hereafter we haven’t to ask shraddha’s speech.suman nodes at preethi

thapki and bihaan sleeps in bed.heavy air comes and thapki hears window beating sound.she opens her eyes.she wakes up from bed.she thinks to close the window door.she goes to window.she goes about to close the door.suddenly she sees someone walking there in white saree.she gets scared. she gets shocked.she widens her eyes.
she looks at there shockingly.

suman and preethi laughs.Sankara thinks to impress kabir.kushi laughs at shraddha.bihaan gives paper to one man.he nodes at bihaan.

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  1. pooja prabha

    I feel there is something special thing is going to happen in Thahaans life.I couldn’t get any clear idea.but hopefully awaiting….tc dear

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear pooja… thanks a lot dear.yes is there something special.
      you will know this with in few episode.

  2. Good going kushi goon girl…you know aunty shraddha is naughty …
    I think it’s shraddha scarying thapki in white saree…
    Something is suspicious with the paper… curious to know…
    Thank you and tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear friend Leena.

  3. Nice episode n thahaan n khushi story is always cute . Upload soon dear

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear arooj…I miss you and thanks a lot my dear.

  4. Nice are an excellent writer.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear rifa… thanks a lot.

  5. Di … The episode was mind blowing ?
    Khushi pulling Shraddha’s hair ?? … OMG … I loved it … ❤
    What is that paper … I’m really very curious to know what’s in that paper .. ? …
    And Shraddha would be scaring Thapki … But the best part is di when ever u show Thapki is scared there is for sure a romantic scene coming up … ??
    I can’t wait di … ❤❤
    Love u di ??
    Take care di ??

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear cute sis naitan… thanks a lot.I love you too dear.

  6. Juveria.ghalib

    It was amazing dear..I think shradha will do some or the other thing wrong with our bihaan n thapki using khushi..but yes what was the bigg secret of bihaan in the paper.he hide it from thapki too..never mind we will get to know soon..ur doing great n Congo for 55

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear juvi…thanks a lot.yes you will get to know with in few episodes.
      thank you dear.I am writing this ff for all thahaan fans and thanks for everyone for supporting me.

  7. oh….your ff getting more intresting day by day….keep going….i think shrdha is planing to scare thapki…the paper may b had some secret in it….waiting for next…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sadia… I miss you.
      thanks a lot dear.

  8. Sri Wahyuni Hatta


    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear sri… thank a lot darl.surely I will continue my ff. I will try my best dear.

  9. nice episode di,
    thanx 4 updating
    thanku so much 4 ur lovely reply … In previous part
    when u said na my sister that time i felt very happy. bcse i don’t have any elder sister
    so love u di
    eagrly wating 4 next….
    try 2 post soon
    plz take care ….

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sweet sis kudrat…thanks a lot.I miss you so well darl.thanks you so much for love.u love you so much.

  10. Manish ki deewani

    hi vino sorry 4 late …hahaha khushi is so naughty and cute .curious to know about paper.yaar jin bhoot yaha b aha gay just kidding its remember me when shradha scared kosi and naman .tc

  11. Vinolin.d

    hai dear reshal… its OK dear.don’t feel sorry.thanks a lot.

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