Crazy love of thahaan (part-5)


this part is starting from bihaan recalls about thapki.he thinks to propose her.he goes to office. he sees her there.he knees down in front of her.he gives flowers to her.he says to her,thapki I love you,I want to marry you.will you accept me?.suddenly bihaan wakesup from his bed.he says,oh God why I got this won’t fall in love with her.thapki don’t come in my dream.he recalls.. fb shows bihaan drops her in home.thapki scolds him.she says to him,I hate are such a cheap person.I saved you life.but you kidnapped me.bihaan says to her,OK thapki madam.stop your fighting.go to your home.thapki looks at him angrily.fb ends.she hates this dream will becomes real.then he continues sleeping.

next day morning bihaan wakesup and thinks about yesterday night. he recalls about kidnapping,knife and hugs to gether.then he realize his mistake .he says bihaan why you done this.she saves you.but you acts her like goon.I says sorry to her yesterday. but its not have to do something big for her.he goes from room

in thapki house she comes from her room.aditi,poonam and krishnakant wishes her for birthday.thapki takes blessing from her parents.then thapki says,OK papa I am going to office bye.krinshnakant says beta take leave today.we will go somewhere to enjoy.thapki says to him,papa I just joined to office few days before I can’t take leave.krishnakant nodes at her.thapki smiles at them.she goes from there.she walks in road.she turns in road.she gets shocked.she sees bihaan.she gets scared.

bihaan smiles at her.she gets tensed.he comes near to her.she asks to him,wh… why you comes here?if…if you try to disturb me then i… i…I will call police.bihaan laughs.she gets angry.he says to her,hello madam I came here for ask excuses to are not my girl friend.I am not your boy I didn’t come here to admire you.she gets angry.he says to her,don’t look at me.OK I am so sorry madam.bye I won’t disturb you hereafter.he goes to takes his bike.suddenly her neighbour children’s are comes to her.they says to her loudly,happy birthday di…thapki gets happy seeing them.
she thanks them.bihaan stops his walks.he turns at her suddenly.
children’s are goes from there.

he comes to thapki again.she gets tensed.thapki says to him,again what?bihaan says to her,hello… relax don’t get more tension. I comes here for to say birthday wishes for you.thapki says to him,
I dont want your….you are heartless you can’t make anyone happy.she looks at him angrily.he says to her,its OK give your hand.I want to tell birthday wishes for you.she didn’t gives her hands.he forces her and takes her hand.then he shakes his hand with her hands and says happy birthday to you bye ms… tha… tha… thapki.

he goes from there.thapki looks at him angrily.bihaan parks his bike on road.he talks something to paan. then he ends the call.thapki reaches office.she sees the decorations in office.all staffs are sees her.they sings birthday song for her.she gets happy.she tells to them,how you know my birthday. they shows hands somewhere. bihaan stands so stylish.he smiles at her.thapki gets says to that thapki,he is one day managing director for office today.dhruv sir suffered from fever.he is not he sends his brother today for handle office.he is such a cute character know..that’s why he makes this surprise for you.thapki looks at him.bihaan says to them,OK enough cuts the cake now.thapki turns her face.bihaan comes to near her.he holds her hands.thapki looks on.he says to her,hello madam I done this for thanking saved don’t get confusion.thapki sees cake.she smiles.everyone’s sings song.she cuts the cake. she takes piece.she goes to feed to security. she says to thapki,bihaan sir did this for you feed this to him.thapki turns her face.bihaan smiles.she goes near to him.she feeds him.bihaan eats and stares at her.

then bihaan takes cake piece.suddenly he applies cake in thapki face.everyones laugh.she gets angry at him.bihaan smiles.she tries to wipe it.but she can’t.bihaan takes his kerchief.he goes to wipe cream.she gets angry.she takes his hand from her face.then she realize all staffs are standing with she didn’t react anything.bihaan slowly wipes her face.
thapki didn’t say anything to him.she goes from there.all staffs goes to do work.

after few minutes thapki comes to her cabin.bihaan sits in cabin.he watches thapki.she prayes in front of ganapathi sewing.she talks to staffs and she smiles.he stares at her.

security comes to thapki.she says to her,thapki…bihaan sir calls you. she gets tensed.she asks to that security, why what was the reason. she says to thapki,I don’t know.he called you.thapki goes to bihaan room.she stands in front of him. bihaan watches her.he stares at her..he comes near to her .thapki corrects her dupatta and dress.she asks to him,sir why did you called me.he says to her,what… what said?I can’t hear.she says again..s …sir…why did you called me.he says to her,good.I called hear to tell the truth.she gets shocked.she says to him,t…t…truth,which truth???he says to her,i comes here for disturbing you.actually I dont know about office,I just studied for 8th standed.I comes here intentially.dhruv bhai enjoying today with his girl is your birthday know…so I bought gift for you.he gives gift to thapki.bihaan asks her to open.she opens gift.she sees glitter heart and wrote thanks on it.he says to her,sorry for teasing you and thanks for saved me.thapki looks at him.he says to her,don’t worry .dont gets scared.I just says that dialogue for makes you tension.

thapki smiles at him.they both smiles at each other.she goes from there.her duppata stucks in his wrist band.she gets tensed.she thinks bihaan is holding her duppata.she turns and sees him.she realize her duppata stuck in his wrist band.bihaan says to her,madam…chuk… chuk gaadi I am not holding your duppatta.don’t doubt on me.she gets angry on that chuk gaadi name.she goes near to him.she says to him,how dare you to call this name.he says to her,I will call this name again and again.he says again this name.she raises her hands to slap him.he holds her hands.he says to her,how you raises your hands against me.I am b for bihaan pandey.mind it.she tries to slap him.he holds her hand tightly.he pulls her on him.he holds her tightly in one hand.he holds her hands tightly in other hand.they looks at each other.(ranjhanaa plays….)

they have an eye lock.then they realize its office.bihaan leaves thapki.she seperates from bihaan.she looks at him angrily.she goes from there. bihaan sees outside. he thinks thank god.staffs didn’t see this.

thapki sits in her cabin of the staffs says to thapki,bihaan sir is so cute compared to dhruv sir.he wipes your face.thapki says to her,stop it don’t talk about him to me.staff asks to her,why? is there any problems.?thapki hides the truth.she says to that staff,nothing nothing.I just says to do work.thapki does work.

bihaan thinks in his room,how this dhruv bhai is handling this office on full day.I feel boring.bhai says his PA will handle don’t want to do anything like that. so I comes here for time pass.bhai was spending time with his girl friend shraddha.but me…what can I do.its my fate.

bihaan feels sleeping In cabin.he sleeps in table.again that same dreams comes to him.he wakes up suddenly.he gets shocked.he says why this same dream is coming.he gets confused.
he sees time comes to him.she says to him Sir office is over. all staffs are going to their its closing time.he stands from there.he goes from there.he takes his bike.he sees thapki is walking on road.he goes in bike.

thapki speak in her phone with her friend.she sees auto.she goes into auto.bihaan goes in bike in same route.he knows thapki is going in auto.thapki wears her duppatta around her neck.her duppatta comes out side.he sees her duppata going to stucks in wheel.e gets tensed.he goes fastly to inform her.but she didn’t hears his voice.

bihaan thinks what happend for me.

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