Crazy love of thahaan (part-40)

this part is starting from the next day morning vasu does aarthi.bihaan and thapki takes aathi.then thapki and bihaan gets vasu blessings.vasu holds thapki face.she smiles at them.dhruv and shraddha gets vasu blessing. kabir enters to pandey nivas.he looks at them.he sees vasu does blessings for suman,preethi and everyone.
kabir: can I get your blessing maa?
everyone’s hears kabir voice.they turns and sees kabir.thapki and bihaan looks at each other.they smiles at kabir.bihaan goes to kabir.
bihaan:(shakes hands with kabir and smiles) welcome mr.kabir.

she is my mom,he is my bro dhruv. he introduced everyones.
kabir smiles at them.everyone’s smiles at kabir.bihaan explained everything to vasu.vasu gets happy she asks thanks to kabir.
vasu:(to kabir)how are you beta???how is your family???
kabir:(gets emotional) maa… I don’t have family.I lost my mom and dad.
vasu:(holds kabir face)don’t worry beta.its your house.they are your family.I am your maa.
suddenly kabir gets emotional. he hugs vasu.vasu hugs kabir. she smiles.bihaan and thapki smiles.

vasu asks everyone’s to have food. everyone’s goes to dinning table.kabir stands in floor.he looks at them. vasu sees kabir was standing alone.
vasu:kabir beta…come and let’s have food.
kabir smiles at her.he gets teary eyes.
bihaan:kabir come…why are you standing there.maa told na…its your family.
kabir gets glad.he goes to them.he sits in dinning table.vasu gives food to kabir.everyone’s eats food.
thapki and bihaan looks at kabir.they smiles at him.

kabir:(to vasu)maa… I am so happy today.its special day for me.
vasu:beta…this is your you have to come here always.
kabir gets teary eyes.he folds his hands to vasu.vasu holds his hands.
kabir: I am having work maa… so bye..
bihaan:kabir I am so happy to see you here.
thapki:yes kabir ji… thanks a lot.
kabir smiles at them.he goes from there.

same day night…bihaan and thapki takes paper.they chooses name for baby.they gets confused to choose name for baby.then bihaan gets idea.
bihaan:thapki… if we got boy baby which name shall we select?
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I love shah ruk khan and salman shall we choose any one n… n…name between these two???
bihaan:what???you love shah ruk and salmon??!!(he gets jealous)
thapki:why are you asking Like this???everyone’s l… l…like them na…why???you don’t like them???
bihaan:not Like that.I like them.
thapki:then wh… wh… what is your problem???give me that paper.I will write the names.

bihaan looks at her jealously. he gives paper to thapki.she writes salman khan and shah ruk khan names.she shakes the paper.she keeps on floor.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan takes one paper.
bihaan takes the paper.he gives to thapki.thapki opens the paper.she gets happy.she screams happily.
bihaan gets confused.
bihaan:why are you screaming???which name is there??
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I got my favourite lovable actor salman khan.she laughs
bihaan gets jealous.

bihaan:OK its my turn I will select name for girl baby.
thapki nodes at bihaan.
bihaan:I love Katrina… so I am going to select this name for baby???
thapki:wh… wh… what???
bihaan:yes…I love Katrina I am choosing this name for baby.there is no other options.only Katrina.I love her…mmmmmuuuuuaahhhh….(he writes Katrina name in paper.he kisses that name.thapki gets angry and jealous.she takes that paper from his hands.she tears the paper.she throws paper.)
bihaan:why did you tears my Katrina???
thapki:because I …i. i don’t like this name.
bihaan:so what??? but I love her.

thapki:n… n…no I don’t like this.
bihaan:I am also doesn’t like that name for boy baby.but I accept that for you na…
thapki:oh… you don’t l…l…like salman name??
bihaan:yes.. if you dont like Katrina then I am also hate salman.if you accept katrina I will accept that name for our baby.

thapki gets angry at him.
thapki:OK. s…s. so I don’t like Katrina name for our baby.
bihaan:then OK me too.. I won’t accept salman name for our baby.
bihaan smiles at thapki.thapki looks at him angrily.she goes from him.suddenly she stucks in floor mat.she goes about to falls down.she screams.bihaan gets shocked.he rushed to her.he holds her in his hands.thapki gets teary eyes.she looks at bihaan.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays….)

the next day morning
Sankara thinks to meet kabir.she thinks if I throw money to him.he will run from me.she smiles.she calls to kabir.he attends the call.
kabir:yes madam tell me??.are you going to ask apologies?
Sankara:I want to meet you.I want to speak with you.
Sankara:in park.

kabir nodes at her.

thapki recalls about kabir speech to vasu.suddenly bihaan comes there.he makes her to scare.because he wears horror mask in his face.thapki gets scared.she screams.bihaan removes the mask from his face.
thapki sees bihaan.she gets angry on him.
bihaan:(smiles)how is my avatar thapki???I know you will get scared.I wear this for making you scary
thapki:wh… wh… why did you wear this???without mask also you are looking very horror.(angrily)

bihaan:what???I am looking horrable???
hello madam…if I will go in road all girls will falls in love at me.
thapki:do.. do… don’t think you are handsome.
bihaan:madam…I am handsome only.OK let’s have small I am going to do workout.if you look at me means I am handsome.OK?
thapki:i… i… I will agree this.

bihaan removes his shirt.thapki looks at him.she widens her eyes. he wears black color fit sleeveless dress.he looks so hot.thapki stares at him.bihaan realizes she was admiring him.
bihaan:hello only the game going to start..
thapki:i… i.. I know it.why are you telling to me.go and start game.
bihaan nodes at her.he goes from there.he plays western music song.thapki turns from him.bihaan does workout.thapki didn’t turn at bihaan.few minutes goes.after few minutes bihaan thinks,what this chuk… chuk gaadi still didn’t watching me.I have to do something.suddenly he acts like falls down.he screams.thapki gets shocked.she turns at him.

thapki:bihaan…wh… what happend?she goes near to him.
bihaan:(laughs and thapki realizes his acting.she gets angry.)I am I am won in game.
thapki:what???its…ch… ch…cheating I won’t accept.
bihaan:but anyways I won in this give gift for me.
thapki:what gift???you… you… you dont say about gift before??
bihaan:but now I need gift.give me. he goes closes to her.thapki holds bihaan shirt tightly.bihaan looks at thapki romantically. they looks at each other.bihaan kisses thapki forehead. she smiles.she gets happy.she hugs bihaan.they hugs each other and smiles (na… na…naa plays…)

Sankara waits for kabir in park at night.after few minutes kabir comes there.Sankara gets tensed.
kabir:how are you madam??

Sankara: see I dont have much time to speak with don’t want unnecessary speaking between us.
kabir:what?.?are you thinking its necessary???
Sankara:oh my god…please listen me.I don’t wants to argue with you.
kabir:OK tell me.

Sankara:(shows money to him.kabir looks money shockingly)
I know mistake was happend.I killed your father by my mistake in childhood. but my status is high.if you want money take it and go.otherwise I can’t marry you.
kabir:(gets angry)money????I am having so much money status also high.I will marry you for taking revenge.because you killed my father.
sankara:OK its your wish.but you can’t do anything to me.I know how to get bihaan.I will kill this baby.

kabir:(holds Sankara neck tightly)
if you think to kill baby,I will kill you.
Sankara gets breathing problem.she gets teary eyes.kabir leaves Sankara.she holds her neck.she coughs.
kabir:(angrily) I am leaving you for my baby only.or else I will finish ready for marriage.or I know what to do with you.
he goes from there angrily.Sankara cries.

bihaan holds thapki.she walks in garden.
thapki:bi… bihaan I can’t to walk.I am so tired.
bihaan:thapki its doctor have to walk daily for these days then only you and our baby will b healthy.

bihaan holds thapki.he makes her to walk in garden.they looks at each other.(na… na… naa )

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  1. Vinolin.d

    I am very sorry my dear friends.because of I forgot to add one imp scene in ff.I was updated ff while I forgot to add scene in some work tension.I am very disappointed. I don’t think this 40th episode becomes like this.I focused on I forgot to add Sankara and kabir.I am very very very sorry my dear friend.please excuse I will add the will read it.

  2. Vinolin.d

    kabir goes from pandey nivas.he calls for Sankara.she attends the call.
    Sankara:why are you torturing me??what you want??
    kabir:I want to take revenge from you.
    Sankara: what I done???tell me (she cries)I am begging you pls.
    kabir says to Sankara about that incidents in childhood.he says to her,you killed my I want to spoil your life.Sankara gets shocked.
    she becomes speechless.
    kabir:so that I misuse you in have to marry me.there is no option.
    Sankara cries a lot.
    Sankara:please kabir excuse me.
    kabir:no…you have to get punishment.he ends the call angrily.
    Sankara cries.she thinks how to solve this problem.if everyone’s comes to know this problem I can’t able to get bihaan.
    the scene ends.

    Sankara mom was comes to sankara room.pregnancy report paper flies to her.her papa slaps her hardly.bihaan made cake for thapki.she teases bihaan.

  3. Congratulations for the 40th!!!
    A little mistake, but it’s ok, you’ve fixed it, we understand… I really appreciate your daily updates during your business. Hope you success in everything that you do.
    The epi is great. The baby’s name and workout scenes are funny. Kabir and vasu scene is heart touching. Sankara still not realizing her fault, she’s too evil.
    Waiting for the next. Thank you and tc 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks dear Leena…I am happy now to hear your encouraging

  4. Super se Uper ?❤ love to see kabir wedding

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear lovely…thanks for your lovely compliment darl..

  5. It was so nice . and congratulations for 40th part.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai rifa darl…thanks dear.

  6. congrat for 40 epi loved today epi thahaan jealousy gajab and yeah biHu super hot

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear anu,thanks a lot…

  7. Love the episode specially thahaan nok-jhok scenes specially (Katrina n Salman ). Congratulations for 40th episode. Tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear arooj.I miss you..thank you so much darl…

  8. Alm.Abi

    vino dear… congratulations for 40th episode… hattsssss off to ur hard work and dedication…. epi was superb… especially the baby naming part….waiting for nxt

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear alm.abi…

  9. Its too funny yaar.absolutely a nice part.congrats for the 40th part.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much pooja darl…


    wooow congrats for 40 epi dear vinooo………… so lovely epi

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear kumutha.

  11. Di congrats for 40th episode ???? ??
    You are soon gonna reach 50 episodes andnI hope ur ff goes on till 100 episodes …
    Because di if I describe u in one word then I can’t comment ? …. Di u r so awesome … Both were getting jealous ?? …
    Di thahaan scenes ehich u wrote were already perfect … And now even Kabir-Sankar scenes are so perfect …?? …..
    I loved the way u depicted Kabir’s character as positive … Because in the show its something else ….
    Nevertheless …. Loved it di …❤❤ …
    Love u ??
    Take care ?

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my cute sis naitan… I am also can’t describe about your lovely comment in one word ‘thanks’.but I don’t know how to say thanks thanks thanks…… ………………… dear.

  12. Manish ki deewani

    yar soooooooooory for late hope u understand dear
    this part is amazing superb fabulous loved thahaan jealousy part loved it allover gajaaaaaaaaaab dear ….GOD BLESS U….TAKE CARE .YR THUND BOHAT HAI

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear reshal thanks dear.I am so glad about your support.

  13. Sulbi

    Vino darling… congrats… fantabulous episode… dnt worry about the mistake darling… we understood the chapter without your explanation… even though you have given your explanation in comment…. so proud of you dear… love you and tc… 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot darling sulbi… its encouraging me.

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