Crazy love of thahaan (part-4)


This part is starting from thapki reaches office.she sees dhruv Is coming there.she says to him,gu… gu… gud morning sir.dhruv shakes his head.he goes from there.she sits in her cabin.she does work.

bihaan reaches his house with daadhi. vasu comes to bihaan urgently.she says to him,beta..dhruv forgot his important please give to him.bihaan thinks oh my god again I have to go for office.but he says to vasu,OK Maa…I will do this.don’t worry.he takes files in his hands.he goes from has comes to thapki.she says to her,thapki…dhruv sir called you. he asks important file from you.did you finished that work.thapki says to her,just few minutes mam.I will come with nodes at her.she goes from there.thapki things…still I didn’t finished this.pls God help me to complete the work.thapki does work. bihaan reaches office.he goes inside of office.bihaan goes to dhruv room.he gives file to him.dhruv thanks to him.bihaan says to dhruv,bhai…don’t say thanks to gives this to me.bihaan comes from room. after few minutes again security comes to her.she calls thapki.thapki says to her,mam…I…i… I am coming with file.she opens her drawer. she takes some files.she forgot to close it.she goes from there fastly.pens and pencils are fells down from box.bihaan comes opposite to thapki.her duppatta fells in his eyes.he screams.thapki says to him, sorry sir please…she didn’t stammers to him.he removes slowly her duppatta from his face.he sees her face.he stares at her.thapki sees bihaan face.they have an eye lock.(ranjhanaa plays……)
bihaan says to her,I know ms.vaaaaaaani.I think you born for troubling others.what is your you know who I am.I am brother for dhruv. so you have to respect me.thapki gets angry.she didn’t say anything to him.she goes from there.bihaan thinks…this girls are always like this.nobody will understand them. he goes from there.he struck in pen and pencils.he goes to falls down.but he manages.he says whose keep this in floor.he bends down on floor.he takes that box.he arranges everything.he stand and keeps in thapki cabin.then he thinks about that drawer.he again comes there.he sees the coat there.he thinks,this is dhruv bhai coat.I wears this on that it will comes here.he takes in his hand.he thinks about that coat.suddenly thapki comes there.she says to him,he… hello… bi… bihaan what are you doing in my cabin.why you takes this in your hand.yo… you want comes there.she says to her,thapki you domes great job.files are so clear.dhruv sir gets so happy for you.bihaan hears her name.he gets shocked.thapki says thanks to goes from there. bihaan becomes speechless. thapki says to him,ex… excuse me sir,if you want this you will keep this wi… with…do.. don’t disturb my work.bihaan says to her,are you stammering? thapki gets upset.she says to him,yes I have this problem from my childhood.then he asks to her,what is your real name.thapki says to him my name is vaani. but all are calling me as thapki.bihaan gets more shocking.he tells to her,how you got this coat.. she says to him,it flies on air and comes to me before 2 days.thapki recalls about bihaan teasing her.she gets angry suddenly.she says to him,why are you asking these information to me.go from here.bihaan sees her.he goes from there.

evening thapki goes to her home from office.she eats the food.aditi asks her about work. thapki says to her,dh…dh… dhruv sir is very nice.he gives appreciation about my work.aditi smiles at her.

In room bihaan thinks about thapki.he says to himself…gajab.thapki you lied to doctor na… I will give treatment for don’t know about this b for bihaan.he recalls about moments with her.he thinks why this girl says to doctor like this.she admits me.that’s OK but I don’t know the reason.I have to find this.he sleeps.

next day morning bihaan greets vasu for her wedding anniversary. vasu hugs him.he takes blessings from balwander and vasu.dhruv gives sweets for all staffs in his office.thapki asks about the special of the staffs says today dhruv sir parents wedding anniversary. thapki smiles at her.she eats sweets.

bihaan comes to his room.he sees the coat.thapki face is comes in his mind.evening thapki walks in road.she waits for thapki.she feels some one follows her.she gets scared.she walks from there.she sees somebody is coming behind her.she walks very fastly.then the person runs to catches her.thapki runs from there.he runs behind thapki.
they runs.finally one car comes in front of her.person catches thapki.he kidnaps her into car.they goes from there.that car stops in some house.he lifts thapki to inside of house.he didn’t shows his face.he ties thapki in chair.he stand behind of her.he laughs at her.thapki says to him,who are you..why are you kidnapping me.thapki cries. he says to her,don’t worry.I leave you.but I want to know truth.thapki says to him, wh… what truth.he comes to her.he shows the knife near her face.he tells, why did you lied to doctor as your are girl friend for bihaan.thapki says to him,i…I…I admits him in says bihaan is in he he…he.. asks sign in form for immediate operation.I says this lies for saving bihaan.that’s why he comes out of d…d…danger.he comes near to thapki.he keeps knife in her neck.he says to her,I got you don’t want to live.he acts as kill her.thapki gets shocked.she gets faints.he gets shocked.he removes mask from his face.he is really bihaan.he gets upset.he removes tying in her hands.he lifts her in his arms.he makes her to lying on bed .he asks her to open her eyes.she didn’t opens her eyes.he gets tensed.he says I made mistake.I just did this for playing with you.I am sorry thapki.please open your eyes.she didn’t gets conscious. he rubs her hands and foots.after few minutes she gets conscious. she sees bihaan.she gets scared.she cries.bihaan sees her.he gets tended.thapki moves back from him.she says to him,don’t come to tries to kill me.don’t come.bihaan tries to consoles her.he touched her shoulder.she gets scared.she cries.bihaan sees her state.he hugs her.he tries to consoles her.thapki says to him,leave me…leave me..i… don’t like you.she cries.then thapki hugs him.they hugs each other.he wipes her tears.he asks sorry to her.(na na naa… music plays)
poonam gets tension.she says to aditi,still thapki didn’t come here.I am so scared.aditi says to poonam,maa don’t worry di will come.

thapki moves from bed.bihaan sees her.thapki takes her hand bag.she goes out of room.bihaan comes to her.he says to her,thapki thank you so saves my life.I am so sorry because I done this with you.thapki didn’t say anything.she walks from house.bihaan says to her,its late night.I will drop you in your home. thapki didn’t agrees with him.she continues her walks.then thapki sees empty road and darkness.she gets scared.she gets upset.bihaan sees her face.he realize about her. he asks again to her.thapki nodes at him.they goes in car.

bihaan sees thapki face through the mirror.he sees her crying.he stops the car.she gets tensed.she says to him,why did you stops the car.he says to her,if I want to start don’t cry.if you didn’t stop your crying then I won’t drop you in your home.then this full night you should stay with me.we are very far in out of city now.thapki gets shocked.she says to him,I wont cry.she wipes her tears.bihaan smiles at her.he goes from there.

thapki family members gets tensed about her.bihaan drives car.thapki sleeps in car.he sees thapki is sleeping.he stares at her.(na na naa plays…)
then thapki opens her eyes.bihaan turns his view from her.she gets hiccups.bihaan gives water to her. she drinks water.but hiccups didn’t stop.thapki searches mango paped in her bag.she gets that.she eats that then hiccups stops.bihaan sees her.he realize about her hiccups.he says to her,..madam you are so different.thapki turns her face angrily.

bihaan and thapki reaches house.thapki comes out from car.she goes from there.

bihaan thinks about thapki.he think to propose her.

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