Crazy love of thahaan (part-39)

this part is starting from the next day morning thapki sees baby pictures in room.she admires baby and smiles.then she stands from bed.she goes near to mirror. she looks in mirror.she touches her tummy.she rubs slowly.she smiles.bihaan comes to room.he was seeing thapki.he comes near to her.he hugs her from back.thapki smiles.
bihaan:what madam??today you are looking so bright and beautiful??is there any special reason?
thapki:s… s.. so you are saying today only I am looking beautiful right?(she turns at him)
bihaan:no no not like dude wife is always pretty.but now a days you are becoming more and more beautiful.

thapki:but bi… bi… bihaan I am becoming little bit fat now.
bihaan:so what…fat also beautiful. see actress sonakshi sinha is bubbly girl,vidya balan also fat.but they are looking nice na…(he holds her belly)
thapki:yeah bihaan… they are beautiful actress.I am not like them.
bihaan:you are also looking like actress only.see your face in mirror. (he makes her to turn on mirror.they looks at mirror thapki smiles)
thapki:(gets shy)thanks bi.. bi… bihaan.(she turns her face from him about shy)
bihaan laughs at thapki.thapki gets confused.
thapki :bihaan shy are you l… l.. laughing at me???
bihaan:I just lied to you.but you are getting shy for this.(laughs)
thapki gets angry.she turns at him.she hits him in her arms.bihaan laughs.
thapki:(hits him continuosly)wh…
wh… why are you doing like this??
suddenly bihaan holds her hands.thapki looks at bihaan.he looks at her eyes.he takes her hands away.he tells to her you are beautiful its true.he makes her to keep her hands in his shoulder.they looks at each other.bihaan and thapki comes closely.they hugs each other.(na… na… naa plays…..)they have an eye lock.

Sankara gets confusion. she cries.she thinks how it was happend for me??? I need my bihaan.I have to kill this baby.she acts like crazy.she breaks all things.she cries.

bihaan and thapki goes for shopping in car.bihaan drives the car.thapki and bihaan goes in car happily.after few minutes they reaches shopping complex.
bihaan holds thapki carefully.they goes for buying dress.they goes to woman section.bihaan looking for dress for thapki.
bihaan:thapki you want to buy salwar or saree?which one is comfortable for you now a days.
thapki:both is comfortable.
bihaan:OK (he looks sarees.he asks latest design sarees to shop man.he brings sarees and keep I front of bihaan.bihaan takes sarees.he keeps in thapki shoulder. he gets confused to select color for thapki.)
bihaan:do you like this yellow,pink,red color?
thapki:yes I like it bihaan.

he smiles at her.he bought that yellow, pink and red color sarees.
thapki thinks to take selfie in shop.she takes selfie in mobile.bihaan looking dresses for thapki.he doesn’t see thapki.she takes selfie.suddenly she gets stuck. she goes about to falls down.she screams.bihaan looks at thapki and rushes to her.suddenly some one holds her.its really kabir.he makes her to stand in floor.bihaan comes near to thapki.bihaan holds her.
thapki:th…th…thank you sir. you saved me and my baby.
bihaan:(to kabir)yes sir.thank you so saved my life.(bihaan holds kabir hand)
kabir:don’t say thanks both are like my friends.
bihaan:thank you sir.
kabir:now only I told to you na… don’t say thanks.
bihaan:oh… sorry… may I know your name pls.
kabir:my name is kabir katyal.
thapki:(gets shocked and recalls her childhood with kabir)nice name.I am also has friend like you in my childhood. but I lost him.
kabir:so what??? you just think me like your childhood friend.
bihaan smiles at kabir.thapki gets emotional. kabir asks their names.
bihaan:I am bihaan pandey.she is my wife thapki.
kabir gives his hand to them they shakes hands.
bihaan:surely you have to come to my home one day Mr. kabir.
thapki smiles.

kabir:yes sure Mr.bihaan.surely I will come to your house. kabir smiles at them.he goes from there.
bihaan holds thapki.they goes from there.
Sankara watches TV.she sees kumkum bhagya show.she thinks to play like tanu for bihaan.
suddenly she gets call.she attend the call.kabir talks to her.
kabir:hello madam Sankara you are getting confuse about baby right?
Sankara:(gets shocked) how did you know?
kabir:because I am a father for that you are my wife.
Sankara:gets tensed.what are you saying???are you drunked?
then kabir explained everything about hotel incident.fb shows kabir sees Sankara in club.he adds some tablets in drinks.he keeps that in saucer.he gives money to waiter.waiter gives that drink to Sankara.she drinks and gets dizzy fb ends.Sankara hears everything.
she gets shocked. she becomes speechless. she gets teary eyes.
kabir:let’s enjoy dear.he ends the call.

kabir thinks thapki I am your are my best friend.I sees you in shop.but I can’t tell the truth to you now.I will tell everything later to you.he recalls thapki gives her food to kabir in school days.they studied together. kabir gets teary eyes.

thapki tells about her childhood days with kabir.she gets emotional.
bihaan:(holds her hands)don’t worry thapki.surely you will get your friend one day.
thapki smiles at him.bihaan hugs her.they hugs each other.

kabir comes to pandey nivas.bihaan and thapki gets happy.bihaan and thapki gets confused to choose name for baby.
Sankara tells to kabir,I will kill this baby.kabir holds her neck tightly.kabir says,if you kill this baby I will kill you.

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  1. oh sankar deserve that….its very nice…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much sadia darling

  2. Navami

    Hai vino darl…epi was superb dr..keep writting drl…and advnc wishes for your 40th epi..grt work drrr…

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      hai navami dear…I miss your comments.thanks a lot.

  3. Thahaan scenes great as usual, i like the way bihaan teased thapki.
    Sankara and kabir, still waiting how would it be.
    One more epi to the 40th!!, you’re the most productive writer…awesome..
    Tc 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai leena darl… thanks a lot part 38.I was explained everything about Sankara and kabir.

  4. Mind blowing yaar.advance congrats for the colorful accomplishment of the 40th part…good luck dear.

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      hai pooja… thanks for your lovely comment my dear.

  5. As ususual very nice part .I really enjoyed it.waiting for next one dear

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      thanks my darl rifa…

  6. Ye ..aa…..
    Tomrw u comp.. 40 episode
    Its a great achimt to all thahaan fans..
    Episode was superb..
    Eagrly wating 4 next episode..
    Thanku so much 4 updating…
    Keep writing..
    Love u so much
    Apna dhyen rekna..
    so wating 4 next..
    Wish u very happy…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai sweet sis kudrat…thanks a lot dear.

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    Awsme vino darl…

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