Crazy love of thahaan (part-38)

this part is starting from the next day morning thapki and bihaan does aarthi. vasu looks at them and smiles.thapki and bihaan looks at each other romantically. they smiles .they gets blessings from vasu and balwander.vasu hugs thapki.she kisses thapki’s forehead .bihaan smiles at vasu.
shraddha and dhruv gets blessings from vasu.shraddha smils at vasu.but vasu turns her face from shraddha.suman and preethi looks at shraddha.they laughs at her silently.
preethi:suman did you looks that awesome scene?she thinks maa will give kiss for her.but vasu maa turns her face from shraddha.
suman:yes.see that shraddha face.she is looks like monkey.
they smiles at shraddha.shraddha sees them.she goes from there angrily.

bihaan holds thapki.she walks lowly with bihaan.he makes her to sits in bed.bihaan goes from there
thapki looks at him. suddenly she calls bihaan.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan.
bihaan:(turns at her and comes near to thapki)yes thapki,you want something?
thapki:n… n… no bihaan.I don’t want anything.i… i…i want to speak to you.
bihaan:tell me thapki.
thapki:(holds his hands)bi… bi… bihaan thank you so much.
bihaan:why are you saying thanks to me?
thapki:be… be…because of you are taking care of me more than my parents.always you are being with me and you are giving happyness and everything for me.
bihaan:(comes closes to thapki and holds her hands)thapki actually I am not giving happiness for only gives happiness to me.I have to say thanks to you. so thanks you so much for you.(he smiles at her)
thapki hugs bihaan.she cries happily. bihaan hugs thapki.he gets emotional seeing thapki face.they gets teary eyes.they hugs each other.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…………)

Sankara thinks to speak with bihaan.she calls for bihaan.he sees the new number.he attends the call.
bihaan:hello.. who is speaking?
Sankara: hello I am Sankara.
bihaan:I don’t want to speak to you.he goes to end the call
Sankara:(suddenly) bihaan one minute please…I want to speak to you.
bihaan:I don’t have time to speak with you.I am so happy to speak with my wife thapki only.
Sankara:(gets angry hearing thapki name) OK but I will get you any only for me.I can do anything for you.
bihaan:you can’t get me in your dream also.he ends the call angrily.Sankara smiles.

he comes to his room angrily.thapki looks at bihaan.she thinks why bihaan was looking angry.bihaan throws his mobile in bed angrily.he recalls Sankara words.he gets irritated about Sankara and gets more angry.
thapki:bi.. bi. bihaan are you alright?
bihaan turns and looks thapki.but for bihaan,she looks like Sankara.he thinks that is Sankara
bihaan:(angrily)there is no rights to speak to with me for you?? go away from me.
thapki:(gets shocked)bihaan what are you s.. s. saying?I am your wife .
bihaan:you are not my wife.I hate you.
thapki:I love you bi. bi…bihaan.
bihaan:(gets angry hearing this word and he thoughts Sankara was saying this to him.he takes the thing suddenly breaks the mirror)
dont say like this.I hate you. (he comes to thapki.he holds thapki neck tightly and he scolds thapki)I have to kill you.then only I will be happy.)
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan leave me.what happend for you.??(gets scared and cries)
bihaan :I don’t wants to see your face.I kill you.
thapki:(gets breathing problem and she shouts bihaan)bihaan….
suddenly he realizes she was thapki.he takes his hands from her neck.thapki holds her neck.she coughs.bihaan looks at thapki.he gets shocked .he sees thapki was coughing and gets breathing problem.bihaan takes the water and gives to thapki.he makes her to drink water.thapki drinks water.he sees mirror was broken.thapki coughs.bihaan pats her head.she looks at him shockingly.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan what happend for you??why you done like this.?you don’t like me..?
thapki holds his collar.(she cries)bihaan hugs thapki suddenly.
bihaan:sorry thapki.I has work tension so I done this.I am so sorry.
thapki and bihaan hugs tightly.thapki cries.bihaan wipes her tears.she looks at him.
bihaan:hereafter I won’t do like this.please excuse me.
thapki looks at him emotionally.
they hugs each other.then bihaan separates thapki.he makes her to sits in bed.he thinks about Sankara and gets angry.

Sankara smiles in room.she thinks about bihaan.suddenly she feels vomiting.she runs to washroom.she does vomiting and gets dizzyness.she thinks what happend for me???why I am taking vomit.I think food poisoning. she holds her head.she washes her face.she thinks may be my enemy that kabir will done something to kill me.because of I don’t know whenever he was coming or going. I have to check me. Sankara thinks to go hospital.

she reaches checks looks at Sankara.
doctor: ms. Sankara are going to become maa.
Sankara:(gets shocked )doctor what are you saying??
doctor:yes are pregnant. she gets shocked and becomes speechless.
Sankara thinks I have to marry my bihaan.but how is was happend?its impossible. how it was happend ?who done this with me???she gets confused.the she thinks about bihaan.Sankara cries.
she goes to doctor.
Sankara:(looks at doctor) I want to say something doctor.
doctor:yes sure.
Sankara:I wants to do abort this baby doctor.
doctor gets shocked.suddenly doctor gets call from someone.she speaks and ends the call.
doctor:(looks at Sankara)sorry madam I can’t do abortion.
Sankara:doctor if you need more money I will give to you pls
doctor:if you abort the baby I will tell you to police .
Sankara gets shocked.
Sankara:why are you saying this.its my rights.
doctor: its OK.but I won’t do abortion here.
Sankara gets worries.she goes from there.sankara cries.

bihaan enters to his room.thapki sees bihaan.bihaan takes big mirror in room.he sets mirror in dressing table.thapki looks at him.bihaan finishes fixing mirror.
he comes to her.
bihaan:thapki are you angry on me?
thapki:why are you….you…you saying like this bihaan??what mistake you done?
bihaan:I scold you na.. sorry thapki.I done it in some tension. I broke your heart by these words.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan its OK.don’t get worry I know you are loving Mr very much.I know you.
bihaan:(holds her hands)thapki I am so lucky to get nice wife like you.
thapki smiles at him.she kisses in bihaan’s forehead and cheeks.bihaan looks at her.he kisses in her chin and forehead.they hugs each other.then they looks at each other (ranjhanaa plays…. )
they have an eye lock.

thapki stands in front of mirror. she says to bihaan,I becomes little bit fat.bihaan laughs at her.they did naughty fight. sankara gets confused and cries.Sankara looks kumkum bhagya show in TV.she thinks to play like tanu for bihaan.
kabir calls her and tells about hotel incident.she gets shocked.

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  1. Sulbi

    Vino darling… amazing… so she gonna play Tanu role… In TPK i hate Sankara… in KKB i hate tanu…. sometimes i think Tanu is better than Sankara…. whatever…. but episode was superb dear… waiting for nxg one… love you… 🙂

  2. Wow nice episode but plz kabir don’t let Shankar do this tanu drama. Tc dear

  3. Shibil

    Superb …. as usual u r making me crazy dear… loved ur writing ….

  4. Nice part

  5. Alm.Abi

    amazing vino dear… but try to end sankar track soon…i cannot tolerate her.. update soon..

  6. Vino…stunning part yaar.Thahaans relationship is really a fascinating one.I completely like it very much.I hope Shankar won’t do anything wrong against Thahaan because kabir will stand in front of them like a good friend…
    Anyways best wishes…keep smiling…take care darling.

  7. Di mindblowing episode
    Meja aa gya..
    Eagrly wating 4:next episode..

    Oh ho!
    So di aap kkb bhi dekte ho..
    Good night..
    Teek s rehna

  8. Best punishment for that sankara.. I hate her… and thahaan scenes were perfect again.. so did kabir apply shraddha’s tactics like the original tpk and sankara yet doesn’t know how she became pregnant?? I am having goosebumps..

  9. Manish ki deewani

    vino yaar i liked it very much .thahaan r the best …..i think kabir is thre to stop sankara and save bihaan .take care….waiting for next part.

  10. so exciting epi….

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