Crazy love of thahaan (part-37)

this part is starting from kabir thinks about his past life and gets angry.he says my hatred is so high on you Sankara.I can’t leave you.he gets angry.he thinks about his past.fb shows kabir and thapki was neighbour friends.they studies in same government school.all class mates are kidding thapki stammering problem.thapki was cried.kabir beats them.he SAys to them,she is my best friend.if anyone makes her cry I will kill them.kabir holds thapki hands.they are playing in ground.thapki and kabir becoming close friends.they are smiling each other.kabir and thapki studies 8th standard.they comes from school to their home one day.thapki says to him, bye… Ka… Ka… kabir.she goes inside of her home.kabir enters his house.he was seeing no one is there in his home.kabir was having only dad.he doesn’t have mom or any sis/bro.he searches his papa in his home.he thinks still his dad was in work.he will come later to home suddenly one man was run to his house.that man was looks so tensed.he says to kabir, beta…your father is in police station.kabir gets tension.he asks him,why uncle????what he done?

the man says,his owner gives complaint on your father.they are saying your father stoled 1 lakh rupees from his owner house.
kabir gets shocked.he runs from his house.he cries.he reaches police station. he asks them to police to leave his father.but the police kicked kabir from his leg.kabir father cries.he says to police I didn’t take that 1 lakh rupees please.but police didn’t believe him.they beats him hardly. kabir cries to police.he begs to police.then he thinks to ask help to that owner.he runs to owner house.he sees Sankara was speaking in mobile.she says to her friend, you know I takes money from my dad almari yesterday. but he found it.then I will say to my dad,I saw this servant.he was only takes the money like that .my dad believes me.then my dad gives complaint on my house only I am happy.because of i am escaped. her friend says, why are you done like this.Sankara says,what can I do???if I ask 1 lakh rupee to my dad he will slap know I am royal family in my everyone’s asked party to I did it.kabir stands and hears everything and gets angry.Sankara turns and sees kabir.she gets shocked.he holds her hands.he says to that Sankara,you done a mistake.come to police station. tell the truth.Sankara shouts for help.her dad comes there.he says to kabir, how dare you to comes here???your father is theif.kabir comes to tell about truth to him.suddenly Sankara says to her dad,papa he was asking my gold chain.her dad believes Sankara.he beats thapki and kicks out from house.kabir cries .Sankara smiles.kabir runs to police station.he sees his father head was bleeds.but police still hits him.police gets call.he goes from there.kabir talks to his dad.he says ,beta I didn’t stole that money.but you have to take revenge who reason for this.promise me.kabir promises to him.suddenly his father was died.kabir cries.he goes to his house.that house owner says there is no home here for theif.he kicked kabir.he kicked out from that street.kabir behave like crazy.thapki comes there.she tries to convince him.she cries.but he runs from there.he sleeps in road.then someone sees him.they takes him with them. fb ends.kabir cries.he says,you already killed my you are thinking to kill my friend.I will save her surely.fb shows kabir founds thapki after long years in restaurent with bihaan.he tries to tell about him.but he deceide to tell after his revenge.but marriage is only good solution.if I will marry you,…I will take revenge day by day and control you.he smiles.

bihaan arranges party for thapki.he comes to his room.(next day evening)
bihaan:thapki are you ready for party.??
thapki:wa… wa… wait bihaan.I will come.(she adjusts her saree pallu)
bihaan:oh…this is only your problem. I will do this.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan no need.I can do.
bihaan:you will finish to tie saree tomorrow only.(he holds her saree)
thapki:(holds the saree)bihaan l…l…leave it.I will arrange pallu.
bihaan:hello madam just stop your argument.there is no time.
he takes that pallu from her waist suddenly.she gets shy.she looks at him shockingly.
bihaan:(looks at thapki)why are you watching me???(suddenly thapki turns her face from him.he holds her pallu.bihaan folds the saree.he keeps in saree pallu in her shoulder.thapki looks at him. bihaan looks at her.thay have an eye lock….(na…. na… naa plays……)
bihaan looks at her continuously. he Stares at her.they looks each other.bihaan pins that saree with blouse in her shoulder. but by mistake pin was touches her skin.she screams .(that funny thahaan music plays……)
thapki:wh… wh… what are you doing bihaan???why are you putting that pin in my shoulder.
bihaan:sorry thapki.I am not done this intentially.
thapki:I already told you know… i.. i… I will take of this.why are you done like this.i feel paining.
bihaan:is it?.?where you are getting pain?he touches her shoulder.she feels different. he moves the blouse slowly from her shoulder.he sees small spot injury.
bihaan:are you getting pain here?
thapki nodes at him.bihaan looks her eyes.he slowly kisses that place.she closes her eyes.she looks at him.he pins the saree in with blouse in her shoulder.they looks at each other.(ranjhanaa plays……..)

bihaan and thapki comes from upstairs. he holds thapki carefully.she walks slowly.everyone gets happy and they smiles.Sankara gets angry seeing them.
bihaan:here we are going to celebrate this party.I am dedicating this party for my lovely wife and my baby.everyone’s claps.
bihaan makes her to sits in chair. bihaan asks them to play the music.they plays slow melody music.bihaan slowly dance and goes to thapki.he holds her hands thapki stands from chair.bihaan lifts her in his arms he dances slowly.they looks at each other romantically.then he keeps her in floor.they smiles at each other.they hugs each other(ranjhanaa plays)
Sankara gets angry seeing them.then thapki sits in chair.bihaan dances for fast beats.thapki looks at him.she gets smiles she admires bihaan.Sankara thinks to kill thapki.she thinks to give poison to thapki.
kabir enters to pandey nivas.he was seeing everyone’s are dancing there.they are in happy.he sees Sankara was in tensed there.he gets smiles.he watches Sankara from far.Sankara gets juice.she adds something in juice.kabir looks at her.she goes near to thapki.suddenly bihaan comes there.he was seeing thapki looks tired.
bihaan:thapki are you fine??
thapki:n…n…no bihaan.I am feeling legs are getting pain.
bihaan:then why are you sitting here.come let’s go to room.
thapki:its OK… you… you arranged this party for I will be there till finishing the party.
bihaan:hello madam….are you coming with me or can I lift you to room?maa will take care of guests.
thapki:n… n…no.I will come.
bihaan holds her carefully.thapki and bihaan goes to their room.Sankara gets angry seeing them.kabir gets angry on kabir. he goes near to her.
kabir: madam you are Sankara right???
Sankara:yes you?/?
kabir: I am coming here to tell secret to you.
Sankara:secret???what secret???who are you?
kabir:mam… can I talk to you lonely.
Sankara nodes at him .she goes out from pandey nivas.Sankara asks him to tell the secret.kabir looks at her.she looks at him.suddenly kabir slaps her hardly.she gets shocked .
Sankara:how dare you to slap me.who are you??
kabir slaps again.she gets more shocked.Sankara scolds him,she says to him,who are you???why are you slapping me.??I will call the police.
kabir:I am Kabir…
she gets shocked.

bihaan makes her to lying in bed.thapki looks at him.
bihaan:I will do massage so wait.
thapki:no n…n…need bihaan.I will take care.
bihaan:don’t say anything.he takes pain balm.he removes her saree from her legs.he applies pain palm and does massage.she feels pain.she gets teary eyes.she screams.bihaan looks at her.he gets worries.thapki looks at him.they looks at each other.(na… na… naa plays…..)

bihaan scolds thapki.thapki was cries.Sankara does vomiting and gets says she was pregnant.

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  1. Oh,wow, kabir’s track is awesome…
    I think sankara got pregnant by kabir, so they’ll get married, and kabir will torturing her day by day…
    You really want to punish her hard Vino …but it’s equal with her evilness
    Thahaan’s scenes are romantic as usual.
    Good job Vino.. tc 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear leena

  2. Nice part dear.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you rifa darl…

  3. kabir entry is nice…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear sadia…

  4. Wonderful way of presentation…keep writing dear.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my darl pooja…

  5. i m scared if sankar tell that its bihan child then????? Plz prove me wrong

    1. Vinolin.d

      don’t worry anu… there is some twists my darl.

  6. Nice episode ……….precape is very interesting

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai riya…thank you so much my dear…

  7. Manish ki deewani

    dear kabir track is nice….kankar r made for each other….thahaan r the best …..waiting for next part.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai reshal darl… thanks a lot.

  8. Oh! O
    Ab bihaan ko kya hua..
    Kyo chilane wala h thapki p.

    Mindblowing episode di..
    Di ur superb..
    Thank u so much 4 writing lovely ff
    Plz take care
    Good night

    Or ha!
    Eagrly wating 4 next
    So try to pot soon
    Love u

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sis kudrat… thanks a lot you too.

  9. Sulbi

    Vino darling superb…. Sankara pregnant…. so curious dear

  10. Vinolin.d

    thanks my darling sulbi…

  11. thahaan saree part was much romantic dear… and thahaan scenes always awesome… but what I like most is Kabir’s revenge on sankara now….sankar pregnant lol… am eagerly waiting to know it

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