Crazy love of thahaan (part-35)

This part is starting from the next day morning vasu does aarthi.she gives to everyone.all of them takes aarthi.bihaan and thapki holds the aarthi.they does aarthi.they looks at each other.they smiles.vasu gets happy.then shraddha and dhruv does aarthi.vasu blesses them.bihaan and thapki gets glad.
vasu:today we are going to everyone’s has to get ready.
everyone’s gets surprised. suman and preethi smiles.
suman:wow ..we are going picnic. but why are you saying this suddenly?
vasu:because this picnic is for our thapki only.she was always in if we will carry her to some nature place she will get happy.
preethi:maa…its awesome idea.just wait for few minutes. i will get ready.
bihaan:thanks maa for you are taking care more for thapki.
vasu:don’t say thanks beta.thapki is my bahu.its my duty.I wants to make her happy.
thapki gets happy.she gets teary eyes.she hugs vasu.vasu smiles at her.she holds thapki face.
vasu:(to thapki)thapki beta get ready for picnic.I will arrange all things.(to bihaan)bihaan take care of thapki.
bihaan nodes at vasu.bihaan holds thapki carefully.they goes to their room.

shraddha goes to garden.she calls for Sankara.Sankara gets angry seeing shraddha phone call.she attends the call.
Sankara:why are you calling me?
shraddha:I called you to say one important news.
shraddha:you have nice opportunity to kill thapki and her baby.
Sankara:(smiles) what are you saying di???
shraddha:yes.all pandey family members are going to picnic.if you comes there you will get idea to kill her.
Sankara:(gets happy)wow di… thanks a lot.its really good news.I will do something to kill her.
Sankara ends the call.she gets happy.

thapki gets ready to go for picnic.she wears yellow salwar.bihaan sees thapki.thapki wears the duppatta.he recalls when thapki got memory loss she throws the duppatta somewhere. then he convinced her to wear it.
he smiles.he goes near to thapki.
thapki duppatta was falls down from her waist.she gets tensed.
bihaan:thapki please come soon.everyone’s are waiting for us.
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan this duppatta was falling down.wait for one minute.
bihaan:(holds her duppatta)then don’t wear this duppatta.
thapki:n…n…no I can’t.its I have to wear duppatta.
bihaan:(goes closes to her) it…but that day you throws your didn’t wear it.
thapki:don’t l… l…lie to me bihaan.
bihaan:its truth.I am not lying.
he holds her duppatta.he removes her duppatta.duppatta falls on bed.he stares at her.he goes closely to thapki.thapki gets shy.bihaan walks forward to thapki.she goes backward from him slowly.suddenly she stucks in wall.she gets shocked.bihaan holds her hands tightly against wall.
bihaan:you done lot of things with me.why are you getting shy.
he looks at her.thapki looks at him.
bihaan:thapki…I am so exciting to hears that three words from you.after long days I am asking this to you.tell me.
thapki:wh.. wh… what I wants to tell you.
bihaan:(goes near to her lips )tell I love you to me.
thapki smiles at him.she turns her face from him.she gets shy.
thapki: I…I…I love you bihaan.
bihaan goes closes to her lips.suddenly thapki was pushes bihaan.she laughs at him.she goes from him.thapki looks at bihaan and smiles.bihaan comes to thapki.he lifts her in his arms and swirls her.thapki smiles.bihaan gets happy.they smiles at each other.they have an eye lock (ranjhanaa plays………………..)

bihaan and thapki comes to downstairs. vasu smiles at them.Sankara enters to pandey nivas.suman and preethi looks at Sankara.
suman: why she was coming here???I don’t like her.
preethi:yes me too. she was coming here to spoil our happyness.suman and preethi gets angry.vasu and everyone’s looks at her.Sankara smiles at them.bihaan sees her angrily.Sankara sees bihaan.bihaan turns his face from her.
vasu:sankara what you are coming here??anything important???
Sankara:why aunty??don’t you like me to coming here?
vasu:not Like that beta.I just asked.
shraddha:mummy ji I called her to come picnic with us.because she was feeling alone without me in my I told her to come.shall we take her with us.
vasu nodes at angrily.
shraddha:thank you mummy ji.
thapki looks on.
vasu:OK everyones get in car.
bihaan holds thapki carefully.everyone’s goes into car.
Sankara tries to go with bihaan in car.she goes to bihaan .
Sankara:bihaan can I come in your car? because of there is no space for me in any car.
bihaan:(looks at her angrily)if there is no space for you then don’t come to picnic.go to your home.
Sankara:why are you saying like this???please I will come with you
(she goes to touch her shoulder)
bihaan sees her and gets angry.Sankara takes her hands away.
bihaan:my car is having a lot of space.but that space is only for my wife Mrs. thapki bihaan pandey.
he gets into car.shraddha called sankara to get in this car.Sankara goes inside of shraddha car.

everyone’s reaches the place.its mountain and feels so winter.lot of trees are there in that mountain.they comes out from car.everyone’s gets happy to see that place.bihaan opens the car door.he holds thapki hands. she comes out from car.thapki gets happy.bihaan and thapki smiles at each other.Sankara looks at them.she gets angry and jealous.
vasu:its very nice place.
suman: yes its very cool and nice nature.
preethi:awesome place suman.surely thapki will get happy seeing this place.
vasu:OK let’s admire this mountain.everyone’s nodes at vasu.
bihaan holds thapki hands.they walks in see all trees from mountain. thapki feels very cool and shivering.bihaan sees thapki was shivering. he removes his jacket.he makes her to wear jacket.thapki looks at him.they looks at each other.they have an eye lock(na…. na… naa plays…. .)

bihaan holds thapki.Sankara goes to bihaan car.she sees thapki bag.she looks around there she realizes nobody is watching her.she says today I will finish you thapki.she takes the bomb from her bag.she sets the time in bomb she keeps in thapki hand bag carefully.she comes back from car.
she says,now I am going to call you for your mobile in my unknown will hears the will come to take your bag here.then the bomb will will finish after this.then I will marry my bihaan.she smiles .

she calls to thapki mobile.thapki hears the sound.
thapki:bi… bi.. bihaan my mobile was ringing. I will bring my mobile bihaan:no thapki you will stand here.I will bring.
thapki:n…n…no bihaan.I will bring.
bihaan:OK madam I know you won’t listen me always.
thapki smiles at him.she goes to car.she takes the bag.she takes her mobile from her ring was stopped.she keeps the mobile again in bag.then she sees the mango papad and her family photo in bag.she gets smiles.she says, m….m…maa and papa I want to be with you always.I dont forget this bag.she takes the bag with her.Sankara looks at thapki.she smiles.

thapki goes to bihaan.bihaan admires nature.she holds his hands.bihaan holds her closely.they smiles at each other.they admires nature from mountain. Sankara gets tensed.because bihaan is with thapki.she takes her bag to keep mobile.she gets shocked.because the bomb was there in her bag.she becomes speechless. she looks at the bomb.there is only few second.she takes the bag and throws down from mountain. the bomb burst.Sankara bag was burnt.everyone’s hears the sound.everyone’s gets shocked.they screams.thapki screams she gets scared.bihaan hugs thapki.she cries.he consoles thapki.he says to her,don’t cry I am with you know…
thapki hugs him and cries.vasu comes to Sankara.she slaps her hardly.shraddha gets shocked.suman and preethi looks at Sankara angrily.
Sankara gets shocked.bihaan looks at her angrily.
vasu:how this bomb was burst here???you only throws the bag.
Sankara:aunty I don’t know I checks in my bag.I gets shocked seeing this I was throws in correct time.if I didn’t throw this some sad incident will happend here.
vasu:I won’t believe you.I know you.I am going to complaint you to police
shraddha comes to vasu.
shraddha:mummy ji I asking sorry for Sankara.please leave her. vasu goes from there angrily.

precap:bihaan measures thapki.

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  1. Oh, wow, such a fast update Vino…
    I’m glad the bomb isn’t in thapki’s bag, but how come? I’m curious….
    Eagerly waiting for the next…thank you and tc šŸ™‚

  2. Awesome dear waiting for next part

  3. Nice episode

  4. oh so nice….i think …vasu maa or someone else keeping eye on sankara….bihan care for thapki is admirable..

  5. Part by part your ff become superb…what a fast update.its moving like a beautiful chain which was clearly shows your hardwork…my wishes are always with you which will give a special strength for you to write more…that’s the power of FRIENDSHIP.

  6. Sulbi

    Wow…. vino darl…. loved it…. give more slap for sankara from my side… i hate her…. amazing dear

  7. Thanx di,
    How r u ?
    Love u di,
    Meri teraf se bhi ek jor dar dher dena es ledki ko..
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    Fantestic episode..
    Eagrly waiting for ur speed update..

    Plz take care..
    Goox ngt..

    Di v r waiting..

  8. Manish ki deewani

    oh dear again an amazing part… thahaan part…. vasu maa slapped this idiot sankara liked it…..shradha and sankara never change evils….take care….love u ….

  9. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    sankara oh sankara… you very annoying and evil…

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