Crazy love of thahaan (part-33)

this part is starting from bihaan comes to his room.he gets shocked seeing room.he sees all pillows gets damaged.he sees thapki.thapki takes out sponges from pillows.she takes that in her hands.she blows and plays in bed.that sponges spreads around the room fully.he goes near to her.
bihaan:thapki why you done like this???you damaged all pillows.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan don’t get know this playing was very nice.come let’s play.
bihaan(mind voice) I can’t guess she is my wife or my child.
bihaan:no will play here.I am having work.don’t go anywhere OK?
thapki:(gets sad and turns her face from him) I…I…i don’t like you.because of you are not coming for playing.
bihaan:(holds her face and smiles)
you are my cute thapki na… you are my baby na… so don’t go anywhere OK???
thapki:now I feel boring this game.I wants to play any…any…any other game.
bihaan:what you want to play now??
thapki:i… i… I want to play temple run.
bihaan:(smiles at her and gives his mobile to her)OK take this and play.but you have to play here only.don’t move from here.
thapki nodes at him.bihaan rubs her hair.he kisses in her head.he goes from there.thapki plays temple run game in bihaan’s mobile.she plays for few minutes.then she felt boring. she comes out of game.she comes to menu option.she sees vedios are in his mobile. she sees funny vedios in his mobile.she gets happy.then she clicks another vedio.that’s fighting vedio.she sees goons are hits in rod stick to someone.suddenly she gets scared.the same incidents comes in her memory.she gets headache
she holds her falls down in floor.slowly she gets unconscious. she faints and falls down.

bihaan comes to his room.
bihaan:thapki what are you doing???are you there??
suddenly he sees thapki was in floor.she was fainting. he gets shocked.he runs to her.he holds her head.he lifts her in his arms.he makes her to lying on bed.
bihaan:thapki…what happened for you.please open your eyes.don’t go away from me.I can’t live without you.(he gets teary eyes.)he tries to wake her up.
later thapki opens her eyes.she sees bihaan was crying.he was sitting near to her.
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan
he sees thapki gets conscious.
bihaan:thapki are you alright?
he hugs her.)do you want ice cream now???don’t worry I will buy for you.
thapki:(she holds bihaan hands)
bihaan wh… wh… what are you saying???I didn’t ask ice cream to you.why are you getting sad?
he gets shocked and surprised.
bihaan:thapki….what are you said to me now?are you fine???can you find me who I am for you?
thapki:are you m…m…mad?why are you asking like this??I know are my can I forget you.
bihaan gets happy.he gets teary eyes.he hugs her.thapki hugs him and smiles….they looks at each other. they have an eye lock (na… na… naa plays……)

bihaan seperates thapki.he comes out of room.he calls everyone.vasu,suman,preethi and everyone’s comes there.he explained about thapki.
he says to them,thapki gets her memory back.vasu and everyone’s smiles.they enters to bihaan room.
thapki sees them and hugs vasu.vasu hugs her and cries happily.suman and preethi smiles.
thapki:m..m..maa bihaan was asking questions to me differently.
I don’t know what happens for me?
vasu:thapki beta you are got memory loss for few days.bihaan only take care of you like father, friend and we are so happy.because you are fine now.
bihaan looks at her.thapki looks at him.she gets teary eyes.they looks at each other.
suman: ha thapki maa was saying right.
preethi:but now our thapki gets we have to celebrate this.
suman and preethi smiles.
they goes from there.

thapki comes to bihaan.she sees him closely.she goes closes to him.
thapki:bi… bi.. bihaan thank you so… th… thanks a lot for everything. she folds her hands to him.
he holds her hands.
bihaan:thapki you are my lovable wife.don’t say thanks to are my life and responsibility. so I saved you.because of without you I am nothing.
thapki hugs him tightly.bihaan hugs her.thapki cries happily.bihaan gets teary eyes.she sees his face.she kisses his forehead.bihaan kisses her cheeks.they looks at each other and smiles. (ranjhanaa plays….)

Sankara gets call from unknown number.she attends the call.
Sankara:hello who’s speaking?
mistry person:laughs…
Sankara:why are you laughing tell me your name.
mistry person:sssshh…don’t talk like this to me.don’t show your dirty activity to me.then I will finish you.
Sankara:whhaat???(gets shocked)what are you saying?
mistry man:don’t questioning to me.I don’t want to tell answer to will get answer very soon.
Sankara:(gets tensed)I will do complaint in police.
mistry man:(laughs)you can’t do complaint on me.
mistry man:I born for ruinning your life in this world.
Sankara:hello what are you saying..?answer me.mistry man ends the call.Sankara gets angry and tension.she says already I am facing so many its new problem someone creating on me.

thapki corrects her saree pallu infront of mirror. bihaan sees thapki.he recalls thapki didn’t wear saree when she gets memory loss.he goes near to her.he holds her saree pallu.thapki turns and sees bihaan.
thapki:bihaan wh… wh… what are you doing.leave my saree.
bihaan:why are you wearing this now??I don’t like this.
thapki :why are you… you…you saying like this now???this is saree so I have to wear like this.
bihaan:oh….but that day you didn’t wear it.I will make you wear dress when you forgot your old memory.
thapki:wh… wh… what you makes me wears dress.!!(gets shocked)
bihaan:yes….(he smiles at her)
thapki gets shy.she closes her face in her hands.she tries to run from him.suddenly bihaan blocks the way.
thapki:bihaan I…I I want to go.
bihaan:you don’t want to go anywhere now.
he holds her hands.he pulls her on him.she falls on his chest.he hugs her.she closes her eyes.she smiles.she hugs him tightly.they gets happy.they looks at each other and smiles(na… na… naa plays…)

bihaan touches thapki stomach.he talks to baby.thapki smiles at him.they gets happy.mistry man torchuring sankara.she cries in her room.

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  1. Nice part dear .Waiting for next part

  2. Di …. What an awesome episode ?? … Thapki got her memory back ? … And the way u showed Bihaan’s concern for Thapki is so awesome …. But the best scene was that saree scene … The last part ??? It was so romantic … PRECAP …?? … Di Plz do not stop writing … LOVE❤ YOU DI

  3. finally thapki’s memory back… i’m happy… so hearttouching. nice Vino.
    waiting for the next. tc

  4. Thank God thapki get her memory back. Nice part dear

  5. hey….happy that thapki memory back now….keep it up…

  6. nice update.. waiting for next update

  7. pooja prabha

    Wow…Thapki get her memories.Thank you vino for fast making this track.precap is also awesome.


    Oh! No,
    Thapki tik ho gae…
    Di kebi aap ff ketam kerne k baare m to nehi soch rehi..
    Di plz don’t do this..
    Plz don’t stop writing plz di

    Nice episode..
    Waiting for next..
    Plz take care..
    Love you..
    Good night..
    Sweet dreams..

    Thax for updating….

  9. Manish ki deewani

    Oh fear I’m soooo happy that thapki memory is back ….episode is amazing dear….vino dear ur this track is so cute …ur imagination is superb …keep rocking yr

  10. Sulbi

    Lovely episode….

  11. Alm.Abi

    vino dear its amazing… i am so happy the way u r treating sankar.. she deserves this..hope to see this in real serial too.

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