Crazy love of thahaan (part-3)


This part is starting from thapki reaches her home.she goes to poonam.she hugs her happily.poonam asks to her,thapki is there any good news.she says to poonam,yes maa.i… i… I got job in 365 channel.I am so happy. hereafter I will take care of our family.poonam tells to her,but thapki you goes interview to other you got job in 365 channel.thapki explained everything to poonam.she gets happy.she hugs thapki.she tells to her,thapki I am so happy for you. you saves one person .that why god gives nice job for you.aditi hears this.she comes happily.aditi hugs thapki.they smiles at each other.krishnakant says to poonam today our daughter dones great we have to eat you prepare sweet for us.poonam nodes at him.she goes from there.

in hospital dhruv sits near to bihaan.he gets call from he goes out of room.paan comes to room.he sees bihaan.he gets worries about him.bihaan didn’t get conscious. then after few minutes bihaan slowly opens his eyes.paan gets happy.he called comes to them.he checks bihaan.he says to paan, don’t worry.he gets conscious. he is in out of danger now.if you want to take him to house you can take him now also.bihaan sees doctor.he asks to him,doctor who’s admitting me says to him,mr.bihaan your girl friend admits you.bihaan gets shocked.he says to doctor,what…girl friend!!! he thinks i dont have girl friend then who lied like this .he asks to him,doctor do you know her name.

doctor says to bihaan,did you forgot your girl friend name.OK I will tell you.her name is thapki.but she is stammers.otherwise she is suitable pair for you Mr.bihaan.all the best.bihaan gets chocked.paan sees bihaan.he hears everything.he stands like a swing.bihaan recalls the incident.he tries to recall her face.but I can’t.he says to paan,why are you looking at me. I am not a girl.dont look at me like this.I want to know the girl.I wants to see I need details with in few hours.paan comes out from shock moment.he says to bihaan, are you playing with me.don’t act like innocent.I am your best friend. but you didn’t inform this to me.when you got girl friend.bihaan gets tensed.paan sees bihaan face.he laughs at bihaan.then bihaan tells to him,don’t laugh.I will find her soon.

dhruv comes to room.he sees bihaan.he gets call from vasu.he says to her,no don’t want to come here.I spoke everything to doctor.he will discharge him I will come with bihaan now to home.dhruv ends the call.paan tries to tell about thapki. but bihaan looks at him paan shuts his mouth.

after that bihaan wear his dress. he goes to house.dhruv and bihaan reaches house.vasu comes to bihaan.she gives juice for him.bihaan drinks juice.vasu asks him to take rest.she goes from there.bihaan comes to balcony.he sees the moon and stars.he recalls about incident.he tries to recall her face clearly.he speaks himself,I think that girl name is thapki.because of she lifts my head and keeps in her lap.I want to see you thapki.but I didn’t get your face clearly.its OK anyway I will find you says to doctor you are my girl wait and watch what I am going to do with you.

the next day morning bihaan comes to downstairs. he goes out of house.vasu says to him,where are you going now.yesterday only you got don’t go anywhere. bihaan says to her,maa.. don’t worry. nothing wrong will happend for me.vasu says to him,then OK do this work.dhruv forgot his lunch you will give to him in his office.bihaan nodes at her.he takes lunch box.he goes to office.

thapki didn’t get taxi.she gets tensed.she says a….a… already its is first d….d…day for office.please god send taxi for me. after few minutes she sees the taxi.she goes to office.bihaan reaches office.he goes to dhruv room.he gives lunch to dhruv.thapki reaches 365 channel office.bihaan comes out of office.thapki runs inside of office.she runs opposite of bihaan.bihaan sees office.he didn’t sees thapki is coming opposite.thapki gets tensed.she runs there.she didn’t see him.they both hits together.thapki files and papers are flies.she goes to falls down but bihaan holds her.they sees each other.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…)

bihaan makes her to stands in floor.thapki finds him.she says to him…you are mr….she didn’t stammers to him.suddenly bihaan says to her,yeah I am bihaan what… don’t hit me intentially. I am looking so handsome so you done this with me I know this.thapki says to him, no please… he says to her,don’t acts like innocent.your face is looks like baby.but I know you know everything.I accept most of the girls are loving boys like me.but how dare you touch me.thapki gets angry.she says to him, hello you touches my hip.I am not touching you.she didn’t stammers.he says to her,so…what but….I am…suddenly security comes there. she says to thapki,are you vaani krishnakant.?thapki says yes to her.she says to thapki,dhruv sir is waiting for you. thapki looks at bihaan angrily.she goes from there.bihaan says to himself,what a girl…I gets shocked when I touches her.he smiles.bihaan goes from there.

thapki comes to dhruv room.he gives her certificate to him.he checks certificates. then he calls one of the staff there.he tells to her, place her in some system.she nodes at dhruv.thapki goes with her.she shows the place for thapki.thapki thanks her.she goes from there.thapki sits in chair.she gets happy.she takes the bag.she searches for her family photo to keep in her cabin.she sees the coat.she recalls the incident.she thinks I forgot to keep this in home. its OK I will keep is in my drawer.she kept this.she does work.

bihaan comes to house.vasu sees him.she asks to him,did you give lunch box to dhruv.bihaan says to her,yes maa… but don’t send again to office because of all the girls are falling on me.god made me looks so handsome. so all girls are falling in love with dhruv bhai office one of the girl falls on me intentially.her name is Vani. vasu smiles at him.she says to him,OK beta I won’t send there hereafter.bihaan smiles at vasu.he goes from there.
bihaan goes to his room.he recalls about that face.but he didn’t get.he gets tensed.

same day evening thapki comes to her house.aditi hugs her.she asks about today and office.thapki says to her,o……office is nice.but first day I got moodout because of I says to you know about that accident party.he comes there.I thinks to say everything to him.but he spoiled everything.aditi smiles.
thapki sleeps in her room.

next day morning daadi tells to bihaan,she want to go temple. bihaan nodes at her.he comes there with daadi ji. thapki goes to temple before office.she closes her eyes.she prays well.she opens her eyes.she gets shocked.she sees bihaan with his daadi.bihaan sees thapki.bihaan removes his cooling glass slightly and he hits one eye at her.thapki gets angry.she goes from there.bihaan thinks I spoiled your mood on can’t do your work well.bihaan makes daadi sits in temple.thapki walks in steps.suddenly bihaan comes in front of her.thapki gets scared.e says to her,hello…madam what are you thinking about me.why are you following me.yesterday you hits me in you hits your one eye at me.what is your problem.thapki says to him,what…me???he says to her,yes ms. vaani.thapki gets more angry at him.she didn’t say anything. she goes from there.bihaan says its happy to tease girls.I like it.bihaan goes from there.

precap: Bihaan sees coat in dhruv office.he thinks how this is comes there.

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  1. I Love Bihaan’s teasing nature … And the episode is as usual fab …. Loved it … Plz continue like this …Precap is interesting … I think Bihaan will get to know about Thapki by next episode …

  2. Sulbi

    Vino darl… So cute fight…. cute episode too… i was laughing when bihaan teased vaani… i was enjoying… waiting fr nxt… tc dear…

  3. Nice .keep writting dear vinolin

  4. Manish ki deewani

    Hi vino .nice episode dear u again rock it .I like their cute fighting (nok jok).

  5. Alia919

    Wow dear its too good… Lovely episode ..their fight is amazing and lovely…. keep it up…. Precap is interesting ….waiting for nxt

  6. amazing keep writing

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  8. Nice episode

  9. So funny, I laugh when Bihan tempting Thapki. Very interesting Vino dear…

  10. It is so amazing…seriously I loved..
    excited for next part

  11. Hi dear It is so amazing…seriously I loved it ..excited for next part

  12. its too good….love the fight….keep it up…

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