crazy love of thahaan (part-29)

this part is starting from bihaan recalls about thapki and their romantic moments.he cries.everyone’s cries.vasu comes to him.she wipes his eyes.
she says to that bihaan,don’t worry beta.thapki is in out of danger and baby also safe.please hope one day she will get her memory back.

bihaan hugs vasu.he gets teary eyes.
they goes to ICU ward.bihaan sees allowed only one person to see thapki.bihaan opens the door.he enters inside of room. she sits on bed.he goes near to thapki.he holds her hands slowly.thapki looks at bihaan.
thapki:(suddenly takes away her hand from him)who…who…who are you…??
bihaan gets shocked and gets teary eyes.
bihaan:thapki… I am your…(he recalls about what doctor says to him and her memory age is 7 now)
I am your best friend thapki.
thapki:wh… wh… what?are you my friend.but I didn’t remember you.i… i… I didn’t see you in my school also.
bihaan:i am not your school friend.I am your neighbour.
thapki:but I didn’t find you.wh…wh… what is your name?
bihaan:I am bihaan.
thapki:how…I…I…came here?what happend for me??
bihaan:yesterday we are played on gets stucks in you falls down.that’s why you gets injures in head.
thapki believes bihaan.bihaan comes from room.everyone’s sees bihaan.poonam and krishnakant asks about thapki to bihaan.he gets teary eyes.he didn’t say anything to them.
krishnakant:bihaan I will take thapki with me.because you can’t control her.she is pregnant also.
bihaan:no uncle…she is my wife.I will take care of her.I won’t leave her lonely.
poonam and krishnakant agrees to bihaan.

Sankara gets happy about thapki state.but she gets worry about baby.
doctor:(to bihaan)Mr.bihaan pandey her health is absolutely fine you can discharge her today.if you want nurse for her,I will send to your home.
bihaan:don’t want nurse doctor.if need nurse I will inform you later.
doctor nodes at bihaan.

bihaan does all formalities. he holds thapki.
thapki:f… f…friend where are we going now??
bihaan:now we are going to our home.
thapki:(sees krishnakant and poonam)she smiles.m…m…maa ..papa…please excuse me.because of I forgot to show my progress report to you.please don’t complaint this to tea.. tea… teacher.
she hugs her parents.
krishnakant:(hugs thapki)no beta.I won’t tell this to your teacher.
bihaan looks at thapki behavior. he gets sad.
thapki:p.. p..papa…come we will go to our home.
poonam:beta me and your papa is going to Delhi for marriage. so you will stay in bihaan house.
thapki:n…n…no maa.I will come with you.
poonam:thapki you are nice girl na… so don’t get adamant.
thapki gets sad and says ok I will stay with bihaan.poonam hugs thapki.she kisses her cheeks.thapki smiles.

vasu smiles at thapki.thapki goes behind of bihaan.she holds his hands.thapki gets scared
bihaan:thapki she is my mom vasu.whatever you want,you will ask to her.she will give for you.
thapki:(sees bihaan)is it..??i… i… I want big teddy bear toy.If I ask this to her is she will give to me??
vasu:yes I will give to you.(she smiles at thapki)
thapki gets happy.she leaves bihaan hand.she hugs vasu.
thapki:you …you…you are so sweet aunty.(thapki smiles).

pandey family members are reaches their home.they enters to house.thapki sees pandey nivas.she gets happy.she tries to run to arround home.bihaan realizes she was going to do something naughty work.she takes her one step forward.suddenly bihaan holds her.
bihaan:thapki you asked teddy bear know.I bought for you already.
thapki:(smiles at bihaan)wh… wh… what ??you bought it??where where??
bihaan:(holds her hands)come with me.
thapki goes fastly with bihaan.bihaan asks her to come slowly.bihaan reaches his room.thapki sees teddy bears and baby photos on wall.she gets happy.she goes near to teddy bear.she takes that in her hands.she kisses the teddy bear.she hugs and smiles.bihaan looks at thapki.
thapki hugs bihaan.bihaan gets shocked(na…na…naa plays……..)
thapki:th… th..thank you friend.I like all know I asked only one toy to my maa. but she slaps me.bu… bu… but you are my real friend.that’s why you gave this to me.i… i… I like you so much my friend.(she hugs him again.she smiles.bihaan hugs thapki.he gets teary eyes happily).

suddenly thapki gets hiccups.bihaan finds she was in hungry.he goes from room.he brings food for thapki.he comes back to his room.thapki plays with teddy bear.
bihaan:thapki this is dinner you have to eat this.
thapki:n… n…no I won’t eat this.I don’t want it.
bihaan:thapki don’t say like have to eat now.
thapki:if… I will eat this then i… i… I won’t go school tomorrow. are you agree for this.
bihaan:(smiles at her)OK you don’t want to go school.not tomorrow only.hereafter you don’t want to go.

thapki gets happy.she smiles at him.
bihaan smiles at thapki.suddenly thapki starts crying.
bihaan:choti why are you crying.?
thapki:i… i.. I want to go to my maa. (she cries)i need my papa.
bihaan:your parents are went to you can’t see them now.
thapki:I don’t know.i.. i… I want them or else I won’t eat this.
bihaan gets confused.
bihaan:ok you will eat this now.tomorrow I will bring you to your parents.
thapki:promise???(she shows her hand to him)
bihaan:(sees her)promise. he keeps his hand on her hand.
thapki smiles.bihaan wipes her tears.he feeds food to thapki.she eats the food.
thapki:e… e… enough.I don’t want.
bihaan:just eat this please.
but thapki didn’t eat the food.bihaan force her to eat the food.thapki gets angry.she takes water. she pours water in bihaan face.
bihaan looks at thapki angrily.thapki gets scared.
suddenly bihaan smiles at thapki.they smiles at each other.

Sankara goes to club.she drinks soo much in club.she thinks about thapki memory loss.she laughs.after few minutes she goes to room in that club.she gets More dizzyness.she falls on bed.she closes her person opens the room door.he sees sankara is sleeping.he closes the door.he misuse with Sankara.

thapki sleeps in bed.bihaan sees her sleeping.he sits near to her.suddenly she gets dreams.goons hits her head in rod stick.she gets scared.she screams and wakes up from bed.bihaan gets shocked.she cries a lot.she hugs bihaan.bihaan hugs her tightly.
bihaan:thapki are you alright???
what happend for you??
thapki:bi.. bi… bihaan friend!!! some one beating my head in rod stick. I am afraid.
bihaan:what???(he thinks someone does this evil plan intentially.I will find them)
no… don’t afraid I am there with you na…
thapki:(hugs him)no.i… i… I won’t sleep.if I sleep then again that dream will come.(she cries.)
bihaan:don’t worry thapki.I won’t let anything wrong happened for you.
thapki:ok then you have to sleep with me.don’t go anywhere from me.
bihaan:(looks at her)OK I will sleep with you.
thapki lying on bed.she asks him to lying on bed.bihaan also lying with thapki on bed.thapki comes near to him.she hugs him tightly.she closes her eyes.she sleeps.bihaan looks at thapki.he hugs her.he says, I am with you thapki.surely I will take revenge who does this against you.he gets teary eyes.he sleeps.they hugs each other and sleeps.

next day morning Sankara opens her eyes.she sees her dresses are ruinning.she says where I was there.why my dresses are there like this.suddenly she gets calls from her parents.they asked,where you went???you didn’t come to home yesterday night.Sankara says,I am in my friend house.she lied to her parents.I will come within few minutes.she ends the call.

vasu does aarthi.thapki and bihaan comes there.she sees laddoos in god idol.she smiles.
thapki:(sees bihaan)friend i ..I want this now.
bihaan:just wait thapki.after completing puja she will give to you.
thapki:n…n… no I want now.(she starts crying)
vasu asks to bihaan,why she was crying.bihaan explains everything to her.vasu smiles at thapki.she goes near to her.she wipes thapki tears.she gives laddoos to thapki.
thapki gets smiles.she eats and gets happy.bihaan admires her childhood activity.he smiles at her.

thapki sees more chocolates on table.she gets happy.she jumps in exciting.bihaan asks her to not jump.

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  1. I knw its sad bt i love d way bihaan raking care …lovly episode

  2. nice one….i hope thapki wil recover soon…

  3. Great imagination Vino.. lovely epi..
    I wonder where would this sankara track goes. Keep writing. Tc

  4. Nice one.

  5. Oh my god di …. You imagination is out of this world … ??? That childish behavior of Thapki was so cute …? …. It made me smile …. And u even brought a romantic angle as a friend with Bihaan ?…. Precap ..?? ….. And right now the biggest suspense is … Who was that man with Sankara ? Di Plz do not stop writing … Love u di ❤ Take care

  6. Ya eventhough it’s sad but the way bihaan take care of Thapki so touching. I hope real TPK show, thapki loss memory . only remember she got married with Bihaan. Story start from there… hehehe

  7. Nice episode

  8. pooja prabha

    Sad wala part I wish Thapki get her memory soon.

  9. Sulbi

    Outstanding vino darl i loved it…

  10. Lavanya A/P Prabakaran

    Wow..thapki loss her memory also she still loved bihaan… Nice episode… Thapki acting as childish behavior n the caring of bihasn so sweet…

  11. Thax for updating di
    Di mindblowing episode and
    Mindblowing you
    Di plz don’t stop writing
    Eagrly waiting for next episode…
    Di plz try to post soon because v can’t wait
    I hope u undst
    Plz take care

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