crazy love of thahaan (part-28)

this part is starting from vasu talking with balwander on same day night.
vasu:ji… I want to say something to you.
balwander:OK tell me.
vasu:I think to arrange party for bihaan.because they didn’t attend sangeet thapki was carrying our grandchild.
balwander:(laughs)why are you asking this to it whatever you want.
vasu gets glad.she smiles at bauji.

bihaan and thapki holds their hands.they stands in balcony.they looks at moon.
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan we has to give our baby to vasu maa.because of vasu maa will take care of our baby like you.
bihaan:(holds closely her)yes mom is my god.
thapki feels shivering.bihaan sees her.he removes his jacket.he makes her to wear that jacket.thapki turns at bihaan.bihaan sees her eyes.they looks at each other.bihaan and thapki hugs each other.bihaan smiles.thapki closes her eyes.she smiles at him (na… na… naa plays…..)

next day morning thapki comes to downstairs. bihaan holds her carefully.she walks slowly.they comes to vasu.vasu sees them.she smiles at them.thapki and bihaan comes to her.vasu blesses them.
shraddha sees thapki from far.she gets angry and says,you beats me yesterday in competition. I am only beautiful in are not.I will ruined you.she goes from there angrily.

vasu:(to thahaan)today evening party is there for you both has to participate.
bihaan:but Maa I am having work I have to go.
vasu:i don’t have to be there in party.
bihaan:OK maa I will be there in party.
vasu holds bihaan face and smiles.thapki gets happy.

shraddha calls to Sankara.she explained everything about competition and thapki.
Sankara gets angry.
Sankara:di… leave that competition. how is bihaan and thapki relationship now??
shraddha:sorry Sankara.I tried to seperate them.but I can’t.
sankara:(gets angry)how is her baby now?
shraddha:you don’t get worries.because of daily I am mixing slow poison in her food or juice.
Sankara:really are you mixing poison in her food?
shraddha:why are you doubting on me?
Sankara:then why still her baby is there?that baby should abort na…
shraddha:yes.don’t worry. one day surely that baby will die.then its easy to seperate them.

Sankara:di I can’t wait more days for this.
shraddha:today is part was there for bihaan and you will come here.we will plan anything against them.
Sankara:oh…. wow party.nice information. you don’t want to do anything.I will kill her and that baby.Sankara smiles and ends the call.

servant comes to thapki.he gives juice to her.thapki drinks the juice.shraddha sees that juice and smiles.fb shows shraddha adds more drops of slow poison.fb ends.
thapki gives back that glass to servant.he goes from there.

Evening everyone’s comes to pandey nivas.poonam,aditi and krishnakant enters to pandey nivas.vasu greets them.they gets glad.dhruv comes and takes mike.he says,here this special party is for our thapki and bihaan.but where is our hero and heroin…here the couple…he shows the hands towards bihaan and thapki.they comes from upstairs.everyone’s claps for them.vasu and poonam smiles.everyone’s gets happy.

aditi gets happy about thapki.dhruv goes from there.aditi thinks to go near to thapki.she goes from there.dhruv walks opposite to aditi.suddenly aditi slips.she goes about to falls down.dhruv sees aditi and holds her.aditi sees dhruv. they looks at each other.shraddha sees them from far.she gets angry.she comes near to aditi.dhruv makes her to stand in floor.he goes from there.shraddha looks at aditi angrily and goes behind dhruv.

aditi goes near to thapki.she hugs thapki and smiles.aditi says to her,di I am so happy today.I am proud of you.thapki smiles.
vasu:everyones don’t wait.let’s start the party.(music plays…)everyone’s forms a pair.they starts dancing.
bihaan and thapki looks at each other.
(ranjhanaa plays……..).bihaan lifts thapki in His arms.he looks at her.he dances with her.he makes her to stands on floor.bihaan touches her neck. he slowly moves his hands to her shoulder.she gets shy.she turns from him.she goes.he holds her hands.he pulls her on him.she comes back to him.he hugs her from back.he holds her belly.she closes her eyes.her hairs on falls on her face.bihaan takes her hairs away from her face.they dances romantically.thapki turns at him.they looks at each other.they have an eye lock.

shraddha searches for Sankara in party.later she founds her.
shraddha:why are you late?
Sankara:I arranged some plan against gets late.
shraddha :what????
Sankara:there is no time to explain to wait and see my work.
shraddha nodes at her.

thapki and bihaan dances romantically together.suddenly thapki says,bi…bi… bihaan I have to go for room.I am feeling tired.
bihaan:OK let’s go.
thapki:n…n…no bihaan I can go alone.
bihaan:thapki I will come with you please.
thapki:bihaan I…i …I will take will enjoy this party.nothing will happens for me
bihaan:you are very adamant won’t listen what I am saying to you.
thapki looks at him and smiles.
bihaan:OK you will go.but careful.

thapki touches his face.bihaan smiles at her.thapki goes to upstairs. suddenly 2 goons pulls her to store room.thapki tries to scream. but they closes her mouth tightly..they locks the door.
thapki:(gets tension)WHO… who…who are you.why are you doing like this to me???
goon 1:mrs… tha… tha…thapki bihaan pandey.we are going to kill you and your baby.(goons laughs at thapki speech and they are kidding her)
thapki gets scared.she screams bihaan bi… bi… bihaan save me.she tries to go from there goons blocks the way.she pushes goons from there.they falls down.she goes to unlock the of the goon takes the iron rod stick.he hits in thapki head.thapki turns at him.he beats her head again.she holds the door.she gets unconscious slowly. she falls down on floor.she gets faints.her head was bleeding.

bihaan thinks to take care of he thinks to go to room.bihaan walks on to his room.goons thinks to kill her they tooks knife.they goes to kill her.suddenly they hears bihaan walking they gets scared.bihaan crosses store room.he goes to his room..goons leaves thapki there.they didnt kill her baby.goons opens the door.they escaped from there.bihaan reaches his room.he sees thapki was not there.he searches her.he thinks where is this chuk chuk gaadi went???
he sees store room was opening.he thinks to unlock the store room.he comes near to store room.he comes to room.he sees thapki.he gets shocked.he screams…(thapki………..)everyone’s hears bihaan sound.they comes to store room.bihaan goes to thapki.he gets tensed and cries.he keeps her in his lap and says thapki what happend for your eyes.please thapki…I can’t live without you.he cries.he sees her head was bleeding.he gets scared.
thapki family members and pandey family members everyone gets shocked seeing thapki.they widen their eyes.everyone’s gets tensed and cries.Sankara and shraddha smiles.
bihaan:(sees vasu)maa… see her.she was not opening her eyes.
bihaam lifts thapki in his arms.they rushes her to hospital.

(in hospital)
bihaan hugs vasu and cries.everyone’s comes from ICU ward.bihaan runs to doctor.he asks about thapki to didn’t say anything.he goes from there.bihaan gets scared.

bihaan sees ganpathi statue.he goes there.he closes his eyes.he cries and pray to god.he says please lord save my thapki and baby.nothing wrong will happend for her.

bihaan comes to vasu.they waits for comes from ward.everyone’s goes to doctor.
bihaan:doctor how is my thapki and baby???she is safe know…
doctor:baby is safe.but…
bihaan:(gets tensed)but what happend to thapki doctor?
doctor:thapki gets heavy injury in her she forgot all her memory age was 7.

bihaan gets shocked.everyone’s gets shocked.
bihaan: it means???
doctor:it means she was like 7 year child now.but she was carrying baby you have to take care of her very means now you have to take care two is your wife thapki.another is your baby.
bihaan gets shocked and cries.

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  1. Oh nooooo….poor thapki…., poor bihaan…
    Please Vino, don’t let them like this for too long, i don’t like sad track and bad guys won.
    But it’s a great epi.
    Keep writing. Tc

  2. Manish ki deewani

    Hello vino nice part thahaan part is amazing but last part so sad for Bihaan and thapki baby is safe this happened becoz of evil Sankara and shrada .I know u don’t drag this track just like didn’t mention the poison

  3. Vinolin.d

    guys I forgot to add precap.
    bihaan feeds food to thapki.she pours water on bihaan face.Sankara drinks too much in person was misuse her.

  4. Di ….. The episode was fab …. Thahaan dance ?? … But when goons kidnap Thapki … I was scared …?? ..Then when doctor said about memory loss … I actually felt very bad ..?? …. The precap is nice .? … Now it would be so interesting to see how Bihaan tackles a 7 year old Thapki ? … Di Plz do not stop writing … ❤ You are awesome … Take care di … ❤ You di

  5. Nice epi…..precap is interesting…..I’m fed up with these memory loss drama n plss finish dis track soon….

  6. amazing lovely please some how save chotU and thapki get well sooN yar very interesting ur imagination too good

  7. nice but also waiting for next that how bihan take care of thapki..

  8. Sulbi

    Vino darl its fantastic… amazing dear… am so sad for thapki… now she is also baby… waiting for nxt part dear…

  9. pooja prabha

    Unexpecting twist…dear vino pls don’t drag this memory loss track,pls joined our Thahaan soon.

  10. Unexpecting. But nice episode

  11. Di superb
    Matleb m kya kehu
    Aap ne story ko kitna acha track dia h
    seriously mindblowing
    Di ab thapki ka bechpena dekne ko milega
    Matlab thahaan romance in new way
    Or funny way
    Plz take care
    eagrly waitig for next episode …
    So v r waiting…..

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