crazy love of thahaan (part-27)

this part is starting from vasu comes to shraddha room on same day evening.
vasu:beta…. are you ready for competition.?
shraddha:(smiles)yes mummy ji. with in few minutes I will get ready.
vasu smiles at her.shraddha smiles at vasu.then vasu goes from there.
shraddha wears very costlyand grand net saree.that’s blue color.she wears necklace and ear rings and smiles.she stands in front of mirror. she says,here beautiful angel was standing in front of mirror. surely that award is for me.she smiles.

bihaan comes in his room.he sees thapki didn’t get ready.she was simply sitting on chair.
bihaan comes near to her.he gets shocked.
bihaan:thapki why you didn’t getting ready for competition?
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I don’t know which dress to wear for competition.
bihaan:what???thapki its not problem.all dresses becomes so beautiful when you wear it.
show your dresses I will choose for you.
thapki node at him.she shows all dresses to him
he sees dresses. he doesnt choose anything.because of all dresses are very simple.
bihaan:thapki I don’t like anything.there is any other dress.

thapki:n…n…no bihaan I don’t have anything special for competition.
bihaan:yeah…I know are having simple dresses only.but you didn’t say this to me only you are saying.that’s why I bought this for you.
thapki:(surprisingly) wh…wh… what??bihaan how???
he gives parcel to her.thapki looks at the parcel.she looks at the parcel surprisingly.
bihaan:oh madam.enough how much times you will watch this and sees this.
thapki smiles at him.she opens the parcel.she gets glad.she takes the dress from her hands.she sees nude color lehenga,nude color necklace,ear rings, maang tika and high heel sandal.she gets happy.
she looks at bihaan and smiles.bihaan looks at thapki.he smiles at her.thapki gets happy.she hugs bihaan.they hugs each other tightly.thapki kisses his cheeks.bihaan kisses her forehead.they looks at each other.they have an eye lock.(na… na… naa plays……)

vasu comes there.she sees their romantic moments.she smiles.he coughs.suddenly thapki seperates him.
thapki:m… m…maa …WO…
vasu:beta are you ready for competition???
thapki:nahi maa…I will get ready
vasu:OK fast…now competition will going to start.
thapki nodes at vasu.vasu smiles at her and goes from there.

after few minutes.bihaan comes to his room.he gets shocked and surprised.he sees thapki.she wears everything.she looks more beautiful and hot.he becomes speechless about her beauty.
thapki:(smiles)bi… bi..bihaan how is this?do you like this?
bihaan comes near to her.
he holds her face.
bihaan:you are looking beautiful thapki.
thapki:you are the reason for my beauty bi… bihaan.
bihaan touches her face.she closes her eyes.she turns and goes from him.she gets shy.suddenly bihaan holds her hands.thapki stands and turns her face.she smiles.bihaan comes closes to her.he touches her blouse back.she feels at him.she closes her eyes.bihaan ties her blouse dori.then she was realized she forgot to tie that blouse dori. bihan slowly puts not in blouse back.thapki turns at him.bihaan looks at thapki.they looks at each other.they have an eye lock.(ranjhanaa plays………)

suddenly suman comes there.bihaan and thapki seperates.suman says,thapki competition is going to start within few minutes.come fast. thapki nodes at her.suman goes.
everyone’s comes to downstairs. vasu looking for thapki.then she sees bihaan holds thapki.thapki walks slowly from upstairs.vasu smiles.everyone s looks at them.
preethi:see our thapki and bihaan in…thapki was very awesome.
suman:yes she was so beautiful.
shraddha gets angry seeing thapki.she turns her face from them.
thapki and bihaan comes to vasu.
vasu gets happy seeing them.
vasu:chalo beta…competition is going to start now.everyone’s gets happy.thapki smiles at vasu.
bihaan holds thapki.they goes.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan one minute.I will come.
bihaan leaves her.thapki goes to puja room.she leaves her sandal.she goes to God idol.she prays for baby.she says I don’t wants to win this competition. but pls don’t let anything happend for my baby.she finishes praying.she comes to bihaan.they goes from there.shraddha comes to god idol.she sees sandal.she recalls thapki wears it.she smiles.she takes that sandal away from there.she breaks thapki sandal heels.she thinks now your baby will die.she laughs.then she keeps sandal in that same place.
thapki and bihaan walks.suddenly thapki remembered about sandal.
thapki:bi…bi…bihaan I forgot my sandal.I will wear and come here.
bihaan:OK let’s go.
thapki:n…n…no bihaan I will get and come.bihaan nodes at her.
thapki goes to god idol. she finds sandal.she wears and comes to bihaan.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I don’t know about ramp walk.
bihaan:hello madam you don’t want to study course for this.its easy just walk in stage.that’s’r walking is normally looks like ramp walk.
thapki looks at him.
In mike they are starts to announce about competition. thapki gets tensed.bihaan holds her hands and says don’t worry I am with you. bihaan smiles at her.thapki smiles.

they are announced first round for beautyness.
suman walks on stage.everyone’s claps.then preethi comes on stage.preethi stands so stylish and she goes from there.shraddha comes on stage.she widens her pallu and smiles.finally thapki walks on stage.everyones claps.bihaan smiles and looks at her.thapki walks slowly.her heels brokes slowly.shraddha seea thapki sandal.she gets happy.thapki stands in stage.she gets irritated slowly.thapki smiles in stage but her eyes shows she was in some problem.bihaan notices her.he sees her sandal.he gets shocked.he runs near to stage.thapki turns from stage.suddenly her sandal heel breaks fully.shraddha smiles and excited to see thapki about falling down.she goes about to falls.she screams.vasu and everyones gets tensed.bihaan holds thapki in his arms.thapki gets tensed.she cries. everyone’s looks at them shockingly.bihaan looks at thapki.thapki cries at him.they looks at each other.bihaan lifts thapki in his arms in stage.anchor announced, they are real lovable couple.please clap for them.everyone’s claps.shradha gets angry.bihaan lifts thapki in his arms.he goes from there.thapki looks at bihaan.thapki hugs him and cries. bihaan looks at her.he wipes her tears.bihaan hugs thapki.(na… na…naa plays…..)

then final round.they announced about question round.
suman comes on stage.judges asked how you are expecting about your husband character?suman says whatever I am saying my husband has to do for me.same question to preethi.she says my husband has to buy so many Jewell’s for me.shraddha says,my husband must give respect to me.he has to do anything for me.thapki says,I want love from my husband.I don’t want anything from him.because of love is valuable thing.thapki looks at bihaan.bihaan smiles at her.everyone’s claps.

after few minutes.anchor comes to stage.he calls judges to announce result.judge comes on stage.judges says,most beautiful bahu is…………shraddha thinks surely this award is for me.she smiles.they says…that is Mrs.thapki bihaan pandey……
everyone’s claps.vasu gets happy.bihaan gets happy and smiles.thapki gets happy and smiles at him.shraddha gets angry.judges asks to come bihaan on stage.bihaan goes to stage.anchor says,now Mr.bihaan pandey makes wears this crown to his wife.Mrs.bihaan pandey.everyone’s claps.suman and preethi smiles.bihaan smiles at thapki.he takes crown.he goes near to thapki.he wears crown in her head.thapki cries happily and smiles at him. bihaan smiles at her.thapki hugs bihaan.they hugs each and glitter papers falls on them.everyone’s gets happy and smiles.shraddha gets angry.she goes from there.

vasu arranged party for thapki and bihaan.goons kidnaps thapki.they hits on thapki head from rod stick.thapki screams and falls down.she gets faints.

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  1. pooja prabha

    Stunning part yaar…but precap is annoying…I wish everything willbe going in a good way.all the very best.take care dear.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai pooja…thanks my dear.

  2. Amazing part dear.Eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear rifa…

  3. Kash it us in real. I love it. I live u who write this. Keep on writing it makes me feelso romantic and refreshable. Amazing yaar.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai poonam…thanks darl.

  4. Nice epi…
    Precap is scary…
    Waiting for the next. Tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks Leena darl…

  5. O my god
    Di mindblowing episode
    Di percap was very scary
    Di eagrly waiting for next episode
    Di plz jaldi post kerna plz plz
    Di ur superb,mindblowing writer
    Muje na jayeda tarif kerni nehi aati
    But ur really superb
    Lu so much
    Plz take care
    And plz try to post soon
    Plz di plz
    So v r waiting….

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai kudrat dear..thanks a lot.

  6. thapki won the competition.. but in real tpk, Thapki loses every time.. hate cvs….anyways vino dear it’s been a great update.. precap is scary but bihaan will save her I hope.. update soon

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai rinka darl…thank you so much.

  7. oh very nice thahaan won the cmpetituon…..precap is scary…waiting for next..

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear sadia…

  8. Sorry dr for not commenting regulary…..asusual u nailed it dlz..ur imagination is superb!!

  9. Di I am sorry for commenting so late … I read it just now. Di the competition idea was FAB …? Di I knew it that u will change the scenario into a romantic episode .? The way Bihaan saved Thapki and the last part where he makes her wear the crown ..?? … The hug ?? … The precap ?? . But di u r so mind blowing … That I know the next episode is also gonna be fab …??

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