crazy love of thahaan (part-26)

this part is starting from same day evening shraddha goes to kitchen. she was watching servant cooking special food for thapki.she goes there.she says to servant,mummy ji calls you outside.servant nodes at her.he goes from there.she takes slow poison from her another hand.she looks at that and smiles.she drops one spoon slow poison and says,thapki its slow poison for killing your baby day by day.what can I do….its my work now.she laughs.
servent comes back to kitchen and says,madam vasu madam says she didn’t call me.shraddha says to him, oh….OK but I heard she called you like that…you completed this work give food to thapki.servant says to her,OK madam.he takes the food and goes to bihaan room.shraddha looks at him and smiles.
servant comes to bihaan room.he keeps food on table.servant says to bihaan,saab…here thapki madam food. bihaan says to him,OK bhaiya.. thanks.he smiles at servant.servant goes from there.
thapki opens her eyes.she sees bihaan was reading news paper in sofa.she wakes up from bed.bihaan sees thapki.he keeps news paper in table.bihaan comes to thapki.
bihaan:thapki…are you OK now?
thapki:yes.. bi.. bi.. bihaan.I am feeling good.
bihaan:(takes food and comes to thapki)thapki eat this food.
thapki:no bi.. bi.. bihaan.I didn’t feel hungry now.
bihaan:what???no you have to eat least eat for our child.our baby will hungry na…
thapki:o… o…OK bihaan.(she smiles)
bihaan goes near to her for feeding food.
thapki:bihaan i.. i… I will eat this food.I am not child.
bihaan:hello madam…I am feeding my food to my are like child only to me.
thapki:n…no..bihaan.I will eat.
then bihaam gives the plate to her and says ,OK you will eat.
thapki takes the plate and eats food.bihaan admires her eating.

then same day night thapki comes to downstairs. vasu comes to thapki.
vasu:thapki beta….did you had dinner?
vasu:(holds thapki hands)beta I am sorry. I misunderstanding with you.but now everything has cleared. you are nice bahu in this house.good character.
thapki:m… m…Maa please don’t say are maa for this have rights to do everything.
vasu:(smiles) beta I am very lucky to get bahu like you.
thapki smiles.vasu hugs thapki and smiles.

bihaan searches for thapki.
bihaan:thapki…thapki…where are you??he says where is this chuk.. Chuk gaadi gone???
then he founds thapki.she speaks in mobile to aditi.she ends the call.
bihaan comes near to her.
bihaan:thapki where you went…?I am searching you na..
thapki:wh…wh… why are you searching me…?what you want?
bihaan:what are you asking to me?I am your are carrying can I leave you alone.(he holds her hands)come with me.he holds thapki.thapki walks with him to room.she sees there is no lights in room.its very dark.
thapki hugs bihaan.… bihaan.I am getting scared.its so dark.
bihaan:(hugs her)don’t worry thapki.I am with you.
he switches on the lights.she sees room decorations.she gets surprised. she sees candles and flower decorations.she sees so many cute baby photos are there in wall.she sees so many teddy bears are there in room.she gets happy.
bihaan comes near to her.
bihaan:thapki…do you like this???these are all for you and our baby.I want you always looking happy.
thapki gets emotional and gets teary eyes. she hugs bihaan happily.bihaan gets surprised. he hugs her.they hugs each other (na… na… naa plays…..).he smiles.thapki cries.bihaan hears her crying sound.bihaan seperates thapki.he sees her face.she was cries.
bihaan:thapki don’t should not cry when I was there with you.
he wipes her tears.he kisses her forhead.thapki closes her eyes.he hugs her.they hugs each other(ranjhanaa plays…… )
bihaan smiles at thapki.thapki smiles him too.bihaan and thapki gets happy.they hugs together and smiles.

next day morning vasu calls everyone’s to downstairs. everyone’s comes there.vasu informs to them,today evening there is competition about best beautiful judges are coming today evening.I hope this pandey family one of bahu will get this award.everyones smiles.
preethi:don’t worry maa. surely I will win this award.because of I am so beautiful in this house.
shraddha turns her face from her.and thinks this radio mirchi doesnt have any work.see her face looks like unboiled samosa. but she was thinking miss world.
she gets angry.
suman:no..I will get this award.
vasu:enough…stop it.stop your fighting. don’t argue now.there is no get ready for competition.
suman and preethi nodes at vasu.they goes.

thapki and bihaan comes to room.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I can’t participate in competition.
bihaan:why you can’t participate?? thapki:bi.. bi… bihaan I am pregnant can I participate and I don’t know ramp walk.
bihaan:thapki this is not big problem.I will teach you how to walk in stage and nothing will happend our baby for this.
thapki:but bihaan….
bihaan:(suddenly) you have to participate. nothing wrong will happend for you.I am with you.
thapki smiles at him.
bihaan:your face is looking I will throw dullness from your face.
thapki:wh… wh… what you going to do bihaan?
bihaan:(shows face pack cream to her)here face pack cream.
thapki:but bihaan i… i… I don’t like face pack like this.
bihaan:i am not to asking you to apply daily.just today apply this.thapki I wants to see you will win this award pls.
thapki looks at him and nodes at him.
bihaan gets happy and says,I am going to do facial for my wife today.
bihaan makes her to sits in chair.he takes all creams.he applies to her face slowly.(romantic song jag…plays)
he does massage in her face.thapki gets feeling different.finally he applies face pack creams in her face.he keeps cucumber slice in her eyes.

shraddha thinks surely this award I will win. because of I am having beautiful face and physique.

preethi takes out all dresses from almari. she gets confused to choose dress to wear in beautiful bahu competition.
suman washes her face.she says I have to do facial now.she sees lot of face pack cream brands in her cupboard.

after few minutes bihaan comes to thapki.he checks that face pack.he brings water and cleans her face.
bihaan:hello madam now see your face.its main reason is my magical is your face??
thapki opens her eyes and sees in mirror.she looks very surprised. she looks so bright and radiant face.
thapki:th… th… thanks bihaan.I like this.
bihaan:hello madam I am not doing this for thanks.I need this.(he widen his hands and smiles) thapki hugs him tightly.they hugs tightly each other.they smiles at each other.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…..)

shraddha breaks thapki sandal heels.she smiles.thapki walks on stage.everyone’s claps.she goes to falls down.

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  1. OMG !!! How romantic di …. ?? …. Your creativity and imagination is out of this world …. The way that make up scene was described … It was so cute …?? … And the precap is ? bit scary …. But I know when u write … You just turn over the whole thing into a romantic sequence …. Hats Off to u for that …?? … ❤ You di … Take care

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks dear naitan..

  2. pooja prabha

    Fabulous…what a imagination, its so beautiful…I wish next part we can get very soon.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear Pooja.

  3. It is superb.waiting for next update

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much my dear rifa…

  4. You know Vinolin, you’re great in making romantic scenes. I never thought bihaan could do make up, it’s great.
    I hope shraddha will be exposed soon.
    Keep writing. Tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai Leena darl… thanks.

  5. Sulbi

    Vino darl… how are you… Happy new year dear… episode was fantastic… loved it dear… tc 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear sulbi..

    2. Vinolin.d

      happy new year sulbi darl…

  6. Hello di ,how r u ?
    Di wish u very happy new year

    Di episode was nice
    Eagrly waiting 4 next episode
    Lu di
    Keep writing and loving us
    Or ha thax for updating
    Plz take care

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear kudrat..I am fine are you??? happy new year.thanks a you too

  7. i love th way bihan cares for thpki….keep it up

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