crazy love of thahaan (part-25)


this part is starting from shraddha talking with Sankara in mobile.
shraddha:I am in very tension.that oldie was accept that thapki.
Sankara:no…we have to do something for thapki.
shraddha:you don’t get worry Sankara. before I done that evil plan for kill vasu.but whatever I said to that oldie she was accepts and hate like that I will do something to break vasu and thapki relationship.
sankara:(smiles)thanks di… I an waiting for that cute moment.
shraddha smiles and ends the call.
(vasu hears everything from behind of door.she cries. she thinks how evil this shraddha.but I blamed thapki for everything.I made big mistake.I makes her married with my dhruv. she cries and says but I am happy about bihaan.he married with thapki.thapki is nice girl.but I am misunderstanding with her.vasu goes from there.

next day morning… bihaan comes to thapki.she thinks about baby and smiles.bihaan sees her smiling
he comes near to her.he holds her hands.thapki looks at him.he sits near to her.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I am so exciting to get our baby.(smiles)
bihaan:yes thapki.I am also exciting to see our baby.
thapki:bihaan we have to take care very well of our baby.
bihaan:(hugs thapki)don’t worry and our baby only is my life.
thapki and bihaan hugs together.they smiles (na… na… Naa…plays…..)

bihaan:thapki now you have to drink juice.
thapki:OK bi… bi… bihaan I will drink.(she goes from there)
suddenly bihaan holds her hands.
thapki turns at him.
bihaan:hello madam…where are you going.?
thapki:I…I..I am going to make juice.
bihaan:you don’t want to make just sit here I will bring juice for you.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan…but how you..
bihaan keeps his finger in her lips.
bihaan:I know it.I will do.
thapki smiles at him.bihaan goes from there.

bihaan goes to kitchen.he takes apple and grinds it.shraddha comes to kitchen.she sees bihaan was grinding apple in juicer.shraddha stops to enter inside of kitchen.she thinks I got nice idea.if I mixed that abortion tablet in this,thapki babu will die and she starts to hate bihaan.because of bihaan gave this juice from his hand to they will become seperate.its double benefit for me.I have to do this now.she smiles and runs to her room.she searches the medicine.then she gets the abortion medicine.she gets happy.she runs to kitchen again.bihaan finishes to made juice.he takes juice in his hand.he goes from kitchen.shraddha gets to mix this medicine.then.she gets idea.she thinks I am having new ones know about this.she calls to bihaan.bihaan keeps juice in table.he takes his mobile.bihaan says its unknown number.who’s this?he attends the call.he says hello…. who’s speaking??.hello…he goes forward from there.suddenly
shraddha comes and put tablet in juice and mixes slightly in spoon.she slowly escapes from there.bihaan says,who’s this???they are in line.but didn’t speaking to me.he ends the call.he takes and goes to his room.

bihaan enters to room.thapki sits in room.bihaan smiles at her.
shraddha comes near to their room.she hides behind of door.she watches them.
bihaan:my wife Mrs. thapki bihaan juice is there for you.I made please drink this madam.(he does one knee down and gives juice to her like flower)
thapki smiles and takes juice in her hand.
bihaan smiles at her.thapki drinks juice.shraddha looks at thapki.she gets happy.shraddha smiles at her.
bihaan sees thapki was drinking juice.then thapki finishes drinking.
shraddha gets happy.she goes from there to room.
thapki stands to keep glass somewhere.
bihaan:hello madam why are you standing now.I will do this.just give that glass to me.I will wash it.
thapki:n…n…no bihaan.already you done so many thinks for me.
bihaan:what I did for you.I didnt do anything.for you and dont say like are my are carrying our its my rights to do for you.
thapki :(gets emotional and cries happliy.she hugs bihaan)bi… bi… bihaan I am very lucky to got husband like are everything for me.
bihaan smiles and hugs her.(ranjhanaa…….music plays…)

shraddha calls to Sankara and says about what she done for thapki.Sankara gets happy.shraddha ends the call.
shraddha says within few minutes your baby will die.I am waiting for that sweet moment.she smiles.

thapki gets tired.she feels dizzyness.
thapki:bi… bi..bihaan I feel tired.
bihaan:OK will take rest.
he sits in bed.he makes her to lying on his lap.she closes her eyes.bihaan smiles at thapki.he rubs her head slowly.he sees her face.thapki sleeps.he kisses on her head and cheeks.he gets happy seeing thapki’s cute sleeping.

shraddha sees that wall clock.she says she drinks juice before half an hour.but still that medicine is not works.what happend to her.I have to know this.she walks to bihaan room.she hides from the door.she sees them.she sees thapki was lying on bihaan’s lap.she was sleeping.bihaan corrects her dress during sleeping
he rubs her head slowly.he takes her hairs away from her face.he was taking more care for thapki.she gets more angry seeing them.she goes from there.

shraddha gets angry.she throws all things.she behave like mad.she says,how its possible. its powerful medicine.I saw she drinks that same its was happend.she gets angry and crazy.
she calls for Sankara and explained everything to her.Sankara says, may be that medicine is not effectly medicine.give slow poison for her daily in her food.
shraddha says to her, OK I will do this.I will make her baby die day by day.Sankara smiles.shraddha ends the call.

bihaan gets call.he slowly moves his lap and holds her head.he keeps pillow there.he sees thapki was sleeping.then he attends the call.he speaks to someone.

precap :
shraddha adds slow poison in thapki food.thapki sees the room.she gets surprised.bihaan and thapki gets happy.

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  3. Awesome episode di …? … The way Vasu maa realised her mistake … ?? … And Bihaan taking care of Thapki ?? … Just FABULOUS ….. Di ur creativity is out of this world ?? … Love u di ❤ Take care and Happy New Year ?

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    I like the way bihaan care for thapki.
    I’m sure soon sankara and shraddha will be punished as you said before. Good job Vinolin. Keep writing. Tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai Leena dear.ur question is right.there is reason.that will come in upcoming episodes.thanks for your comment.advanced happy new year

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