crazy love of thahaan (part-24)

this part is starting from thapki comes to bihaan.…bihaan please wakeup.its already late.
bihaan:no… thapki I feel sleepy
(he turns his face from her.he sleeps again)
thapki gets angry.she goes.
suddenly bihaan holds her hands.thapki sees bihaan face.bihaan smiles at her.
bihaan:what you are getting angry for everything.
thapki:then what… you… you said know today we have to go hospital for checking baby.
bihaan:hello I didn’t forget it.already I get ready to go hospital.
thapki:wh… wh… what???
bihaan:yes.. see..(he wakes up from bed.thapki sees bihaan is wearing nice dress)
I was waking before 1 hour. you sleeps in that you didn’t know can I forget this important matter.
thapki:(smiles)bi…bi… bihaan you are so naughty.

bihaan:just wait and watch.surely I am telling we will get cute girl baby.
thapki:no…no I am telling we are going to get boy baby.
bihaan:no… its surely girl baby.
thapki: n…n… no its boy.
bihaan:OK ok whatever it is.both baby are I am happy to get any baby.
thapki:(smiles and hugs bihaan)o… o… OK bihaan.I agree this.
bihaan and thapki hugs together.they smiles at each other.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays……)

thapki parents are comes to pandey nivas.vasu sees them.bihaan sees them.he gets happy.bihaan goes to them.he gets blessings from krishnakant and poonam.vasu sees this from far.she comes to bihaan.
bihaan:maa.. they are thapki maa and papa. she is thapki sister aditi.
vasu:(smiles and folds her hands)she greets them.
come and sit here.
they sits on sofa.
bihaan:(gets happy)I will call thapki uncle.please wait.
suddenly he sees thapki was coming from upstairs. she sees her parents.she gets surprised and happy.
aditi smiles at thapki.

aditi:di…(she runs to thapki and hugs her.aditi and thapki cries happily)
then thapki comes to poonam and krishnakant.she hugs them.she gets emotional and cries.
thapki:m…m…maa… didn’t you get angry on me??
poonam:nahi beta…how can I get angry with my daughter? I forgot everything.
krishnakant:yes beta.we don’t have any angry at you.(thapki cries and hugs them.poonam and krishnakant gets emotional)
bihaan gets happy seeing them.he smiles.vasu looks at them and smiles.shraddha comes there and gets angry seeing them.

suman and preethi gets happy.
preethi:see suman. they becomes very happy.they excused thapki.
suman:yes…I am also very happy.
preethi:thank god.that Sankara didn’t become as bahu of this family.
suman:why are you saying like this.
preethi:because of I hate know she was thinking in her heart she was I am only beautiful in this family.
suman:OK we have to take care of thapki.
preethi:you are saying right suman.(they looks at thapki)

bihaan looks at vasu and says…
bihaan:maa… I am going hospital with thapki to check her.
vasu:OK beta…go safely.
bihaan:OK maa…
vasu:beta don’t go in bike.take car and go with her to hospital.
bihaan:(smiles)OK maa.

bihaan holds thapki hands and goes from there.

they reaches hospital.
bihaan and thapki goes to doctor.suddenly thapki slips and screams.before that bihaan holds her.bihaan saves her.thapki gets tensed.she sees bihaan.they looks at each other(na… na… naa plays……)

doctor checks thapki.
doctor: Mr.bihaan pandey baby is fine.its 3 you has to take care of her carefully.don’t allowed to lift weights to her.
bihaan:doctor already I am saying to her don’t do any work.but she didn’t listening to me(he looks at thapki)
thapki smiles at him.
doctor:OK I will give medicines to will give this regularly to her.
bihaan nodes at doctor.
he holds thapki and goes from there.

bihaan and thapki reaches house.
he makes her to sit in sofa.
balwander,vasu and everyone’s sees them.
balwander:bihaan what doctor says about baby?
bihaan:papa doctor gives medicines for thapki.
suman and preethi smiles.
vasu smiles at bihaan.
shraddha gets angry.she thinks I will kill the baby soon.

vasu:bihaan take her to your room
bihaan nodes at vasu.
he holds thapki.they goes to their room.
bihaan makes her to sits in bed.thapki looks at him.they looks at each other.thapki holds bihaan hands.they looks at each other.bihaan takes her hair away from her face.he kisses her cheek.thapki hugs him.bihaan hugs her.thapki seperates bihaan.she kisses his forehead.bihaan smiles at thapki.again they hugs together.they smiles.(na… na… naa. plays……)
thapki:i…I…I am very happy parents are accepts our marriage.
bihaan:yes thapki
I am also happy about this and our baby.I am waiting to see our baby.
thapki:yes…bihaan I am also.
bihaan:thapki…I will promise surely I will take care of you and our baby.
thapki happily cries and hugs him back.bihaan gets emotional.they hugs and smiles.

shraddha mixes abortion medicine in juice.bihaan makes thapki to drink it.shraddha sees from far and smiles.

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  1. Garima

    oh so evil this sharadha please bihaan’s
    or thapki’s child didn’t died.

  2. Happy episode, i like it. But precap is scary.
    Please save the baby….
    Waiting for the next..Keep

  3. Navami

    Good epi drr..precap make me shoked….waiting for next part..

  4. Shibil

    Nice… precap is horrible …pls make thahaan baby safe..

  5. Episode was – FABULOUS …. Loved it di ❤ … Their hugs and all the thahaan scenes ?? …Precap is scary … ?? … But I know di u r a fabulous writer … So of course there must be some twist ? … Di upload whenever possible … Take care di ?❤

  6. Mast episode tha
    Di plz choto thahaan ko kuch mat hone dena
    Di congratulation in advance for 25th episode
    di so try to lenthy episode(25th) if u have time
    di if u don’t mind I want to say something
    di plz plz plz
    apna dhyen rekna
    love you di
    lu lu lu lu so much
    so v r eagrly waiting for next episode…..

  7. What a lovable couple…vino you has to done a great job yaar .I want to congratulate to you for upcoming successful completion of 25th part…I am little nervous about the precap but iam sure my dosth will not disappointing me.Am I right Vino???
    Advance new year wishes dear buddy.

  8. Nice episode.

  9. Lavanya A/P Prabakaran

    Nice episode but pls dont let bihaan n thapki baby die…

  10. Sulbi

    Vino darl superb… i loved it dear…

  11. Amazing & lovely epi….eagerly waiting for the nxt part!!

  12. Awesome,, percap make me shoked ???….

  13. Aww .. Its a delight to know both looking forward to parenthood.. Wishef its was portrayed in the drama as well. Unfortunately no.. Nevertheless you did justice to their affection here.

  14. oh nice bt scary one…

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