crazy love of thahaan (part-22)

this part is starting from shraddha calls for Sankara.she explained everything to Sankara.Sankara gets happy.
Sankara:super di.. I am very happy.thanks a lot di…
shraddha:its starting only Sankara.thapki ruined your I will take revenge and seperate her from bihaan.
Sankara smiles.
shraddha:there is another awesome plan.I am going to play tomorrow. surely bihaan will hate her fully this time.if you want to admire their seperation come here tomorrow.
Sankara:yes.sure di… I will come tomorrow.
shraddha:(smiles) I am waiting for you here.
she ends the call.

thapki lying on bed.she cries.bihaan comes to his room.he sees thapki is crying there.he gets worry at her.he goes behind of her.he goes near to her.he recalls about that incidents suddenly.then he comes back from her.
thapki turns and sees bihaan.she cries.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan please believe me.please speak to me.
bihaan:there is nothing to speak with you thapki.
thapki:(holds his hands)pl… pl… please listen me.
bihaan:(looks at her angrily.thapki takes her hands back from him)I want to sleep now.if you speak like this I won’t be there.then I will go somewhere to sleep.
thapki:you… you… you will sleep here bihaan.I wont disturb you.(she cries)
bihaan sleeps on bed.he moves from thapki.he turns his face from her.thapki cries and sleeps.

the next day morning vasu does aarthi.Sankara enters to pandey nivas.vasu and shraddha sees her.they smiles at her.Sankara comes to vasu.she hugs her.shraddha comes to Sankara.they hugs and gets happy.thapki looks at them.vasu sees thapki angrily.
then they goes from there except thapki.

thapki takes banana fruits in her hands from kitchen to dinning table.bihaan sees thapki from upstairs. suddenly she gets hiccups.bihaan realizes she was in he goes about to give something for eating to her.thapki takes banana and eats this.bihaan sees thapki was eating banana.her hiccups stops.he goes from there.shraddha sees thapki was eating banana. thapki throws banana skin in dustbin. she goes from there.
shraddha smiles at thapki and says,let’s wait for my playing.
shraddha sees vasu was coming from upstairs. suddenly she goes from there.she takes banana skin from dust bin.she throws it on steps.shraddha hides in some place.Sankara comes to shraddha.
Sankara:di… why are you hiding here?
shraddha:come this side.
Sankara:what are you doing di??
shraddha:don’t ask anything.just enjoy this moment.this is thapki crying time now.
Sankara gets happy.

vasu walks on steps slowly.she keeps his foot on banana skin.vasu slips on steps.she screams.she falls but bihaan holds vasu.shraddha and Sankara acts like emotional and runs to vasu.
shraddha:mummy ji what happened??? are you OK?
Sankara:aunty are you fine???
vasu: yes beta I am fine.but who threw this here.
shraddha:I don’t know mummy ji.who ate banana and throws this??
bihaan:(he recalls thapki was eating banana)I know who done this.
bihaan shouts and calls loudly.
thapki hears bihaan voice.she gets happy.she comes to bihaan.she smiles at him.bihaan and everyone’s looks at her angrily.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan tell want to say something?
Sankara:yes…why did you done this with vasu aunty?
thapki:what I did??i… I….I am not understood.
shraddha:wow… thapki…superb acting yaar. you ate this banana and throws on steps for taking revenge to mummy ji.right?
thapki:wh… wh… what are you saying??I didn’t throw it on steps.
vasu:why you done want to kill me right??? (she gives knife to thapki and asks her to kill.)

thapki cries.
bihaan:I will ask to her maa. you don’t get tension.
bihaan:thapki… why did you done this???what is your problem???
thapki:(gets sad and cries)bi… bi… bihaan please trust me.I am not done this.
bihaan:don’t lie to me.I saw you.
thapki:no… bihaan I throws it on dustbin.
bihaan:don’t lie to me again.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I will show this wait.she goes to dustbin. but that’s not there.
shraddha smiles and thinks how it will available in dustbin.I throws this on floor na…
Sankara and shraddha smiles each other.
thapki:bihaan please believe me.vasu aunty is li…li… like my how I can I do this.
vasu looks at thapki angrily.
vasu:don’t acts like innocent.surely you did this I know.because of you tried to kill me.
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan please believe me.(she cries)vasu argues with thapki.
bihaan gets angry.he shouts thapki…..
he raises his hands against thapki. thapki gets dizzyness.she faints.bihaan gets shocked.suddenly he holds her in his arms.Sankara and shraddha gets shocked.

bihaan:(tries to wake her up)thapki please open your eyes.thapki….
he holds her face.bihaan calls for doctor.

balwander and dhruv comes there.bihaan explained to them.they gets worry about thapki.
doctor comes there.he checks thapki.
bihaan:doctor what happend to her???she is fine na…?
doctor:don’t get worry Mr. bihaan.its good are become papa. she is pregnant.congrats mr.bihaan.
shraddha and Sankara gets shocked.
bihaan:(gets happy)thanks doctor.
he smiles at thapki.
doctor:she will get conscious within few don’t worry.
shraddha gets angry on thapki.
doctor :Mr. bihaan you should take care of her.

bihaan smiles and nodes at him.
vasu gets shocked.
thapki opens her says everything to her.she gets happy.she sees bihaan.bihaan smiles at thapki.

bihaan lifts thapki in his arms.he goes to his room.he makes her to sit on bed.thapki thinks to talk about that incident.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan i….
(suddenly bihaan keeps his finger on her lips)
bihaan:ssshhhhh…don’t say you has to take dont think about anything
thapki:(cries happily and smiles) o..o…OK bi.. bi…bihaan.
bihaan smiles at thapki.thapki hugs him.bihaan thinks she done mistake but its not time to talk about that to her.I will convince maa. bihaan hugs thapki.thapki smiles (ranjhanaa plays……..)

shraddha:how…. how it was happend?
Sankara:di I comes here to see their seperation. I didn’t expect this.(she gets tensed)
shraddha:so what…? we will makes her abort baby.
Sankara: can you do this?
shraddha:I can do anything…(Sankara gets happy)

bihaan gives food to thapki.she eats food.suddenly she feels vomiting.she runs from there.
bihaan:thapki what happend??? (runs behind of her)
thapki is vomiting.bihaan holds her head.she is vomiting. then bihaan gives water to her.she washes.she holds her head.she gets tired.bihaan realizes her feeling.he holds her.she walks slowly.bihaan makes her to lying on bed.he sits near to thapki.thapki sees bihaan.bihaan smiles at thapki.he covers her in blanket.he kisses her forehead. thapki smiles at him.they looks at each other.they have an eye lock(na… na… naa plays…….)

bihaan tells to aditi about thapki preganacy.poonam gets happy.vasu thinks to take care of thapki for grand child.

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  1. Nice episode.i think shradda and sankara will be exposed soon

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  3. Awesome twist …. Loved the episode di …❤❤ Bihaan taking care of her ? .. Only One word – FABULOUS …. ? Precap …. Plz continue di …

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    Hi vino drr..i like it ..nice epi..waiting 4 next part

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  6. thapki pregnant…. wow….will love to read more… update soon

  7. very nice….hqpy to see that bihan knows abt the thapki pregnanc…keep writting..

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