crazy love of thahaan (part – 21)


this part is starting from shraddha is waiting for dhruv in room.dhruv comes to her.he sees her.dhruv touches her.shraddha sees him.dhruv hugs shraddha.shraddha smiles and thinks now my work is start in this family.

bihaan comes to his room.he sees thapki is reading news paper.she gets stammers.bihaan sees her.
he laughs.thapki sees bihaan is laughing. she gets angry at him.
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan why are you laughing?
bihaan:(laughs) god its so funny my dear chuk… chuk gaadi.
thapki:(angrily)what??? chu… chu… Chuk gaadi???
bihaan: yes.then do you think you are express train?you are stammering a lot.its very funny
thapki gets sad.she gets teary eyes.bihaan continues his laughing.she gets worries.she goes from there.then bihaan realizes his mistake.he goes behind of her to convinces her.
bihaan:thapki…. thapki… please stop.
bihaan goes near to her fastly.he holds her hands.
bihaan:thapki I am so sorry please.
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan you are right.I am stammering a lot.(she cries)
bihaan: please thapki I am very sorry.I made mistake.
thapki:bihaan you can’t understand about my feeling and my problem.I didn’t expect this from are also thinking about me the same like others.
she takes his hands from her hand. thapki goes from there sadly.bihaan gets worries.

thapki sees moon from balcony.she thinks about bihaan is laughing and teasing at her.she gets sad.bihaan sees thapki.he thinks she was still in worry. I have to convince her.bihaan goes to her.
he stands near to thapki.thapki sees him angrily.she goes from balcony.bihaan thinks its very tough to convincing her.but what to do I made mistake so its my responsible.

bihaan goes to her again.thapki sees bihaan angrily.she turns her face from him.bihaan stands in front of her.again she turns her face from him.
bihaan:hello madam… don’t turns your head like this.then your head will fall down.
thapki:you….you…. you don’t get worry about me.
bihaan:you are my responsible. you are my I have to take care of you.
thapki:do…do… don’t act like caring for me.
she stands from bed. bihaan holds her hands.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan leave my hands.
bihaan:sorry I can’t hear you.
thapki:bihaan i… i… I said leave my hands.
bihaan:what??? what did you say?I can’t hear you.
thapki gets angry
she tries to take his hands from her hand.but she can’t. bihaan holds her hands tightly. suddenly he pulls her on him.thapki falls down on him.thapki sees his eyes.they looks at each other.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays………..)

thapki hair is falls on her face.bihaan takes away her hairs from face.he hugs her.they hugs each other.bihaan keeps his hands in her belly.she gets shy.she closes her eyes.he kisses her forehead.then thapki kisses his cheeks.bihaan smiles at her.she gets shy.she turns her face.then they looks at each other. bihaan opens her blouse dori. he kisses her blouse back.and he removes her blouse back hook.thapki closes her eyes.then he switches off the lights.bihaan and thapki gets very intimate night.

the next day morning shraddha sings puja song.vasu smiles at shraddha.shraddha tooks aarthi.thapki prays to God.then shraddha gives prasad to everyone.thapki says thanks to her.shraddha smiles at thapki.
vasu:shraddha you are singing very nice.beta you are so beautiful bahu in this family.
preethi:(slowly says to suman) see this maa, she was saying shraddha is so beautiful bahu.I think her eyes having some problem.shraddha is looks like vasu’s sister.she looks not young. are right.shraddha is looks like not young.thanks god that Sankara didn’t marry with bihaan.if she was gets married with bihaan then both this monkeys are ruined this family.
preethi:you are right suman.(they laughs silently)
vasu:shraddha you are having nice voice.because you are very good.but some of them are having so many problems in their voice.because of they are not pure god gives punishment for them.
thapki realized vasu is talking about thapki goes from there sadly.
shraddha smiles at vasu.vasu blesses her.

the same day afternoon vasu talks in mobile to someone.then she ends the call.suddenly one person hides behind of door.he goes to vasu.
vasu sees him and gets shocked
vasu:who are you… why are you comes here?
goon:(shows knife to vasu)I comes here to kill you.
vasu screams and gets scared.
bihaan hears the sound.
goon holds vasu tightly.he tries to kill her.vasu pushes him and runs from there.bihaan comes in front of goon.vasu hides behind of bihaan.
goon tries to beat bihaan.but bihaan holds his hands.he beats the goon.the knife falls down on floor.bihaan continues beating him.everyone’s comes there.they sees the incidents.thapki and suman gets shocked.everyone’s gets shocked.
bihaan holds his collar.
bihaan:why are you comes here?
goon:I comes her to kill vasu.
bihaan beats him.
bihaan:why did you want to kill her?who send you here?
goon:I won’t tell the name.
bihaan beats again him.
goon:OK I will tell you.I don’t know the reason.but I will tell the name. I comes here for kill her sending by thapki.
bihaan leaves his coller.he gets shocked.

everyone’s gets shocked.
thapki gets upset and shocked.bihaan looks at thapki doubtfully.vasu gets angry and shocked.
thapki gets worry and says,no…bihaan I am not.
bihaan:but this goon is saying your name.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan please believe me.(she cries)
vasu:bihaan dont believe her.he was saying right.
shraddha:thapki… why you done this to mummy ji.she thought you are like he daughter. but you…??.
vasu:(cries) bihaan I accept thapki as my bahu.but she hires goon against me.
bihaan:maa… but thapki is not like that.I know her.
vasu:so you are not believing your maa right.??
bihaan:maa… not like that please.
he beats goon again.he asked to him the same question.but the goon says thapki name again.
bihaan looks at thapki angrily.
thapki cries and says to him,bi…bi… bihaan I am not done this please believe me.
bihaan:don’t talk to me.I trusted you.but you are not good.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan please don’t say like this.
bihaan:I don’t want to talk to you.don’t stand in front of me.
bihaan looks at her angrily.he goes from there.

shraddha smiles and says,thapki its just starting.there is so many things for you.its my first successful mummy ji hate you soo much.and bihaan started to hate you.

vasu thinks thanks god bihaan saves me from thapki evil plan.I hate thapki.shraddha comes to vasu.she hugs vasu.
shraddha says to vasu:mummy Ji god saves you from thapki plan.she can do anything.(shraddha thinks I know vasu aunty you don’t like thapki.but if I discussed about this plan to you already I know you won’t accept this.bihaan is respect you I was used you in my plan.)
vasu:beta don’t get worry. thapki can’t do anything against me.because of you are there with me.

shraddha acts like emotional and hugs vasu.vasu gets glad.

bihaan comes to His room.thapki comes to bihaan.she tries to talk with him.
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan please listen.
bihaan:don’t talk to me.I hate you.(loudly)my Maa is lord for tried to kill my maa. so I won’t excuse you.
thapki:(cries) bihaan… please…
she holds his hands.bihaan looks at her angrily.he takes her hands away from her.he goes from there angrily.
thapki gets sad and cries.shraddha sees them from far.she sees thapki is crying there.she gets happy seeing thapki.she smiles.


bihaan raises his hands against thapki.suddenly thapki faints.bihaan holds her in his arms.


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  1. Vinolin.d

    hai…. naitan,sulbi and alm.abi please check your account.I am sending message for your account.but I don’t know you got my mges or not.please friends check and tell me.

    1. Alm.Abi

      epiosde as always is splendid….. and dear didn’t get any msg… anything important..

  2. oh wht an emotional epi….i cant see more thahaan sepration….hope they will solve the problems together.

  3. Hai Vino dear,, I really miss to read your ff. I’ve missed some part because I went to where there is no network. As usual episode was very amazing…. ????

  4. Sulbi

    Vino darl…. its superb and emotional too… i loved it…

    No dear i dint gt any messages from you… check it again whether its sending or not… tc dear…

  5. Nice episode. keep writting dear

  6. Fascinating part yaar…

  7. Navami

    Good epi drr…i love it..

  8. It was so so so … Lovely …. FAB …. As I said u r SUPERB …. FAB …. AWESOME …. And a PERFECTIONIST while writing . Precap ? …

    And even I didn’t receive any msg of urs . Plz check once .

  9. precap seems thapki will get pregnant nO MU BETWEen thahaan already so much in actual epi .I want to say something as I can’t comment daily i busy in my Studies so I m a silent reader sorry yar but I love ur ff love u 2

  10. Hello di,
    Mind blowing ff
    Waiting for next episode
    Di I want to say something that is u r
    Amazing, superb
    Keep it up
    Di plz apna dhyen rekna
    Lu di
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    so we r eagrly waiting for next part……

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