crazy love of thahaan (part -20)


thanks a lot for everyone who’s commenting to me and for silent readers.I am writing this ff because of you guys…thanks a lot for encouraging me.please silent readers do comment.I love you guys.

this part is starting from balwander calls everyone to downstairs. everyone’s comes there.
balwander:I am decided to arrange marriage for dhruv and shraddha.
bihaan:wow papa…super..
balwander:(looks at him angrily)I don’t wants to talk to you.
bihaan gets sad.
vasu:I already spoke to shraddha parents about this marriage.thank god.they gets convince.
(bihaan and thapki looks at each other.they gets happy.)
dhruv gets happy and he goes from there.
vasu:shraddha parents thinks to finish this marriage soon.
balwander: OK this time I won’t do anything as my wish.because of we are insulted whatever they want to do,we have to help them.
vasu nodes at him.she goes from there.

Sankara cries seeing bihaan photo.shraddha sees her.she gets angry on thapki.shraddha keeps her hands in her shoulder. Sankara turns and sees shraddha.she cries at shraddha.
shraddha:don’t worry Sankara.I won’t leave that thapki.surely I will seperate her from bihaan.don’t worry.I am waiting for my marriage now.
Sankara hugs shraddha and cries.

bihaan comes to His room.thapki folds their cloths.she arranged cloths in almari.bihaan sees thapki.he comes near to her.he hugs her.thapki smiles.
bihaan:you know thapki I am so happy.
thapki:wh… wh…why bihaan ?
bihaan:I am so happy because of my brother marriage is going to happend in this family.
thapki:yes bi… bi…bihaan..i… i… i
am also happy.
bihaan smiles at her.
bihaan:thapki…I am very happy.
thapki:you… you… already said this to me.
bihaan:(goes closes to thapki) thapki we are happy each other.soo….
thapki:so…. so…. what?
bihaan so hug me.he widens his hands.thapki gets shy.she hugs bihaan.they hugs each other.they smiles at each other.they looks at each other.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays……)

vasu comes to bihaan.bihaan sees her.
vasu:bihaan you need to do all arrangements for bihaan marriage.can you do this?
bihaan:maa… why are you asking like this to me.its my duty.dhruv is my I can do anything for him.vasu says thanks to him.
vasu smiles at him.she thinks I am waiting for my bahu shraddha.she will help me for separating thapki from you.then I will make you Marry Sankara.
she goes from there.

the next day shraddha parents are comes to pandey nivas.vasu greets them.they sees bihaan is coming from upstairs.they gets sad.bihaan looks Sankara.Sankara looks at him.she gets teary eyes.bihaan goes from there.

bihaan walks on floor.thapki comes opposite to him.she slips in floor.she goes about to falls down.
suddenly bihaan holds her.thapki sees bihaan.bihaan goes closes to thapki.he tries to kisses her.suddenly thapki separates bihaan. she runs from him. she turns and smiles at him.Sankara sees them from far.she gets angry at thapki.

shraddha comes at sits in chair. shraddha parents applies haldi in her cheeks.shraddha smiles.

at the same day evening bihaan comes to thapki
he sees her.thapki looks very beautiful.thapki sees bihaan is coming to her.bihaan comes near to her.he holds her hands tightly.they have an eye lock.they looks at each other(ranjhaana plays…..)

suddenly suman comes there.she asks them to come to mandap.they nodes at her.she goes from there.

vasu comes with dhruv.dhruv sits in mandap.vasu gets happy.shraddha comes to mandap.Sankara makes her to sits there.shraddha looks at dhruv and she smiles at them.

pandit ji gives mangalsutra to dhruv. dhruv makes her to wear mangalsutra.everyone’s gets happy.bihaan and thapki gets happy.
vasu comes to shraddha.she hugs shradha.vasu gets happy.

goon attacks vasu.bihaan catches him
he beats goon.he asks to him,who send you???. goon says to him,thapki send me to kill vasundhara.bihaan gets shocked.

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  1. Navami

    Hi vinolin dr…it was really an awesome episode..

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai navami…. how are you.???thanks dear.

      1. Navami

        Hi kudrat..iam so happy to know that you like my ff really iam surprised when i see your comment..thanks so much drrr…iwas busy with my xams drr..i was trying to update my ff in this whole day but some network problm is there..i will suerly update it
        .thanks for your love and support drr..

      2. Navami

        Iam fine vino..merry x mas drr

  2. Thahaan romance ? … Loved it as usual … You are FAB … Now I can’t comment on every episode the same thing . Because u r so awesome that words are less to describe ur work … ❤ Merry Christmas …

    1. Precap is a little scary but as I said u r FAB ..?❤

      1. Vinolin.d

        thanks dear naitan. merry Christmas

  3. Hai navami di,how r u ? Plz contie ur ff plz plz plz . We like it very much ur ff .So, we r waiting plz come back with ur ff plz plz plz di lu lu

  4. Nice part di, how r u di ? Plz take care apna dhyan rekna lu lu so much or ha w r waiting for next part

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you dear kudrat.

  5. Nice episode.but precap is scary

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai rifa…thanks my dear.

  6. Awesome episode but precap?

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my naina darl…

  7. Manish ki deewani

    Hello vino hw r u .this part is awsome but precap is scrary.its a new turn in ur off.
    Merry Christmas

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai reshal… thanks my dear. same to you.

  8. Sulbi

    Vino darl… how are you… episode was awsme i jus luvd it dear… and check ur private message dear… tc…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai sulbi darl…thanks my dear.

  9. Di plz pass my message to navmi di
    Plz plzplz di
    I think she not read
    Till now
    Plz help me if u can
    Thank u

    1. Vinolin.d

      she was updated her ff dear. don’t worry.

  10. Staggering part yaar…your way of writing is absolutely impressing.I wish you have to move on forward…my wishes are always with you in the form of comments…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much my dear pooja.thanks a lot.

  11. very awsome..but precap is so scary….update asap…

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