crazy love of thahaan (part -19)


this part is starting from bihaan and thapki talks each other in their room.
thapki tries to get down from bed
but she can’t. because of she feels hand pain.bihaan sees her face
he feels she is in pain. bihaan holds her.thapki looks at him. they looks at each other .they have an eye lock (ranjhanaa plays……….)
bihaan:thapki do you want anything??? tell me.I will being
thapki:na… na..nahi bihaan actually I want to go wash room.
bihaan:(he holds her) OK come.I will come with you.
thapki:bi…. bi…bihaan don’t want
I will go.
bihaan:don’t get shy thapki.I am your husband.what you said before to me,you told I am equal for your parents na… then why are you getting shy to me.
thapki:it’s… it’s… its OK bihaan. No thanks.
bihaan:OK madam I won’t come with you.are you happy?I will stand go and come

bihaan turns his face from her.thapki sees bihaan face.she smiles at him.she goes to washroom.
after few minutes thapki comes out side.bihaan holds her.he makes her to sit in bed slowly.bihaan gives water to thapki.she drinks water.bihaan looks at thapki.thapki sees wall clock.she sees time is 5 o ck.she sees bihaan.his eyes are looks so tired.she realized bihaan didn’t sleep full night.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan didn’t you sleep.?
bihaan:no I sleeps very well.
thapki:do… do… don’t lie to me.your eyes are showing you didn’t sleep.
bihaan:hello madam… stop to ask questions to me.your health is good now.its enough for me.I am happy.
thapki looks at him.she gets teary eyes.she thinks bihaan I am very lucky to get you as my husband.bihaan smiles at her.thapki smiles at him.they looks at each other.then bihaan hugs thapki.they hugs each other.thapki cries happily.

bihaan goes to kitchen.he sees poison bottle there.he gets shocked.bihaan takes that bottle and recalls doctor report and his information. then he gets angry.he says someone trying to kill thapki here.I will find them surely.he goes from there angrily.

bihaan thinks to tell about this vasu.he thinks I have to tell this to maa.surely she will help for me.bihaan goes to vasu room. he sees vasu is talking to someone in mobile.bihaan stand behind of her.
vasu says,yeah…. I am are you..OK.. you know yesterday that thapki eats poison food.she faints then doctor comes and saves her.actually I was mixed poison in that food.bihaan hears this and gets shocked.vasu turns slowly. she sees bihaan. vasu gets shocked.she says to him, beta, tum… what?.?? you want anything…? then vasu says in mobile slowly,Sankara I will speak you later. she ends the call.

bihaan becomes speechless.he shocked seeing vasu.
vasu:beta… I am…
bihaan:(suddenly)maa… did you done this????
vasu: beta… actually i…I am.
bihaan:don’t lie to me maa..
vasu:beta please listen.I will accept this.I am only mixed poison in food.but I mixed that to kill rat.because of you know so rats are ruined all kitchen I done this.but by mistakenly thapki eats this.because of I forgot to keep that in somewhere. i keep that in dinning table.please believe me love your maa na… then how I will try to kill her.because you are my lovable son.she is your wife.she is bahu for this family.(she folds her hands.)but sorry beta… its my mistake I kept in dinning table.that’s why she ate this.(she acts so emotional and cries)
bihaan:(he holds her hands)maa… I know you.whatever you done its for our good only.I trust are my god.(vasu hugs bihaan and acts crying)
bihaan gets teary eyes.and he goes from her room.vasu smiles.

bihaan comes to thapki.he sees thapki was cleaning their room.she takes bihaan cloths for washing.
bihaan sees thapki is doing work.
suddenly he goes near to her.
he holds her hands.he throws all cloths from her hands.
thapki:bi…. bi… bihaan what are you doing???I am having work.
bihaan:thapki !!! anyone told to you to do work now???
thapki:no… bihaan wh.. wh…why are you asking???
bihaan:then why are you doing this??? there is so many servants in this home.if you want to do anything you just say to them.i know you are not take rest.
thapki:bi.. bi… bihaan no problem.I am fine.I can do this.
bihaan:no I wont accept.

suddenly bihaan calls one of servent.he says all works to him.he nods at bihaan.he goes from there.
thapki smiles at him.
bihaan comes to near to thapki.(evening) thapki sees moon in palcony.she says to moon,papa and maa I want to talk with you.but I know you are in angry on me.I trust you maa one day surely you will accept me.she gets sad.bihaan hears this.he comes near to her.he thinks she is in I have to makes her what to do.???
bihaan: thapki…cockroach.
thapki:(gets scared suddenly and says loudly screams)wh…wh.
.what cock… cockroach….she runs from palcony.(bihaan runs behind of her)
thapki:(she closes her eyes and gets scared)where is cockroach???te… te…tell me bihaan.
bihaan:(laughs)there is no cockroach I just lied to you.but I didnt expect this expression from you.(he laughs)
thapki:(sees angrily)a… a… are you mad???why did you done this??
bihaan: hello madam I know you gets I tries to makes you happy.
thapki:re… re…really you are didn’t make me made me scare.didnt you know this difference??
bihaan: I know everything.don’t thinks you are very talented.
thapki:totally waste to speak with you.
thapki gets angry.he goes from him.bihaan suddenly holds her hands.he smiles.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan leave my hand.then I don’t knew what I will do.
bihaan:its OK.whatever you want to can do.
she tries to go from there.but bihaan holds her hands tightly.thapki turns at him. she sees bihaan.bihaan looks at her and smiles.bihaan holds her duppatta.he throws her duppatta.thapki gets shy.she looks at bihaan.he comes closes to her and hugs her.thapki also hugs bihaan.he kisses her hands then kisses her neck.she closes her eyes.bihaan hugs thapki again.he unzip the salwar.she feels at him.bihaan lifts her in his makes her to lying on bed.thapki smiles at gets shy.bihaan hugs thapki
he kisses her forhead.thapki turns on bed.bihaan kisses her salwar back.(her salwar and bihaan shirt falls down on floor) they gets very intimate in night.

the next day morning Sankara calls vasu and says, aunty you done mistake.vasu asks to her,why are you saying like this??.
Sankara says to her,aunty you mixed poison to kill thapki.but bihaan saves day by day his love has increasing on thapki.dont try this killing idea.we have to seperate do anything against thapki.then bihaan gives divorce to thapki automatically. sankara laughs to vasu.vasu gets happy and she nods at Sankara.

balwander talks about dhruv and shraddha marriage. thapki and bihaan gets happy.

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  1. Manish ki deewani

    Episode is awsome dear vino ….enjoy Christmas and winter ….

  2. Nice…

  3. Thahaan romance ?? . Loved the episode as usual ❤ . I always say u r a fab writer . And I love ur ff . Now I have no more words to describe ur imagination , creativity and writing skills …??? Hats Off to ur Writing ?

  4. Sulbi

    Vino darl.. awsme dear… lovely romance… i loved it… tc..

  5. Shibil

    loved ur writing … awesome do continuing

  6. Awesome episode. waiting for next part


    Nice episode di
    Waiting for next part
    And thaks for updating
    LU LU LU so much
    Merry christmas

    Di u r writer
    One request to u & all thahaan fans plz massge Suhana di that she cotnue ff plz plz plz plz plz plz plz pl Plz……..
    koe to esa hoga jo suhana di ko persnaly janta ho
    Ff cotne na kre
    Lakin hello ya phir kya kar rhi h kuch to bta sakti h
    So plz All ThaHaan ff to u special request

    1. Yes plzz someone mesg to suhana di to continue her ff we are missing it badly plzz

    2. Yes plz koi Suhana di ko personally message kare kah woh plz apna Ff (the blessed love) continue Karen.

  8. Great ff dear…seriously loved it a lot and sorry for not commenting on your previous episodes and for late comment

  9. Awesome dear

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