crazy love of thahaan (part -18)


this part is starting from the next morning thapki wakes up from bed.she sees bihaan sleeping.she smiles at him.she takes her saree.she goes for bathing.early morning she comes to downstairs. she sees vasu,suman and preethi are eating food.they talks together.suman says to preethi,today is karwa we have in well because of evening only we have to eat food.

thapki hears them.then she thinks today is karwa chauth. so I have to do this for bihaan.she goes to dining table.they sees thapki.vasu washes her hands angrily.she goes from there.thapki gets worried.
suman:hai thapki… good morning.
thapki:(smiles) ha… ha… hai di… good morning
preethi:suman… thapki is so beautiful na.. but she is having stammering problem.otherwise she is super.
suman:yes.bihaan is very lucky.
thapki gets glad.she smiles at them.
suman: don’t worry thapki.surely one day vasu maa understand about you.
thapki:th… th… thanks di… (smiles)
preethi: thapki eat fast.because of times is going have to eat food before sun rises.
thapki:ok di…(thapki eats food)

bihaan stands from bed.he recalls about yesterday night romance with thapki.he smiles.

thapki comes to room.she searches for bihaan.
thapki:bi…bi… bihaan….where are you???
bihaan:thapki….I am water is not coming please bring one more towel for me.
thapki:ok.. bi… bi… bihaan wait.
thapki goes near to wash room door.she knocks the door.bihaan opens the door.she turns her face from him.she gives towel to him.bihaan suddenly holds her hands.he pulls her into wash room.she comes inside and falls on him.bihaan turns on the shower.
water falls on them.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan what is this.please leave me…
bihaan: no… I won’t leave you.
bihaan hugs her.thapki feels different .they hugs together.(ranjhanaa plays….)they have an eye lock.
then thapki seperates bihaan.she turns and smiles.again bihaan holds her hands.he hugs to her. they gets closes together.he keeps his hands around her waist.she turns at him.he kisses her forehead.they have an eye lock.(na… na… na…. plays……)

krishnakant: poonam today is karwa chauth. so we have to give something for our daughter.
poonam:my daughter is aditi.she didn’t get how to give for her?
krishnakant:did you forgot thapki?
poonam:I didn’t forget her.she forgot this family.
aditi comes to them.
aditi:but maa… she is your you have to do something for her.
krishnakant:aditi is saying right.please poonam excuse her.
poonam:OK you can do anything for her.but I won’t accept her.
poonam goes from there.

aditi calls for thapki.
aditi:di.. how are you…?
thapki:a.. a… aditi how are you?? how is maa and papa?
aditi:they are fine di..
thapki:then what they says about my marriage?
aditi:papa is supporting for you.but maa is in angry.don’t worry di.I will convince her.
thapki:thanks aditi.
aditi:di… ma and papa is coming there to see you.
thapki:no don’t co… co… come now.because the situation is not good.bihaan parents are still in angry on us.
aditi: OK di… I bought gift for you for karwa chauth. I will send you in courier.
thapki smiles and thanks to her.
she ends the call.

after few hours courier man has comes to pandey nivas.
thapki sees him.she puts signature and takes that parcel from courier man.the man goes from there.she goes to her room.she opens the parcel.she gets glad.she sees the dresses and jewells.

the same day evening thapki wears that dress.she wears pink color lehenga.she wears pink stoned necklace and ear rings.she wears maang tika.she looks like angel.she looks more beautiful.

bihaan comes to his room.he sees thapki.he becomes speechless about her beauty.he comes and stands near to her.he smiles at her.
bihaan:thapki…you are so beautiful.
thapki gets shy.she smiles at him.thapki turns at him.bihaan touches her face.she closes her eyes.bihaan holds her face.he goes closes to kiss her.suddenly thapki gets hiccups.
bihaan:thapki… did you eat food?
thapki: no… bi…bi…bihaan because of I am in fasting today for karwa chauth.this fasting for you.
bihaan:hello madam…now you have to eat.come let’s have food.
thapki holds her hands and says no bihaan,i… i… won’t eat.
suddenly suman comes to them
suman : thapki… moon has comes in sky.come fast
thapki gets hiccups.her hiccups continues.
thapki and bihaan goes from there.she sees everyone’s are doing the formalities.vasu gets angry seeing thapki.she turns her face.thapki gets hiccups continue sly.everyone’s sees thapki.

bihaan stands in front of thapki.he looks at her.he smiles at thapki.thapki smiles at him
she takes the mesh.she sees the moon towards that.then she sees bihaan slowly.bihaan comes to her.he takes sweet from plate
he goes to feed sweet for thapki.before that thapki faints suddenly.the aarthi plats are falls down.everyone’s gets shocked.bihaan holds thapki in his arms.bihaan lifts her in his arms.he makes her to lying on sofa.he gets tensed.bihaan says to her,thapki what happend for you ?.??please open your eyes.he tries to wake her up.but she didn’t opens her eyes.he spreads the water on her face.but she didn’t get conscious.bihaan calls for doctor.

after few minutes doctor comes and checks thapki.he takes her blood sample and tested it.he asks to bihaan takes her to some room. bihaan gets tensed.he lifts thapki in his hands.he goes to His calls for nurses and he asks her to get some medical thinks.after few minutes they comes to pandey nivas.bihaan says to him,doctor please tell me what happend to my thapki please.
doctor says to him,thapki eats food in that slow poison is she gets faints.bihaan gets shocked.he says to him,what???? slow poison.?.doctor says to him yes mr. bihaan pandey.everyone’s gets shocked.

vasu gets tensed.fb shows vasu mixes slow poison in food seperately.she says I know surely you will eat this.then you will finished.thapki eats food from seperate bowl.vasu sees this from far.she smiles at thapki.fb ends.

bihaan gets teary eyes.
he says to doctor,please save my thapki says to him,don’t worry bihaan
its just food poison.I will save her.bihaan folds his hands and says thanks to doctor.

bihaan holds thapki hands.because of doctor keeps needle in her hand.trips are comes down to her hands.bihaan sees thapki is in unconscious. he gets worried.he holds her hands.he sits near to her. he didn’t sleep that night.he cares for thapki
then night 3 o ck thapki opens her eyes.bihaan sees thapki.he says to her,thapki are you alright??? thapki holds her head.she tries to wakes up from bed.bihaan holds her hands.he holds her care fully.bihaan makes her to sit in bed.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan what happend for me.
bihaan :nothing for you doesn’t have strength. so you gets fainting
thapki looks at him.bihaan hugs her.thapki hugs him.she gets teary eyes.vasu comes to their room.she gets angry.

bihaan tries to find who mixes poison in food.vasu says to bihaan, I mixed poison for kill rat.but I keeps that bowl in dinning table.I forgot to take that.

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  1. wao….vasu evilness its better than bihan and thapki separation….keep it up….

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    Hello vino …superb part.

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    awesome …gud to see bihaan love towards thapki…

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  4. Awesome episode ?? The way u depict the romance through ur writing is FAB ❤ Loved it . And vasu maa’s evilness ?? . Precap ?

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  5. lovely part yaar……MERRY CHRISTMAS DEAR VINO.

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      happy Xmas for you and your family.

  6. Awesome episode and sorry for late commenting.waitting for next part

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    Sorry for late cmt
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