crazy love of thahaan (part -17)

this episode is starting from bihaan searches his towel.he gets tensed.he thinks where is that towel gone.I saw that
before few minutes.

thapki sees bihaan.she realizes he was searching something.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan what are you searching???
bihaan:I am searching my towel.I saw that few minutes ago.but now I didn’t get.
thapki:how that towel is look like??
bihaan:that is pink color.its my favourite towel.
thapki gets shocked.fb shows water glass falls down from table.she wipe the floor in that towel.fb ends.she thinks oh my god… i… i.. thought that’s some cloth. but I don’t know its bihaan towel.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I am sorry.
bihaan:why are you asking sorry to me.
thapki:because of I uses your towel as wiping cloth.
bihaan:what??… why did you done this.
thapki:how i… i… I know this.that is not look like towel.I thought its is cloth.(she shows the towel to him)
bihaan:oh madam…I don’t want reason I need my towel.its my favourite papa gives to me.
thapki:o…o.OK I will wash this and give you.
bihaan:what.??washing ???no no I need that same without washing
thapki gets angry.
thapki:bi.. bihaan how I will give like this to you.I have to wash this know.
bihaan:hello madam…you don’t want to give lecture to me.just do what I says to you.
thapki looks at him angrily.
bihaan:don’t look at this work.
thapki thinks how to do do I clean this towel without washing.???
bihaan looks at thapki.he smiles at her.

Sankara comes to pandey nivas.she sees vasu.she comes to vasu and hugs her.vasu smiles at her.
Sankara:aunty I want to talk to you.
vasu:tell me beta.
Sankara:aunty I want to talk about bihaan and thapki.
vasu gets angry about thapki.
vasu:don’t talk about thapki.I hate her.I am getting irritated when I was hearing her name.
Sankara gets happy and thinks wow now I got partner to ruined them.Sankara acts like crying.
vasu:don’t cry beta.I am with you.
I will give punishment for thapki and bihaan.
Sankara:no aunty.don’t say like this.bihaan his your son and thapki is your you have to make them happy.
vasu:(hugs Sankara)you are pure hearted girl.but bihaan married with that I am telling you I won’t leave them.surely I will seperate thapki from bihaan and I will finish marriage for you with bihaan.
sankara:(acts)no aunty…no please…
vasu didn’t say anything.she goes from there.Sankara smiles.

thapki thinks about that towel.bihaan comes behind of her slowly.he touches her belly.thapki gets scared.she screams.she turns and sees him.
bihaan:are you gets scared?
thapki:no…. i… I…I am not scared.what question this is??.why are you doing like this.
bihaan:hello madam this is my rights.I am touching my no one doesn’t have rights to ask this including you.because of you are my property.I can do anything with you.
he hugs her.
thapki:bi…bi… bihaan leave me.see this door is opened.
bihaan:oh…so…this is the problem for you.OK I will lock this door.
thapki:bihaan.. don’t…. do
bihaan comes to her again.he hugs her tightly.thapki sees him.they looks at each other. they have an eye lock.(ranjhanaa plays….)
thapki:bihaan leave me…uffff……
bihaan:no… sorry…he continues hugging
thapki:leave me.I have to clean that towel as your instruction. I don’t know how to do this.still I am not eating.she starts her hiccups.
bihaan leaves thapki.
bihaan:don’t worry.leave that towel you have to wait I will bring food for you.
thapki nodes at him.she smiles at him.bihaan unlocks the door.he goes out of room.

after few minutes bihaan comes to his room.
thapki takes food.bihaan suddenly takes that plate from her .
bihaan:no…no today I am Going to feed food for you.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan no I will eat myself.
bihaan:no thapki.I will feed you.
he sits on chair.suddenly he holds thapki hands and he pulls her on his lap.thapki sits on bihaan’s lap. she tries to go from him.but bihan holds her.she gets some feeling.
Sankara comes to bihaan room.she sees bihaan and thapki together.she gets more angry.she stands behind of door and watches them.Sankara sees bihaan is feeding food for thapki.thapki sits on bihaan’s lap.they laugh at each other.Sankara goes from there angrily.

thapki:bi…. bi… bihaan enough stomach is full.
bihaan:no… you just eat this.
he feeds food for her.thapki eats food.she sees bihaan.thapki gets teary eyes.
bihaan looks at her.
bihaan:thapki what happens??why are you crying??is there more spicy in food?
thapki:no ….bihaan i.. i…thought I miss my mom and dad.but i… i… didn’t miss my parents.I am seeing them as you.
thapki gets teary eyes and cries.
bihaan suddenly keeps spoon on plate.he keeps plate on table.
he wipes her tears.
bihaan:don’t cry.I already told you I am with you.I will take care of you.
thapki happily cries and hugs him.bihaan and thapki hugs each other in chair.(na…. na… naa.plays)

Sankara gets angry.she cries about bihaan.she calls for shraddha.she says everything to her.shraddha gets angry and says,don’t worry.I will do something for this.surely I will end their relationship.if my marriage will finished the I will start to trouble thapki in pandey don’t cry.Sankara says to her,OK di.. she ends the call.

same day night thapki comes to room. she sees the room decorations.she gets surprised.bihaan comes to her.he hugs her from back.thapki smiles.she feels different. thapki turns and hugs him back.bihaan kisses her neck. he kisses her cheek.thapki gets shy.bihaan opens her blouse dori. he kisses there.she closes her eyes.bihaan keeps his hands around her waist.he hugs her tightly.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…)
then bihaan removes her saree.the saree falls down.she gets shy.she covers her face in her hands.bihaan smiles at thapki.he lifts her in his hands.he makes her to lying on bed.they gets closes.bihaan switches off the light.they gets intimate In night.

thapki looks bihaan.they smiles each other.thapki is fasting for karwa chauth.bihaan goes to feeds sweet to thapki.before that thapki is fainting.thapki falls down and bihaan holds her in his arms.

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  1. Awesome episode ??? FAB ?? The last part of episode ?? You nailed it . Loved it ❤ Plz upload soon

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    its amazing episode dear….i realy hate sankara character…..

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