crazy love of thahaan (part -15)


this episode is starting from Sankara and shraddha gets happy. suman,preethi,sankara and shraddha dancing there.vasu gets smiles.
dhruv looks at them.he smiles at them.everyone’s are happy in pandey nivas.
vasu tells to that suman,mehandi is not there so bring it.suman goes to room.she brings mehandi in bawl.bihaan and thapki enters to house.suman sees them.she gets shocked.bawl falls down in floor.everyone’s turns at bihaan and thapki.they gets shocked.vasu sees them.
vasu goes to bihaan.she sees him very shocking.
vasu:bihaan…who is this girl.??why are you dressing like groom?..
bihaan:maa… I am sorry actually I was married with her.
Sankara gets shocked.everyone’s shocked and they widen their eyes.
Sankara cries and runs upstairs.shraddha runs behind of Sankara to convince her.
vasu:what are you saying???I can’t believe this.
bihaan:maa… its have to believe this.
vasu:why you done ruined sankara’s life.then why did you accept that enchagement .
bihaan:I tried to tell you maa.. but you didn’t listening me.
vasu gets angry at bihaan.she goes near to thapki.she looks at her angrily. thapki sees vasu.she gets scared.thapki speaks to vasu.
thapki:m… m…maa p…p..please give excuse for us.

vasu looks at her shockingly.she gets irritated about thapki’s stammering speech.
vasu:you are having stammering means you are not pure hearted.
vasu looks at bihaan angrily.
vasu:bihaan did you not get any other girl in this world.I shame on you.I hate this irritated speech.
vasu holds thapki hands.she goes with thapki out side of pandey nivas.bihaan holds vasu hands.
bihaan:maa… leave her hands.because of she is my wife now.I won’t let anything happend to her.
vasu looks at him.she gets shocked.she leaves thapki hands.thapki cries and looks at bihaan.
vasu:you ruined this family there is no space for you in this family.get out from this house.
bihaan:OK maa… I will go.because of I need my wife.she is important for me.
balwander comes to him.he slaps bihaan.
balwander:how dare you to talking like this.she is your maa.but you didn’t give respect for I am telling you don’t want to go anywhere but there is no relationship between you and this family.
vasu:no… bihaan has to go from here.he breaks Sankara heart and life.
balwander:nahi vasu..he has to stay here.if he goes out side then this pandey nivas family respect will gone.
vasu agrees to balwander.

everyone’s go from there.shraddha family members and Sankara goes outside from pandey nivas.they goes to their home.
bihaan and thapki stands like body welcomes them.
bihaan:thapki…stand here.I will be back within few minutes.
thapki nodes at him.bihaan comes back to her again.he tooks aarthi for thapki.he keeps tilak in her forehead.thapki gets teary eyes.she looks at bihaan.bihaan does arrangement for Graha pravesh.thapki does it. then bihaan holds thapki.he takes her to his room.thapki looks at home.

bihaan and thapki enters their room.
bihaan keeps his hands in her shoulder.
bihaan:its our we are going to start our life here.(he smiles at her)
thapki gets hiccups.bihaan realizes she is in hungry.he asks her to wait a minute I will come.he goes to kitchen.he brings food for thapki.
he comes to his room.thapki sees him.bihaan makes her to sit on bed.she gets hiccups. bihaan sees thapki.they looks at each other (ranjhanaa plays…………)bihaan feeds food for thapki.thapki eats the food.they have an eye lock.
bihaan sees sticks in near to thapki lips.he keeps his hand in her lips.he wipes her mouth slowly.(na… na… naa plays….)

her hiccups stops.bihaan keeps plate on tables.he washes his hands.bihaan talks to thapki.
bihaan sees thapki is in worry.he goes near to her.
bihaan:hello madam…its our first day after marriage.its first you have to follow our culture.why are you sitting like this.
thapki:so… wh… wh…what I have to do bihaan.
bihaan:super…very super…don’t act like innocence.
thapki:re…re… really I don’t know bihaan.
bihaan:OK I will teach have to sit has to get shy.and you have to cover your face first.
bihaan takes her chunri. he covers thapki face.
bihaan goes out of room.thapki gets scared.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan where are you going.I am alone here.
bihaan:wait wait…don’t get scared

he goes out of room.he closes the door.then bihaan opens the door.he comes to thapki.thapki gets shy.she smiles at him.bihaan sees her lips is smiling. he comes near to her.he sits near to thapki.he touches her chunri. he takes that cloth from her face slowly.he sees her beautiful face.
thapki smiles at bihaan.he becomes speechless about her beauty.he touches her face.thapki gets shy.he removes her maang tika. he kisses her forehead.bihaan removes her ear rings.he kisses her ears.she smiles. then bihaan removes necklace and kisses her neck.she closes her eyes.slowly bihaan holds her hands tightly.thapki lying down on bed.bihaan and thapki lying on bed together.bihaan sees thapki eyes.they looks at each other.he keeps his hands around her waist.bihaan hugs thapki from back.thapki turns at him.she hugs him.they hugs each other.they have an eye lock(ranjhaana plays….)bihaan takes his blanket.thapki and bihaan covers in blanket.

aditi tells about thapki marriage.krishnakant and poonam gets shocked.
aditi:maa… please excuse thapki di.
poonam:no.. I won’ daughter thapki dead.I am having only one daughter that’s you only.
aditi:maa… don’t talk like this please.
poonam:thapki didn’t think about our family.she spoiled can I go out side tomorrow.
krishnakant:poonam… thapki is little girl.she does this for her have to forgive her.
poonam: no… I can’t forgive her.hereafter don’t talk about thapki to me.
poonam goes angrily.krishnakant and aditi gets worries.

Sankara cries in her room.she thinks about bihaan and thapki.shraddha comes to sankara room.she comes near to Sankara.she gets worried about Sankara.then shraddha thinks bihaan and thapki I won’t leave both are ruined my sister life.she thinks to take revenge about thapki and bihaan.

bihaan and thapki talks in their room.
bihaan:thapki I am very happy today.because of I got you as my wife.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan actually I am lucky to get you.
bihaan smiles at thapki.they smiles each other.he takes her hair away from her face.thapki looks at him. they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…)


thapki cooks food for bihaan.vasu adds more chilly powder to seperate them.dhruv convince shraddha for their marriage.

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  1. It was as usual FAB ??…. Bihaan supporting her is so awesome ? And their bedroom awkward romance ?? … Loved it ?? … Precap ?? – Scary again …. And another twist must be there . Plz upload soon

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    woww wat a episode sooo lovely…..

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    Vino darling super duper episode… waiting for nxt part.. update soon dear… tc..

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  7. Sorry for late cmt and thanks for
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    eagrly wating for next episode
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  8. Manish ki deewani

    Vino dear lovely episode ….loved it ….loving ,caring and supporting Bihaan .

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  9. sorry for late cmnt….but i was busy and reading it now…wonderful epi….thahaan marriage….awsome

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