crazy love of thahaan (part -14)


this part is starting from vasu comes to bihaan room.
vasu:beta…day after tomorrow is mehandi be ready for it.(she smiles)
bihaan gets shocked.
dhruv:maa…. maa… I need some help.
vasu:yes dhruv I am coming.
vasu:(sees bihaan)beta dhruv is calling I am going and you have to be there day after tomorrow so don’t go anywhere.
she goes from there.bihaan didn’t says anything.he gets shocked.he calls for thapki suddenly.(thapki phone is rings)
thapki:(gets shy)hello… bi… bi… bihaan…
bihaan:hello thapki..I want to talk to you.its very important matter.
thapki:OK tell me bihaan.
suddenly aditi takes mobile from thapki.aditi ends the call.
bihaan:hello…thapki…thapki…can you hear me…
he gets tensed.then he realizes she ends the call.
thapki:a…a..aditi give my phone.
aditi:no..di I can’t tell me to whom you talking…?
thapki gets shy.
thapki:he… he… he is my boy friend.thapki tells about bihaan and his problem to aditi.
aditi:don’t worry di.. I will convince our family.
thapki:th… th..thank much aditi.she hugs aditi.thapki smiles at aditi.

next day evening bihaan takes thapki in his bike.they goes in bike.he parks his bike somewhere.he tied thapki eyes in cloth.
thapki: bi… bi… bihaan what are you doing.I am getting scared.
bihaan:sshhhhhhh…..don’t worry
hold my hand.(he takes her to some place)
bihaan removes that cloth from thapki eyes.she sees that place she gets surprised.she sees the place decorations in flowers and color bulbs.she gets happy.
bihaan:its for you.he shows mangalsutra to thapki.
bihaan:see this pendent.(she gets surprised because.thahaan name writes on In mangalsutra pendent)
bihaan: we should not seperate always thapki.
she gets happy.bihaan gives mangalsutra to thapki.she smiles at him.

bihaan hugs thapki.they hugs each other.(ranjhanaa plays…..)thapki gets shy.she leaves bihaan hands.she goes from there.bihaan pulls her on him.she falls on him.he kisses her hands.she closes her eyes.bihaan kisses her neck.he keeps his hands around her belly.bihaan touches her forehead.and slowly downs his finger to her nose and to her lips.they looks at each other.he gets closes to thapki.he kisses her cheek.they have an eye lock.(ranjhanaa plays….)

then next day morning,
vasu:(shraddha family comes to home)she smiles.and greets them.Sankara searches for bihaan.
Sankara:aunty where is bihaan?
vasu:I think he was getting ready in his room.wait I will come with him.
she goes to his room.she searches bihaan.but he was not there.he calls for bihaan
but he didn’t attend her call.
vasu thinks may be he goes somewhere for marriage arrangement.

vasu comes to downstairs.
vasu:I think bihaan goes for some we will start this function.
dhruv and shraddha smiles.
vasu starting to apply mehandi on sankara hands.Sankara smiles at vasu.

thapki and bihaan stands on temple.aditi and paan smiles at thahaan
thapki wears red color salwar.and bihaan looks as groom

thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I am getting scared.I don’t know its right or wrong.
bihaan:thapki don’t worry.I am with you.
thapki looks at him.she gets teary eyes
pandit comes to them.he gives mangalsutra to bihaan.bihaan looks at thapki eyes.they looks at each other.bihaan makes wears mangalsutra to thapki.paan and aditi throws flowers on them.they gets happy seeing them.
bihaan fills sindoor in thapki maang.

bihaan looks thapki and smiles.he wipes her tears.thapki smiles at him.
paan:bihaan don’t start your romance here.because of its public place.
aditi:don’t get jealous on them.they are new married couple.
bihaan:OK OK there is so many problem.we have to convince family.
aditi:don’t worry bihaan ji.I will convince my parents.
thapki smiles and hugs aditi.
thapki:a… a…aditi please..
aditi:di don’t worry I will take care of everything.
shraddha and Sankara smiles.vasu gets happy.

vasu holds thapki hands and asks her to go out from house.bihaan holds vasu hands and says no maa I won’t agree this.she is my wife now.

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