crazy love of thahaan (part-13)

this part is starting from bihaan holds thapki hands.thapki says to him angrily,bi…. bi… bihaan leave my hand.she looks at him angrily.bihaan sees thapki.he says to her ,thapki please believe me.I will marry are my life
please…thapki says to him,OK…so what you going to do for our marriage.bihaan tells to her,I am having plan for our marriage.thapki tells to him,wh… wh… what is your plan.bihaan talks about his plan to thapki.thapki didn’t agrees to him.she says to him,bi… bi… bihaan I won’t accept this.then my family respect will gone if I done this.I have to take care of my family.bihaan says to her,hello madam even my family respect also will go because of this plan.but there is no way.we have to do this.please thapki we don’t have any option.I will take care of your family.hereafter your family is mine.finally thapki agrees with him.she smiles at him.bihaan smiles at her.thapki says to him, bi… bi… bihaan you are so naughty.bihaan smiles at her.he hugs her.he says to her,I am b for bihaan this bihaan is always like this.they hugs each other.(na…na… naa plays…….)they laughs.

same day evening bihaan calls thapki.he says to her,thapki we are going club after finishing your work you will wait in out side of office.I will come.thapki gets shocked.she says to him,no… no… bihaan I can’t come.I don’t know about club.bihaan says to her,yes I know about club.its my work.daily 24 hours I am dancing and drinking here with glamourous girls.she gets shocked.bihaan says to her, what’s this born for asking questions only.get ready fast.I am coming there.she says to him,bi…. bi… bihaan please listen… i… suddenly he ends the call.thapki finishes her work.she comes from office.she waits for bihaan.bihaan comes in bike.he parks near to her.thapki says to him, I don’t have much time.I have to go lets go.bihaan sees her slowly from top to bottom.she gets nervus. she says to him angrily,bi… bi… bihaan what are you looking at me.bihaan says to that thapki,are you going to come in this dress? thapki says to him, yes… why.bihaan says to her,what dress it is??not good.remove this dress and come with me to club.thapki scolds him. she says to him,wh… what are you saying.I thought you are good.but you proved you are cheap character. you don’t know how to speak with girl?bihaan says to her,hello madam don’t think wrong. I mean remove this dress and wear this modern dress.thapki says sorry him.he gives black color tight short dress to her.she opens the dress.she gets shocked.she says to him,bi….bi…bihaan I won’t wear this.its too short.bihaan says to her,oh… my God please help me.thapki don’t spoil club culture.this type of dress only you have to wear.everytime my head was bursting because of you are not understanding what I am saying to you.thapki looks at him angrily.she agrees to him.

bihaan and thapki reaches club.thapki goes inside.she changes her dress in dressing room.bihaan waits for thapki.she gets uncomfortable. she comes slowly to bihaan.bihaan sees thapki.she gets nervus.she comes near to him.bihaan sees her and he becomes speechless. thapki wears black color tight short dress. she wears high heels glamorous shoes.the shoes net covers her looks very transparent and glamorous. she stands in front of bihaan.she didn’t sees him.bihaan keeps his hands in her shoulders.she closes her eyes.bihaan and thapki dances romantically. (romantic song…. plays… dil…)bihaan hugs her.thapki seperates bihaan.she turns from him.he holds her hands.he slightly pulls her on him.thapki falls on him.he slowly touches her shoulders to neck.she closes her eyes.she turns and hugs him.they hugs each other(ranjhanaa plays……..)bihaan lifts her.he swirls her.he keeps her in floor.he holds her hands tightly.she jumps on him.he holds her on his chest.he swirls her.they dances romantically.then they looks at each other.bihaan goes closely to her.he kisses her on neck.he goes closes to her lip.suddenly everyone’s claps in club.they says to them ,wow… this dance is so guys are made for each other.then thapki leaves bihaan hand.they becomes seperate.bihaan says to her,thapki you get ready.I will drop you in home.she nods at him.thapki goes to room
she changes her dress.she comes again.bihaan and thapki goes outside.he starts his bike.vasundhara calls for bihaan.thapki sees bihaan phone.she sees bihaan maa is calling for him.thapki attends his phone.she says,i… i… am th… th… thapki.maa… bi…bi.. bihaan is in work.vasu gets irritated.she gets angry about thapki stammering problem.suddenly she ends the call.thapki gets shocked.bihaan comes with bike from parking place.thapki says to him,bi… bi… bihaan your maa was called you. but I spoke to her.she ends the call.bihaan says to her,may be due to signal problem Maa can’t able to speak with you.he asks her to sit in bike.they goes in bike.

bihaan comes to house .vasu says to him angrily bihaan who’s that stammering girl. how she speaks to me in your mobile.bihaan says to her,maa… she is thapki she is my…vasu says to him,enough…if she was your friend first cut her relationship. I don’t like stammering peoples.they are not pure God gives this problem to them.she goes angrily from there.bihaan gets shocked.he thinks how to tell about thapki to by day my problem was increasing. he gets confused.he goes from there.

thapki lying in bed.she thinks about bihaan.she recalls all romantic moments and their first meeting.she smiles.aditi comes to her room.she sees thapki is smiling .she smiles silently.aditi thinks thapki di totally changes she is not like before.I have to find it.aditi goes from there.

bihaan thinks about marriage and all problems .he gets confused.suddenly he gets call from Sankara.he sees his mobile.bihaan gets angry.he switches off his phone.vasu calls for shraddha parents.she talks about mehandi ceremonies for marriage.vasu ends the call.she says to balwander,day after tomorrow we have to arranged for mehandi I have so many works. they are coming so I have to finish it.vasu talks and goes fastly from him.balwander smiles at her.he thinks,everyday she was getting more tension about functions.she was taking care of this family.I am very lucky to get wife like this.he thinks about vasu and smiles.

thapki tells about bihaan to aditi.aditi gets happy.bihaan gives mangalsutra to thapki.he says to her,do you like this.its for you.thapki smiles at him.

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Vinolin.d

    thanks my dear anchel…

  3. Sulbi

    Dear vino… lovely episode… i loved it… romantic dance was too good… tc..

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot sulbi darl…

  4. Gajab yaar…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much dear pooja…

  5. Nice episode dear.keep writting

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you my dear rifa.


    How r u di ? Nice episode,
    Wating for mega episode
    Plz post soon
    Good night

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear kudrat…. I am fine darl… how r u?.?thanks dear.

  7. very nice dear…..keep it up…waiting fir thahaan marriage…..

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      thank you dear sadia…

  8. Manish ki deewani

    Awesome wala episode .waiting 4 next part

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear reshal….thank you

  9. it was an awesome update but didnt get the point why bihaan force thapki to go with him to the club..what was his motive :O

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai annonymous thank you dear.there is no any special motive.bihaan loves he want to go dating with he was calling her to club.she is poor family and innocent she doesn’t know about these things.she was getting scary about he was convincing her.

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