crazy love of thahaan (part-12)


this part is starting from bihaan goes to vasu room.he sees vasu is speaking in phone.then vasu ends the call.vasu turns and sees bihaan.she says to him,bihaan beta…come you want anything.bihaan says to her,maa… I want to talk about my marriage.vasu smiles at him.she says to him,OK tell me what you want to say beta.?he looks at her.he gets scared.he thinks how to start about thapki.but today I have to say to her.then only I will stop this enchagement.he thinks about it.vasu asks to him,beta… tell me.I have so many works.bihaan says to her,maa… I mean…I am not…suddenly balwander comes there.he calls vasu.vasu says to bihaan, will tell this later to I have to do arrangements. vasu goes from room.bihaan didn’t say anything.he gets tensed.

on same day evening bihaan goes outside to meet thapki.thapki waits for bihaan.bihaan gets upset about his marriage.he stops the bike.he comes near to thapki.thapki sees bihaan.she gets happy.she smiles at him.bihaan thinks to tell about enchagement to thapki.suddenly thapki hugs bihaan.she smiles.bihaan gets confused.he hugs her.thapki says to him,bi.. bi.. bihaan I am very happy.I am so lucky.because of I got you in my life.I don’t wa… wa… want anything in my life.I need you only.bihaan gets emotional.he hugs her tightly.he smiles at thapki.he says to her,thapki…I love you so much…I can’t think about my life without you.thapki separates bihaan.she looks at bihaan.they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays….)they smiles at each other.

then bihaan thinks to say about his enchagement with Sankara.bihaan says to her,thapki I want to say some important news to you.thapki smiles at him.she says to him,..tu…tum…important news.I can’t believe this.because of you always cool na… bihaan says to her,thapki don’t kidding me.just listen to me.she laughs.then she says to him,o…o…OK..tell me.bihaan starts to tell about this.he says to her,thapki…
tomorrow is my….suddenly thapki gets call.she attends the call.she says in mobile,maa… i… i… I am on the way.don’t worry. she ends the call.she says to him,bi… bi…bihaan bye I have to go home now.we will talk tomorrow. she goes fastly from him.bihaan says to her,thapki….thapki…stop just listen to me..he sees she went from there.he gets upset. he says,no ones listening to tell about this.this chuk..chuk gaadi goes from me.bihaan goes from there angrily.

next day morning shraddha and Sankara comes to pandey nivas.vasu greets them.shraddha and Sankara takes blessings from vasu and balwander.dhruv looks at shraddha.he smiles at her.Sankara looking for bihaan.she didn’t find him.she goes to bihaan room.she sees bihaan.bihaan sits in chair.he gets tensed.Sankara comes inside of room.bihaan sees her.Sankara comes near to bihaan.bihaan turns his face from sankara.she says to him,bihaan we are going to become husband and wife.but why are you not speaking well to me.bihaan didn’t say anything.she tries to touches him.suddenly vasu comes to room.she says to Sankara,what are you doing here.bihaan…come fast.vasu holds Sankara hands she goes to downstairs.bihaan thinks about thapki.

bihaan comes to downstairs. vasu sees him.she smiles at him.vasu says to them,dhruv its yours…bihaan its for you (she gives rings to them.)dhruv smiles at shraddha.they makes wears rings each other.bihaan gets worried.he thinks about thapki.vasu says to him,beta wear this ring to Sankara.he gets upset.bihaan makes wears ring to Sankara.Sankara smiles.everyone’s claps for them.Sankara makes him wearing ring.she smiles at bihaan.but bihaan looks at her angrily.she turns his face from her.Sankara gets worried.

bihaan says to vasu,maa… I have important I am going now.vasu says to him,beta…but now only enchagement has done. go after few hours.he says to her ,no..maa.I have to go.bihaan goes out of house.he tools his bike.he goes from there.

he goes to dhruv office.he calls for thapki.thapki attends His call.bihaan says to her,thapki..I want to talk with you.come out side of office.I am waiting for you.she says to him,bi… bi… bihaan I can’t come now.i …I…I.
have so many work.bihaan says to her ,hello madam I am also having work.but I left all works for talking with you.I don’t have to be there within 5 minutes.bihaan ends the call.thapki gets tensed.

bihaan waits for thapki.she comes out of office.bihaan sees thapki.thapki comes near to him.thapki says to him,bi… bi… bihaan what urgent for you.its office .did you can’t wait atleast for few hours.bihaan says to her,are you finished your lecture.thapki didn’t say anything to him.bihaan says to her,I am trying to say this from yesterday but your not listening. thapki says to him,OK OK…te… tell me.bihaan says to her,thapki I so sorry.she says to him ,why are you asking sorry to me…bihaan says to her,because…because I gets enchagement with sankara today.she gets shocked.she feels faints.she’s about falls down.bihaan holds her suddenly.bihaan says to her,sorry thapki.its not my mistake.I tries to tell to my family.but…she gets teary eyes.she cries.thapki hits him in her arms.she says to him ,you…you… are cheated.don’t stand in front of me.she cries a lot.bihaan hugs her.they hugs each other.bihaan says to her,enchagement only has done with her.but marriage will happend with are my wife.don’t worry.he wipes her tears.she looks at him(ranjhanaa plays….)

bihaan and thapki gets romantic night.vasu speaks to thapki in mobile.she gets angry about thapki stammers problem.

sorry friends… I am so busy for past few I can’t able to upload ff.

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