crazy love of thahaan (part-11)


this part is starting from shraddha comes to Sankara room.she sees Sankara gets scared.she asks to that Sankara,what happend why are you screaming.Sankara says to her,di I saw rat here.shraddha says to her,Sankara,rat won’t be here you have to get ready for marriage with feel about will be happy.Sankara smiles at shraddha

sankara gets shy.she runs out from room.shraddha smiles at her.

the next day morning thapki gets ready to go office.she walks in road.she thinks about bihaan and his activities.she smiles.suddenly bihaan blocks her way.she gets shocked.but she gets happy at him in mind.thapki says to him,bi… bi… bihaan I have to go for office.leave this way.bihaan says to her,OK but before that tell answer to me.thapki says to him,already I told answer to you.I am not in love with you.bihaan says to her,OK madam thank you for this answer.I won’t disturb you .he walks from there.thapki gets teary eyes.she sees bihaan.she gets worries.

suddenly goons are comes from car.they stops bihaan.bihaan looks at them of the goon says to him,oh…are you getting angry.suddenly he punches bihaan face.thapki sees them.she runs towards bihaan.goons are beating bihaan.thapki screams.she cries.she tells to goons,please leave…pl…please…but goons continues their beating him.bihaan gets faints.they leaves him.they goes in car.thapki runs to him,she cries. she asks him to opens his eyes.she hugs him.she cries.

thapki admits him in hospital. thapki cries seeing checks bihaan in ICU ward.he comes from room.thapki runs to doctor.she says to him,do…do…doctor how is bihaan.he is fine na…doctor gets sad.he says to her,ms.thapki I am so sorry.bihaan is no more.I can’t save him.she gets goes from there.she gets teary eyes.she recalls about bihaan.she goes into room.

she sees bihaan.
thapki goes near to him.she sees bihaan face.she cries loudly.she hugs him tightly.she says,bihaan I…I…i love you so much.I just lied to you.bihaan please wakeup for me.please bihaan…we have to marry.I love you soon much…I can’t live without you.she kisses his forehead.she cries.bihaan slowly opens his eyes.he sees thapki is crying.he wakes up from bed.thapki gets shocked.she says to him,bi…bi…….he blinked his eyes to her.he says to that thapki,yes…

its b for bihaan pandey.I found your truth.I know you lied to me.thapki says to him,how…you….you… comes back.

bihaan says to her,its all drama for finding your truth.I know its wrong
but please thapki don’t spoil our life.we are loving each other.I know you are in love with me.then why did you lied to me.please don’t go far from me.I can’t live without you.I will talk about our marriage to my family.I will take care of your family.your parents are like my parents.your sister and brothers are like my sis and bro’s.please thapki accept me.he takes rose in his hands and one kneel down in front of her.he gives flowers to her.he says to her,thapki please accept my love.I love you so much.will you marry me.she recalls about bihaan lovable romantic moments.she takes flowers from his hands.she smiles at bihaan.she hugs him.they looks at each other(ranjhanaa plays….)

doctor comes into room.he sees their hugging each says to bihaan,hello…Mr…its not lodge.its hospital.thapki seperates from bihaan suddenly.she gets nervus. bihaan goes to doctor.he removes his doctor coat,and wig.
bihaan says to doctor, hello paan.. do you want to get beating by me.bihaan takes his hand to slap him.thapki gets scared.paan says to thapki,sister don’t get scared.I am his friend paan.I am also involving in this drama.bihaan looks at paan.paan says to them OK OK I leaving now.enjoy bihaan.paan goes from there.

bihaan hugs thapki from back.she gets shy.she says to him,bi.. bi.. bihaan leave me.she laughs.she turns at him.they looks at each other.they have an eye lock(na… na…. naa… plays)

vasu calls to shraddha parents.she talks to them.then she ends the call.she comes to balwander,she says to him,I spoke everything to them.they are also happy in we will finish enchagement tomorrow for dhruv and bihaan.
balwander nodes at her.thapki goes with bihaan in bike.bihaan goes fastly.he puts sudden breaks intentially.she falls on bihaan.she gets scared.she hugs him tightly.she closes her eyes.then he stops bike.she opens her eyes.she sees office.she gets down from bike.she says to him,th… th.. thank you so much bihaan.bye…she goes.suddenly bihaan holds her hands.thapki sees him.she says to him bi… bi…. bihaan leave my hand.I have to go.

bihaan says to her,OK but I need kiss before you going from here.she gets shy.she smiles and turns her face.bihaan says to her,hello madam I need it.give to me.he pulls her near to him.she says to him bihaan how??this is public place.he says to her,I too know its public place.but nobody is there.I want now or else I wont leave you.he realizes he gets shy.bihaan says to her,OK I will close my eyes.but I need kiss.thapki agrees to him.bihaan stands and he closes his eyes.thapki sees him .she smiles.bihaan says to her thapki kiss me fast.I am waiting.she comes closes to him.she comes near to his cheek.she kisses bihaan.bihaan hugs her.(na.. na… naa… plays) then thapki goes to office.bihaan gets happy about thapki.

bihaan goes to his house.vasu gives sweet to him.he says to vasu,mom…why this sweet suddenly.vasu says to him beta its for good news.bihaan smiles.he says to her maa… what’s that good news.vasu says to him beta tomorrow is enchagement for you and dhruv. bihaan gets shocked.sweet falls on floor.

bihaan makes Sankara to wears ring.Sankara smiles at him.he turns his face from her.

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  1. oh…precap is scary….hope so thahaan will unite soon….keep writting…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you my darl sadia…

  2. Precap is episode was nice.keep writting

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear rifa…

  3. Finally kuri maan gae, thank u Vinolin because u post fast, one request Vinolin u r authour so plz request Suhana di ke vo The blessed love THAHAAN part-44 post kar d sayed tumhari baat maan ja e plz plz plz Vinolin LU

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai kudrat… thanks a lot dear.OK I will send message to suhana di now.don’t worry.

  4. Jacqueline Nicole

    Omg… the preacp !!! Pls unite thahaan dear…. i cnt see their seprtns anymore…. cute as hell epi darl. Keep writing waiting frbthe next … and thank u soo much fr updating daily…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you my dear Jacqueline… I will unite them.there is some please wait.for it but thahaan unite is sure within few episode.

  5. Manish ki deewani

    Hello vino how r u .yaar first of all sorry I didn’t comment on your previous parts I want to say u r superb dear or ff is amazing loved it .and hopefully after 17 I became regular and this part is asusual finally thapki confess his love.and precap is some twist right.take care dear

  6. Sulbi

    Vino darl… Bihaan clever guy… made a smart move to accept his love… thats great… but precap oh no… so scary yaar… keep rocking darl… tc…

  7. It is so so so awesome ??? The way Thapki confessed her love and their office romance ??? …. Thank u for uploading daily ..?? … The promo ? …But I know u will bring some twist .

  8. Nice episode

  9. An awesome lovable episode again.. precap s shocking.. pls update the next part asap..

  10. Superb yaar.Thapkis confession scene was awesome.but precap makes me little bit sad.I know my friend vino shouldnot make any painful things to her friend…so eagerly waiting for upcoming twist and turns to this ff.

  11. Finally thahan were realised their love..precap seems very interesting..i hope u will not separate our ur ff a lot dlzz..

  12. Alia919

    lovely…amazing update..
    Keep it up dear…
    love ur FF…
    thahaan realization was amazing…
    plz don’t bring sankrara b/w them….
    keep writing…
    waiting for next

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