crazy love of thahaan (part-10)

this part is starting from bihaan sits in his bed.he thinks about thapki.Sankara enters to his room.she sees bihaan.she goes near to him.she keeps her hands in his shoulder. bihaan turns and sees her.he takes away her hands from him.he walks from there.Sankara says to him,bihaan why you are going from me.we are going to get marriage.bihaan says to her,but I accept this marriage for my maa only.not for you.Sankara thinks I know this.but anyway I will change you after marriage.she smiles.he looks at her angrily.he goes from there.

same day evening bihaan goes to dhruv office.he waits for thapki.thapki comes out from office.bihaan sees her.thapki comes to him.she says to him,hai bi…bi…bihaan.she gives her hands to him.but bihaan didn’t gives his hands to her.he turns from her.thapki says to him,ar… are you angry with me?did I make any mistake?bihaan turns at her.he says to her,no…I wants to speak important matter with you.thapki asks to him,OK bi… bi.. bihaan tell me.bihaan goes to her.he holds her both hands.he says to that thapki, I love you thapki.will you marry me? she gets shocked.she takes his hands away from her.she gets teary eyes.she says to him,do… do… do you know about my family situation. I have to take care of my family.I am stammering girl.and I am not feeling love with you.she tells to him.she cries.she turns from him.bihaan comes near to her.he holds her face.he says to her,thapki i know you lied to me.I sees every time your eyes gets some feeling.I feels your fells on love with me.I know you are loving me.she says to him,no…..(talks loudly)I am not love with you.please don’t disturb me go from me.thapki didn’t accept his proposal.bihaan gets sad. bihaan tells to her,OK you don’t like me na… you gives this life for saves me.I will die here now.I don’t want this life.thapki hears this.but she goes.

bihaan stands in middle of road.he closes His eyes.thapki sees car is coming towards him.she screams.she says loudly to him,bi… bihaan go away from road.gaadi is coming..he says to her,then accept me.i want to marry you.if you didnt accept i wont come.i will die here.he closes his eyes.he stands.thapki sees bihaan is standing on road.she runs to him, she screams…(bihaan….I love you..)she gets tensed.
thapki pulls bihaan from there.he falls on thapki.they hugs to gether.they rolls on road.thapki lying on bihaan.bihaan sees her.they looks each other.(ranjhanna plays……)

thapki stands from him.she turns from him,bihaan says to her,see…this is love.that why you saved me now.thapki says to him,I says this for saving you from accident.don’t think about me.she goes from there.bihaan calls her name.but thapki walks fastly from there.bihaan thinks,I know how to marry can’t escape from me.he smiles.he goes from there.

next day morning,thapki comes out from her house.she walks on child was comes to her.child gives flowers to thapki. suddenly that child runs from there.she thinks who gave this for me.she sees the small greeting card.she gets angry.because she sees, I love you my darling Mrs.thapki bihaan pandey by your lovable husband Mr.bihaan pandey in that card.she sees bihaan there.he looks at her.he smiles at her.thapki comes to him.she says to him,what you want now???why are you doing like this
bihaan says to her,I want you so I am doing like this.she says to him, do you have any sense.I said know I am not love with you.he says to her,hello… stop…stop..I know you are in love with me.don’t act too much.because of you won’t get Oscar award for this.she gets angry seeing him.she goes from him.suddenly bihaan holds her hands.he takes bad from her shoulder.she gets shocked.he says to her,don’t worry I won’t do anything wrong.what you are having in bag.thapki says to him,bi… bi… bihaan give my bag.already its late for office.bihaan says to her,don’t get tension your husband is so hungry.where are you going from him.he takes lunch box.he opens it.he sees roti and chenna.
she gets angry.he brings that box near to his nose.he takes deep breath.he says to her,wow.. I love it.he starts eating.thapki gets angry.she scolds him.she says to him,you… you…you are not human. you are can’t understand anything.i… i… I hate you.but bihaan eats.he didn’t listen her.thapki gets angry.she tries to go from there.but bihaan blocks her way.he washes his hands from water bottle.he gives her bag. bihaan says to her,nice food thapki.already late na… OK come with me.I will drop you.she says to him,I ….I don’t want help from you.I know how to go for office.she looks at him angrily.she goes from there.

bihaan sees her.he thinks no one can’t seperate you from me.I fixed you.bihaan goes from there.

thapki goes to office.she sits in her cabin.she thinks about bihaan.she smiles.she thinks,I can’t marry you bihaan. because I am poor family.but you are royal all family members believing me.
afternoon lunch time comes in office.thapki sees her lunch box.she recalls about bihaan is eating food.she thinks to go canteen for lunch.thapki lonely goes to canteen.she ordered food.she takes food.she sits on chair.she starts to eat food.suddenly bihaan comes there.he says to her,hai…thapki…
then what are you eating.thapki says to him,whe.. whe… where I am eating…you comes here like devil. you want this na… you will wat this.she moves plate towards him.bihaan says to her ,no… I don’t want to eat.I want to feed this for you.thapki gets shocked.she says to him,wh… what… bi… bi… bihaan don’t disturb me.then I will call police.bihaan gives his mobile to her.he says to that thapki,OK inspector and police are my friends to them.thapki gets upset.bihaan notices her.he realizes thapki is in tension.then he says to her,OK I am going from will eat this.he goes from there.thapki smiles about him.

vasu comes to balwander.she says to him,shraddha parents asking arrangement about enchagement and says they wants to finish enchagement within 2 days.balwander says to vasu,OK we will do this.because of pandit Ji says Tuesday is good day for will inform to them.we will finish bihaan and dhruv enchagement on that day.vasu nods at him.she goes from there.

Sankara sees bihaan photo. she tries to kiss him.suddenly rat is runs on her.she screams.she throws the photo.

goons beats bihaan.thapki cries a says to her,bihaan is no more.she screams.

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  1. Lovely episode ❤❤ The way Bihaan is trying to win Thapki’s heart is ?? . FABULOUS … ? … Each and every scene was fantastic …. Amazing …. But … The promo ??? … I hope for some twist … Plz upload soon if possible … Waiting … Waiting ??

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you my dear naitan…

  2. Plz post next soon dear.I loved it soooo much…..u r an awesome writer.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear anu darl

  3. today you just rock it yaar.i am not able to convey my feelings through words.its fantabulous much of eagerness to know about next part.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai pooja…thanks my dear..

  4. Congratulations for the 10th episode n nice episode

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much anchel Darl…

  5. I m silent reader but today i can’t controal my feelings so start 1. Try to upload fast because i m eagrly waiting your ff 2. Plz try to change wallpaper plz don’t mistaken me , that wallepaper was THE BLESSED LOVE THAHAAN so whenever i open site u known what i m trying to say 3. Repuest to all thahaan fans plz mention your all cmt one request that is plz continue SUHANA DI the blessed love part 44 4. Sorry, if i hurt sobody 5. Plz plz upload daily & no late lu

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai kudrat…thank you dear.actually my ff image is not uploading by browser is some problem.I can’t able to upload all images are uploading by telly web.

  6. Awesome … Eagerly waiting for next episode ..

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much shibil darl…

  7. Always ur episode will be awesome… waiting for the next episode eagerly

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot Priya darl…

  8. Very nice.and sorry for late commenting.Congratulations for 10 th episode.waiting for next part.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you my dear rifa darl…

  9. Thahan part was awesome..nice epi sis!!

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you my dear sweety…

  10. Sulbi

    Amazing episode… vino darling lovely yaar… after reading precap am so curious… cant wait… update soon dear… tc…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot…sulbi darl…

  11. wao…great job….u are fantastic….

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much sadia darl…

  12. I like your ff because you are not like the other writers , at least not so far .
    You’re updating fast and replying to your readers . Let’s not forget that ur story and your style is also good . But I have a favor to ask , plz finish the the episode and don’t stop in the middle . I have read a lot of ffs , most of the didn’t finish the story . Like the blessed love as kudrat said . And plz try to put less drama in it , at least we get to imagine a happier and better thahaan in these ffs than the original one . The original is completely turning to some sort of disaster . I have stopped reading and watching it . My point is try to be more different even from now . Good luck ?

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear nrs.don’t worry dear
      I will do it.I surely upload this on daily basis.I won’t stop this in middle.

  13. Alia919

    wowww… nice update dear….
    Loved ur FF.
    keep it up dear..
    sorry for late comment…

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