crazy love of thahaan (intro+part-1)


hai my dear friends…its my second ff.thanks for your support.thanks a lot to I am starting new story.title is crazy love of thahaan.

bihaan is very big family.his parents are vasu and balwander. dhruv is his brother. suman and preethi is his bhabhi.daadi is there. bihaan is Royal family.but thapki is poor family.her parents are krishnakant and poonam,sister name is aditi.its about the love life of royal family bihaan and poor family thapki.

this part is starting from bihaan is coming to dhruv room.he takes dhruv coat.dhruv tells to him,bihaan I told you so many times if you want coat suit tell to me I will buy for you.but why are you wearing my dress.its old and I am wearing this know.bihaan says to dhruv, no bhaiya…I don’t like coat suit.I am wearing this for my friend paan.he called me to hotel for some function.that’s why I am wearing know dhruv bhai,when I am looking anyone in coat suit I feel laughing.I can’t control it.because of its looks like show room doll.I like only t shits and these kind of jackets only.dhruv wears coat in front of mirror. bihaan looks him.he recalls about show room doll.he laughs at dhruv.dhruv asks him,bihaan why are you laughing.then dhruv realize it.he says to him,bihaan you are very naughty.they did like child fight.vasu comes there.she sees them.she says to them,dhruv….bihaan what are you doing.dhruv says to her,maa…its not my mistake.bihaan is laughing at me.vasu says to them,OK OK come to downstairs and have food. they nodes at vasu.
poonam comes to thapki.she keeps kumkum in her forehead.poonam says to her, thapki you will get job surely this time.thapki says to her,b…bu..but maa…everyone’s are kidding me about stammering problem.thapki gets teary eyes.poonam says to her,thapki don’t worry.god will give nice job for you.don’t care about anyone.thapki hugs poonam.they smiles.aditi comes to thapki.she feed sweet curd for thapki.she says to her,di… this time surely you will get job.thapki smiles at aditi.she hugs aditi.

bihaan and dhruv sits on dinning table.vasu gives food for them.dhruv eats food.bihaan touches his hand in plate.suddenly he got call from paan.paan says to him,bihaan come soon.already late now.bihaan says to paan,OK I am coming.he ends the call.bihaan says to vasu,maa…I have to go.I will eat this later.vasu and balwander says to them,just eat this and go beta..but bihaan didn’t listen them.he goes fastly from there.

he goes out of house.he sees the bike mirror.he removes the coat.he says,if I wear this while bike riding then everyones laugh at me.he keeps that coat in front side of bike.

thapki takes her files.she goes out from her house.she walks on road.
bihaan goes same road.thapki walks opposite side of him.bihaan feels heavy air is coming in opposite side.his coat was flying in road.that coat is falls in thapki face.bihaan stops the bike.he turns to road.he searches coat.thapki sees the coat.she takes in her hands.she thinks from where it is coming.suddenly big truck was comes in front of her.bihaan didn’t see her.then he goes from there in bike.thapki sees the time.she says a…a..already late.then interview will start now.she stops one taxi.she folds that coat.she keeps in her bag.she goes in taxi.

bihaan reaches hotel.he goes inside.paan sees bihaan.he says to him,bihaan where is coat..bihaan says to him,my coat files somewhere while driving.paan says to him,OK let’s come.we will enjoy the party.bihaan says to paan,yeah sure…you know I am lied to my mom.I says to her I am going to some function. if she know this then she will finish me. paan says to bihaan…hurrey..don’t talk about your mom here.see so many modern girls and traditional girls.every girls are looks like colorful.let’s dance with them.bihaan says to him,I came here for you only.and I am looking for girl is not like this.I want girl looks like innocent face.paan says to him,oh…bihaan.. OK enough your lecture.come let’s dance.paan and bihaan takes drinks.they says cheers.bihaan dances with paan.(over night song from boss….)

thapki reaches office.she goes inside.she sits in chair. after few minutes security comes to asks her to come next for interview.after few minutes she goes inside.she says to him,he…he… hello sir.I am th…tha..thapki.manager looks at her angrily.thapki gives certificate to him.he checks the certificates.he gives to her back.he says to her, its international mostly we are arranging seminars in different speeching talent is very important. but you are stammering.if I selected you as staff here,you can’t do this work properly.this work is not suitable fr sorry can search any other job.thapki gets teary eyes.she says to him,sir please give chance for me..but he stops her.he asks her to go from there.she goes out from there.she cries.she recalls about poonam,aditi and her family.

she cries and walks in road.bihaan drinks so much.paan sees bihaan.paan says to bihaan,you are not normal.its enough now.go to your home.


bihaan gets accident.thapki admits him to hospital.he gets unconscious. but he was hearing thapki’s stammering speech.

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  1. Dear vino,welcome back…its entirely fresh one.keep going friend.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much pooja darl…

  2. I am really happy .you come with another one. Nice starting. Keep writting

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot dear Rifa..

  3. Nice episode keep writing

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear anchel…

  4. Hi dear i was a silent reader of your previous ff..and I loved that a lot..I was very upset that you end it but now I am happy that your starting a new one..thanks for it

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks for your support and love dear kiran.

  5. First of all … Thank you ….. Thank you ……thank you so much for accepting my request and writing another ff … I❤You …. And the start u gave to this ff is marvellous … ??? Your precap scares me Everytime .??.. But I am waiting for the next episode … ?

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai naitan…thank you for you support my dear.

  6. Vino my dear… am happy u came back… bt to the shocking surprisr u have uploaded ur new ff… dats so sweet of u… episode was quite intrstng… waiting fr nxt.. tc dear…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai sulbi darl…thanks a lot dear

  7. Welcome dear…i really miss ur ff…i m happy tht u come back with new ff so thank u for tht n pls keep writing for us god bless u

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you dear bihaan love…

  8. Welcome Vino dear,I so glad you come back with a new ff and keep keriting for us. Thank you a lot. Good start and wait for next part… ???

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you fitri darl…

  9. Alia919

    welcome back dear… me happy that u come back thanxxx alit… so now we get daily ypdate….so nice FF… intersting story….. waiting for next update

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai alia dear….thanks a lot.

  10. U r too good Vinolin. . U came back so soon. . Again a lovely ff.. so cute..

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much Priya darl

  11. very intresting…story….welcm back….dear….but this time long ff plz….

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