Crazy love (RagSan SS) shot-3

Thank u so much friends…i will post my hamko tumse hagaya hai pyaar ff on monady r Tuesday..

Shot 2

Some days passed…ragini hardly tries to impress sanskar….she learned to wear saree..she also learned cooking for him…

It was holi…..sanlak wr got ready in white outfuts…sanskat takes color nd applies on laksh…laksh about to apply he remembered what ragini said yesterday night”lucky tomorrow holy he na..i should only put colors on ur bhai first..if u apply before i came i will break ur legs nd hands ..mind it…”laksh jerks nd leaves while sanskar looks at him confusion…sanskar was applying colors to all his family but no one can apply to sanskar as all threatened by ragini….
Sanskar asks y did u all not applying on me….before they could say anything…Rag swa enters…swara wore whilte salwar suit…Ragini wore white&pink mixed saree looking absolutely stunning…..laksh came to them…he applies on swara..nd abiut apply ragini but stops seeing her glare…ragini takes d color nd moves towards sanskar nd applies nd said happy holi…sanskar jst smiled …nd he goes frm there…ragini says to herself y he isnt put color on me…swalak ap suji came to ragini while shouting happy holi ragini nd about put color ragini stops them…
Ap:kya hua ragini

Ragini shows sanskar who was some far awau frm them…he doesnt apply…
Ragini gave i dnt knw look
Sujatha:k leave it…u applied him first na..thsts enough
Ragini:no he should only apply on me first
Sujatha:k i will talk to him
Ragini:no..he himself only should come
Laksh:leave it na ragini..come we will play..
Ragini:no u all go nd play…
Ap:areh rago how can we play without u…

Ragini was stubborn she sits there with pout…ap suji swalak stands there helplessly…ap suji leaves as dp rp calls them…swalak wr trying to cheerup ragink but she doesnt…someone came frm behind nd applies color on ragini cheek..ragini angrily turns as she thought someone else but it was sanskar….her eyes got biggered due to haopiness…he sais happy holi nd leaves…swalak gets happy seeing this nd said now u r happy…ragini shouts loudly happy holi to all…she takes more amount of color nd applies swalak faces…whike swalak wr runs behing ragini holding colors.. she runs to elders nd she filled them also with colors…they played with colors…balam pichikari song plays…raglak wr dancing nd enjoying….ragini noticed sanskar who was stares at her being far away frm them…she stops dancing nd came to swara who was beside…
Ragini:swara..sanskar had seen my dance..what he will feel
Swara:dancing is not a crime
Ragini:ha..but i danced as ranabhir kapoor..
Laksh came to them
Swara: deepika padokone agayi
Laksh:what happend girls
Swara told what ragini said
Laksh:areh today leave that all..lets enjoy..come we will drink bhang
Ragini:bhang sanskar thought
Laksh:i will make him also drink…
Saying he goes to sanskar who was with ap he handover d bhang glass to him nd asks him to drink…sanskar nodded..laksh came to swarag….before sanskar could drink slips frm his hand nd fell on floor…

Here raglakswa wr drinking one after another withoout giving any gap…they become fully drunk…
Laksh said k now i will go to bhai(he said in drunken state only)…saying he was going with trembling steps…swara too followed laksh…ragini alone there she sings sings funnyly..sanskar came for searching her nd sees ragini in that state..
Sanskar:ragini..y did u drnk this much..where is swalak
Ragini makes a face idont knw
Sanskar:k come with me..
Ragini:no..i will play holi
Sanskar:holi got over..u come
Saying he takes her to room nd makes her sit on bed nd says u stay here i will bring lemonade…ragini stops him nd asks him so sit beside her…sanskar said k but first let me go for lemonade…ragini says no first listen to me….sanskar sits besides her…ragini looks at him with lotsof love…sanskar asks her kya hua.
Ragini:i love uSanskar(shocked):what
Ragini:ha i love u knw how much i loves u….i did very much hardwork to impress u…she confessed everything in that state,what she did to impress him….

@next day
Ragini opened her eyes nd holds her head which was paining like hell…she shouts swara swara…someone came nd gave lemonade to her..
Sanskar:ha mein
Ragini gets up frm bed nd realized she was in sanskar room…
Ragini:mein yaha
Sanskar:u didnt remembered anything
Ragini nodded no
Sanskar:drink this lemonade first…ur hangover will get u knw how much u got drunk only forcrd me ti drink..
Sanskar:stop it jst stop it(he said bit loudly)
Ragini was stunned seeing his sudden reaction
Sanskar:still howmuch u will lie..howmuch u acted…
Ragini (shocked):vo..sanskar
Sanskar:shut up…i got to knw everything ur lies ,ur drama…everything….how could u think of cheating me…ha…u r trying to play with my feeling…i never expected u did this cheap things…he turns other side nd said i hate u i hate u so much….ragini was jst numb..tears rolling down frm her eyes….then sanskar turns while laughing nd noticed ragini already left…sanskar hits head with his hand…
Ragini comes to gm..nd cries ..she was crying 2nd time…dirst she cries when sanskar was going to abroad..this is d 2nd time..only i hate u word eching in her ears which she wished not hear frm sanskar…she cursing herself for what she had done…she says to hersef i knw i did wrong but y cant he underdtand i did this for him..

Sanskar opens his bag nd takes his dairy..he opens it nd sees ragini chilhood photo in it nd i love u written on it..he smiles seeing it…he openee fisrt page….he was reading….
Today im in london…i came here to studying..but i was missing my family nd my love my ragini…ha im jst 15 i dnt knw it was crush r attraction r love but its truth i was crazy for her…she was a tomboy in school…she played so many pranks on others nd teases them..i loved d way what she is…i also knw she had crush on me which makes me luckyboy in world…i never share my felling to anyone..first time im sharing with u…..
10 years passed…in these 10years i live ony with her memories which i had with her in our childhood..i missed her alot…i talked many times with laksh through d mbl..but i never asked about ragini…after 1weak im going to india..i was waiting to see ragini….

I called one of my friend who was in mubai nd asked about ragini…he told her about almost 2hours..i felt she was same ragini who didnt changed a bit….he said now she was lookong hot &s*xy…i got angry on dare he adreesing her like that..i have only rights to say anything like that….hr send me her photo also..she was really hot in white short dress..i cutted d call by saying dnt tell to this anyone….
One day my mom called me…she askd , is i had any girlfriend here…one idea popd into my mind…i said to her i like traditional girls nd all..i knw my mom told it to ragini as she shares a good bond to my family….
Finally i landed in india..i came to my home..but my eyes wr searching only ragini…finally she came i was utter shocked ..she was in traditional attire..she was looking looking georgious..oh god she did for me i was very happy…but i acted as normal with her…after she bought coffee for me….she said she made it…i knw even she does knw how to lightn stove also..she lied to me..but i liked d lie….i said to her u r looking beautiful…she was blushed…seeing her blush i placed my hand on my heart controlling my feelings….

At dinner time…we r eating…i noticed ragini who was stares at items…i understands her situation so i completed din fast nd left…after my leaving she was eating like a child..i saw her frm standing upstairs…i smiled seeing her…
At night..when i opened my washroom door she was in front me nd fell on me nd staring me…she was very close to me…her eyes…her soft cheeks..her rosy lips made me crazy..that time i wants to kiss her hardly…
But i composed myself…

I knw she always used to go planned to go pub…my drama queen did a drama she acts as she dont knw anything about pub….
We r waiting for swaRag…she came nd looking absolutely hot in thst red long gown…again i controlled myself…in pub…when one girl was dancing with me..i noticed her..she was very angry…laksh drags me nd makes me bsy with one of his friend nd he leaves…i followed him but hides somewhere nd sees ragini who was beating that girl badly..swalak makes cool her..ha ha she was very possesive about me..
She acted as fainted…i knw she was in sense…but i too love to close with her…i takes her to room nd makes lie on bed..she drags me nd i landed on her…i wished to stop this time there only….swara came nd asks me to go…
Days wr passing ..i was enjoying ber every lie every antic which sbe had done for me..all my family also helping her…he turns nxt page it was blank…He was writing…
At holi day…she was in white saree she was looking like Angel….she appiled color on me..but i didnt bcz i want to tease her…she sits being upset…all r trying to cheer her..but she was stubborn….she was very cute while angry also…i cant see her much time like that so i apllied color…she jumps with happiness nd started to play holi…she was dancing playing..i jst enjoyed seeing her..
After talking with mom..i came to her..she drank so much of bhang…i took her to my room…in that state she confessed everything…she said i love u…she fainted in my lap…i caressed her hair nd kissed her forehead nd makes her sleep…
Morning she wake up i did a small drama..i said i hate u to her to tease her ..i knw she will be hurt but i thought to confessed my feeling too when i turned she was gone…without completing my words she left….now i have to convience her….saying he closed his dairy…

Swara was calling ragini who was in her room nd wiping her tears…
Swara:come ragini…maa nd papa came frm spain…
Ragini opened door nd runs to shek sumi who r in hall ,with maheswaries ..sanskar also there…she hugs shek sumi…they all talked sometime..while ragini avoided eye contact with sanskar…
Ragini:kya papa
Shek:u loves me na
Ragini:ha papa..y r u asking me like this
Shek:i fixed ir marriage with my friend son…will u marry him
Ragini(shockednd looks at sanskar who was staring st her):yes papa(she was angry)
Shek:thank u only i will introduce him…he was ready for this merriage
Ragini uninterstedly nodded
Shek stands up nd asks sanskar to get up…shekher holds ragini hand nd placed it in sanskar hand..nd said here he was[sanskar already talked with shekhar..he explain everything this is al knwon by all family expect ragini]…ragini was numb..she thought sanskar agreed for this marriage for shekhar sake…she said no papa i m not going to marry him…saying she runs to her room…nd says to herself y he was marrying me when he was hates me…he said i hate u but he eas ready to marry me…
Sanskar came to her…
Ragini(sees sanskar):i knw u agreed for this marriage for our family..but u didnt do all this
Ragini:no u dont say anything…i knw u hates need to say another time…
Ragini :no…i cant…….

Before she completed her sentenses..her lips locked by sanskar lips…ragini widened her eyes….sanskar kissed her passionately…after a while he brk d kiss..both r breathing heavily…
Ragini(breathing):what u did
Sanskar:what i did
Ragini:y did u kissed me..
Sanskar:i have right on my love
Ragini:ur love
Sanskar:ha buddu i love u…i love u so much
Ragini was stunned…nd says u said u hates me..
Sanskar:before completed my drama u left frm there…
Sanskar:i said those to tease u..after that i want to confess but u left…i love u..i love u somuch…..u dnt need to do all these….u should live ur life as ur wished…u should wear whatever u like..short r long..i dnt mind if u doesnt wear anything when we r alone…ragini blushed nd hugs him tightly…sanskar too hugs her..
After a while they brk d hug..sanskar confessed when he was love in with he enjoyed her antics..hearing this ragini gets angry but convince by sanskar…

Sanskar opens his dairy nd sticks one photo on was ragsan marriage pic….
he was writing…finally we r married…i get one who loves me crazily…nd she get whom loves her crazily…this is our crazy love story….he closed dairy…nd lay down besides ragini who was sleeping like a kid…..he kissed her forehead nd saud i love u…..ragini said i love u too in sleep only…he smiles nd dozzed of while hugging her……..

So guys it was last short..very long…hope u r not bored reading this…..sry if it was boring…nd sry for late..i wrote it hurried lay sry is there any mistakes….love u allπŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜


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    I don’t have words dear ,its just awesomeπŸ’“πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜…I love this story it really made me crazy lol😘 keep writing dear ..all the best and thankyou soo much for penning such a beautiful work!

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic Fabulous
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    Ragsan were Amazing
    It was a Mind Blowing one
    Thanks for the SS

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    Awesome episode….ragsan scenes are extraordinary….. story….. Plz back with another ff…

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