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crazy love-intro


A handsome guy is wearing a sherwani and looking into the mirror, getting himself ready. A lady comes,
“Laksh, you are a groom not bride. Get ready fast and come down…” she says and goes away.
“haa maa…” laksh answers smiling.
“wow… I’m going to get married to my love Kavya today. Hope, nothing comes to as obstacle in my marriage…” he thinks.

His obstacle comes in the form of black human. That person stands behind Laksh. Laksh trembles and turns back.

Laksh: hey…who are you???

That person takes out some spray and sprays on him. Lucky fells down unconscious. That person drags Laksh outside with much difficulty. Nobody observes, as that person covers him with a cloth and everyone thinks its garbage.

The person makes Laksh sleep in car with help of other black dress person. Both, give hifi to each other. They drive the car to some lonely area.

After driving, they stop near a shed. There are no one around them. They carry heavy Laksh into the shed and make him sit. They tie his hands and legs to rods.

Just then he gains conscious.
Laksh: hey…hey…who are you?? Why did you kidnap me??
Then that person doesn’t talk anything but puts knife near his neck.

Laksh: ok..ok. I understand. I shouldn’t shout. Tell me why? What do you want?

The both kidnappers doesn’t speak anything.

Laksh: why are you calm?? Please tell me. I have to get married. Leave me. I will give you whatever you want…

Then one kidnapper removes his mask. He is Rajat.
Laksh: dude, who are you?? I have never seen you before? What do you want.

Rajat: I want your hone waali wife. I love her…

Laksh shocks.
Laksh: what?? Can a human like you love Kavya? It’s possible only to Laksh…

Rajat and other kidnapper laugh. Laksh also laugh. Suddenly Rajat stops laughing and Laksh too stops.

Rajat: partner, this fellow seemed to be cunning. Be careful with him, I will bring food.

Says Rajat and goes out. Laksh is alone with other kidnapper.

Suddenly Laksh acts smart.
“Aww…my tummy hurts. Please at least remove the chains at my legs. Oh no, I’m dying…” he shouts.

That kidnapper takes pity of him and comes near him and removes chains on legs. Suddenly, Laksh grabs the kidnapper by neck.

Laksh: what did you think? I’m a amul baby? See, what I will do now…

Kidnapper is about to beat Laksh in stomach, but he holds hand. The hand is very soft and he smells the kidnapper’s scent deeply and he amazes. That kidnapper pushes Laksh back.

Laksh holds kidnapper’s hand and drags. That kidnapper falls in Laksh’s arms. Laksh could see that person’s eyes. They are very big and have kajal. He was lost in that eyes.

Laksh raises his hand to remove the mask, but kidnapper again pushes him. But, Laksh could remove the mask.

The kidnapper stand far from him facing back, as the mask removed, the long hair falls on that person’s shoulder.

Laksh amazed to see the silky long hair of that person.

Laksh: is that a lady??
He amazes. He looks at that person from top to bottom and realizes that may be a woman.
He looks on surprised.

To be continued….

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